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  1. Had a quick look cant find them for anywhere near that price anywhere
  2. Not posted here for a while but have been lurking my 2005 is200 se as come back with an advisory looks like one of the rear shock has started leaking I guess after 80k and 12 years its to be expected that these things will start to go. Due to be a decent guy my mechanic has obviously suggested replacing both rears at the same time but this has got me thinking if the rears are on the way out the fronts cant be far behind and so I may as well get them all done. Being a bit newbie at this ive asked him about recommended brands, hks has been thrown about as has blisten. HKS are impossible to find and blisten only do basic shocks and they still need springs on top which by the time youve finished all 4 its over 600 notes. While I trust him without doubt I feel thats heading towards coilover money and while im against spending thousands im wondering if for the sake of an extra 100 quid is it worth looking at something that is both adjustable and drop-able. Its becoming mroe expensive as I look into this but I just dont see the point in spending 150 quid a corner on stock shocks when I could get something presumably miles better for about 25 quid a corner more. Last question I guess where do I spend my money if I'm going to do it?
  3. try here
  4. They are wedge type bulbs, and stripping the dash wasnt anywhere near as tricky as I thought, certainly not the 2 hours and 150 quid lexus wanted to do it for
  5. Any idea what bulb it takes? save me stripping it down twice
  6. I appear to have lost one of the bulbs on the left hand side of my air con unit the bit that adjusts the position of the air flow. Any idea how these can be replaced I've got an 05 sat nav model is it a real arse or a 10 min job?
  7. to start with which one is it? and is200 or an rs200?
  8. the one and only car of its type, would you risk stacking it?
  9. I've been toying with the idea of fitting the tte springs on the lex along with the aero kit but after doing some research I'm in two minds. From what ive read the later is200's had lower standard suspension so an 05 Se which is what ive got is already I believe 10mm lower than the earlier cars meaning the tte springs will only make about 15-20mm difference which when taking into account the already lower look id get by fitting the front, rear, and side skirts probably wont make that much difference So I'm after some opinions yes its a good price but including fitting then wiming will probably increase to the 500 quid mark, is it really worth it for 15-20mm, as the cars already halfway there as it is or is it one of those get the other kit fitted then see how I feel? Anyone with pics would also be great
  10. Will try to answer them all based on the is series lol 1. Not really the only major problems are with the 220d but I suspect that will be out of your budget 2. As above the D's have problems but for a 7k budget you wont find one, if you can stay away it'l be a dog 3. The sportcrosses were rearer and thus finding scrapped ones for parts will be harder, dealers still fully support them though so serviceable parts shouldnt be an issue 4. Depending on the age the earlier IS cd players had jamming issues, other than that though most the range are pretty bomb proof nothing to worry about that arnt wear and tear issues ball joints, suspension clunking, that sort of thing 5. Insurance will of cause depend on what you go for but like for like the is200's are ceaper to insure than 320 bmws c200 mercs and a4 audis im paying about 500 a year and 26 with a prang my dads paying about 300 at 50+ and clean licence 6. The se and sports came with the premium audio pack which was fully amped with a 6 disk in dash changer unfortunately theres no ipod/phone support as standard athough for less than 150 a grom kit can be acquired which will give you full support 7. Theres lexus dealer in nottingham on the way into town just past notts uni on derby road shares with the toyota dealer, not sure about derby but in your address bar type ie for details of dealers in your area For your 7k you should be able to shop around and get a nice late se/sport is200 without any problems the later ones came with fill leather rather than half suede, check for a cambelt service its supposed to be 6 years / 60k so all 1st gen is's should have had at least one done now if not expect a 4 figure bill including service at a dealer poole quoted me 1100 quid for a full 60k service and mot last year, The sportscross will be harder to get hold of and can fetch more of a premium due to that and if you dont need and estate I really wouldnt bother the boot of the 200 easily fits 2 sets of golf clubs.
  11. It can be done but its a bitch I know of only 1 person thats successfully done it, the sat nav cars have different wiring looms to the non sat nav cars so youd need to find a sat nav kit with complete loom and strip the car right down
  12. Hi guys another of my brake lights has gone second in 6 months, probably due to way too much start stop traffic, anyway been looking about and have found led replacement bulbs which im hoping will last longer, my only concern is with the brake warning light on the dash, has anyone got any experience with these? Also any recommendations?
  13. same as the normal is200, open boot pop off covers found near lights and remove screws, pull back carpet and unclip the white plastic joiner. remove cluster taking care to unplug cables. Not sure that will give you access to the internals though you may need to cook them to allow separation.
  14. I dont wish to sound rude but are you English?
  15. at 26 I paid 550quid last month for mine
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