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  1. Hi Tupac, Tour symptoms appear different to mine---I had coolant coming out of the radiator cap when the engine was warmed up and the system pressurised. the test was for exhaust in the coolant (supposedly) If you have head gasket gone and water leak that way you should have the following symptoms-- a. coolant loss b. steam and or water being expelled from the exhaust pipe (even when engine warmed up) c. coolant in the engine oil d. engine overheats due to lack of coolant The kit to replace gaskets is not too expensive nor is skimming the heads, the labour is the high cost, but with a little patience it can be done at home. I was lucky to find a local mechanic who did the job at sensible price. Regards RogerH
  2. I know its not much help---but I have just devloped the same problem on 1994 es300. Happened just after it had been of the road for three months---also recharge has been rcommended Roger H
  3. If you read the previous discussion on this subject back in May---Here is Part 2!! After the head was skimmed I put the car back on the road a couple of weeks ago. After a short time I experienced the same symptons as the original problem i.e.coolant being expelled through the pressure cap back into the overflow tank. Went back to the mechanic to discuss reasons----he checked the coolant for traces of exhaust and declared that it was positive and we must have a crack in the head which opens up when hot-----temporary solution? Use Holts Wonder Weld. I went home to start stripping down to get the heads pressure tested, at the same time still puzzling over it. Just out of curiosity I borrowed the rad. cap from wife's car and BINGO no leakeage. I then examined my pressure cap and found a minute nick in the rubber seal. All is ok now with new cap. Lesson----if you have your coolant checked for possible head gasket blown and the mechanic says " oh yes sir definatetly exhaust in the coolant, that will be £1200 to skim and replace " GET SECOND OPINION and examine your pressure caps minutely They only cost £10 or so. Roger H
  4. ← I was very lucky ---- got my gaskets from an acquaintance who works for JEMCA Croydon--------£120 approx. Then I looked around locally for a mechanic and found one who did the job for £300 (cash).
  5. I had the same problem on my ES 300 some time ago. It is very difficult to pin down the cause-----I thought my shockers were ok, but until I changed both front and rear the noise continued ( not cheap ). Best of luck roger H
  6. :mat: Steve, The coolant system was getting pressurised and water was being expelled from the filler cap. Has had new w/pump-- thermostat works ok--new radiator last year so all is in good order. Local garage tested the system and confirmed gasket failure. they are quoting about same price as yours was. I see there was an es300 for sale on Ebay for £510 recently!! roger H
  7. Ok fellas you've convinced me!! I'll wait until the weather gets a bit warmer then make a start on the job. thanks for all your encouragement. roger H
  8. I also own two Lotuses which I regularly have to strip down and rebuild so am reasonably capable but I remember the difficulty I had trying to tighten up the rear cam cover on the ES and wondered if there were any other difficult areas that I can be prepared for on a cross mounted engine that is canted backwards towards the bulkhead. I imagine the Toyota Camry has the same problems since it shares the same Haynes manual. As you will know Haynes manuals make everything sound so easy---if so easy, why are Lexus agents so reluctant to take the job on? Is this another "grey import" excuse?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I suppose I was hoping someone may have replaced the gasket themselves and could point out any snags to doing this at home. OR Maybe they knew of a mechanic ( or garage ) who could do the job at a more realistic price than a Lexus agent.
  10. After 120,000 miles my 1994 ES300 has blown the head gasket. It seems I have a choice of repairing myself, or scrapping the car!! The quoted cost of a garage repair is more than the value of the car!! Apart from this one fault the car is immaculate and I should be very sad to see it go. There must be somebody out there who has had this fault--- What was the resulting action taken?? I know Steve had a Windom at one stage which was losing water at Brooklands----was that the same problem ? Anybody with any advice please Thanks roger H