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  1. I've done 4500 since December - I got my first stone chip driving from the dealer to my house and a small chip on the windsreen on the 2nd day !!! The roof has been hit at least twice - both times leaving a small scratch which luckily polished out eachh time. B
  2. Ok Groan ....... groan !!!! yet another post about stone chips.... I know this has been done to death and I have to say I am also amazed how easily my Lexus has chipped too, but ...... Has anyone else noticed that their Lexus appears to attract stones like a magnet? I have been driving for years and I cannot remember any car being hit by so many stones. The windscreen, the roof the bonnet - why?? I am driving on "normal" roads that I have driven on for ages but I have now had 6 or 7 really loud bangs on my roof and screen etc from stones thrown up from the road. This is the daft question - Does anyone think that there is something in the aero-dynamics of the car that almost "attracts" the stones to the car? Interested to know if anyone else has found this too. B
  3. I know there are several threads already about this but I am not sure if I the answer I am looking for is in any of the replies. On my Dec 02 IS 200 sport I lock the door with one press of the remote and engage the dead locks with a second press - and you hear another click. Ok.... you know all that already..... My question is - what if I press the remote a third or fourth time? I hear a click again but what is happening? Sorry if that is a stupid question - just curious!! Thanks in advance. B
  4. Andy hope this doesn't get me banned..... I drove a BMW 328 Coupe - and loved it. Swapped to the lexus because it was a bit more practical for everyday use. I have had my IS200 Sport for almost 2 months now and think it is great but .......This is the bit that may get me banned ........ I really did like my 328 and I do miss it a little bit (especially the extra power). .... OK I will leave now.......................................................... B
  5. PEBCAK Problem Exists between Chair and Keyboard - ie. YOU Sorry - did that give it away!! B
  6. Sounds like a good idea to me too. Would Lexus grumble about this in anyway? Invalidate warranty or anything? B
  7. Yes - I fitted them myself. The front ones are really easy - you take off the wheel arch protector and the screw holes line up to put the mud flap back in its place. The wheel arch protector that I took off comes further up the wheel arch than the mud flap - so I cut the protector and put it back on above the mud flap. Looks quite good. The back ones are a bit more hassle. You need to take the wheel off to get proper access - or struggle with a tiny screwdriver. Remove the wheel arch protectors as for the front. The instructions say that you have to drill 2 holes in each side and cut "something" (cant remember what it said). Anyway, I spent half an hor trying to work out what it was on about and then threw the instructions away. You need three screws to hold them in place. The one from the underneath lines up okay and the lower one of the two on the wheel arch bit lines up okay. The top hole needed drilling. I was a bit scared of doing this I must admit. I used a size 3 metal bit (tiny little thing) - put the mud flap in place and drilled through the mud flap screw hole and into the wheel arch. VERY easy. Screwed in the self tapping screws and that was it finished. Hope that helps. B
  8. Wish I knew 12 hours ago !! Bought and fitted today. B
  9. Sorry to bring up an old post , but on the subject of mud flaps... Are they all the same colour or do you get them to match the car colour? A few people have said they are easy to fit - How easy is easy ?? Do you have to drill holes in your car or anything scary like that? Or are te holes or screws already on the car/mud flap? Thanks B
  10. Not wanting to be thrown in the looney bin with you but I too have seen the white circles on my boot - weird !! And I have a witness too !!
  11. Sorry if tis is opening up an old topic but - you say that you have winter tyres on your car - Have you swapped them over for winter or do you always use them. And second stupid question - how do you know if they are summer or winter tyres ? (I know that is probably a really stupid question !!!!) B
  12. I have only had my Lexus for a few weeks now - and I am very pleased so far. But I must admit to being a bit worried by a few of the posts that I have read about the performance in snow. Is it really that bad? Have you seen the weather forecast for the next few days in the UK? B
  13. Teddy I agree with you - The good thing far out weigh the MPG - and for me I knew what the MPG was before I bought it - but it was not a factor. Good discussion topic though !! B
  14. Dont get this post the wrong way - I am all for helping out if I can...... but...... I can't see how this helps anyone - what do they get out of it? Simply using my spare processor power surely isn't going to help them that much - is it? Please tell me if it is and how. I am on 1 meg broadband - If I can be convinced that someone can make use of this without risking any of my own data or privacy etc then I will sign up straight away. Just still cant see how this works - please educate me !! B
  15. Ricky I fell in (or out ??) of the Company car circus back in April when the tax laws were changed apparently for "green" issues. Most people i know have opted out of the car schemes and bought bigger engine cars. My company pays for my petrol so the MPG is not an issue - but I must admit If I was paying I would be a little bit concerned by the figures being quoted in this post - especially when you consider that you are not getting the trade off of expetional performance. By this I mean if it was a 0-60 in 5 or 6 seconds you wouldn't be bothered about the MPG. Good luck with your search for a diesel. B