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  1. Cheers Steve,must be these then ? There the ones
  2. Hi Malc The reason I took the dash out was to check the free movement of the needles. They were fine. Its a pity mileages are noted on the MOT computer, otherwise you would be spot-on :hocus-pokus:
  3. Hi again. As part of my removing the dash display to solve speedo and other issues, I inadvertently disconnected the unit below the main dash which contains the security warning light for the immobiliser and the dimmer switch for the dash light. Upon refitting, the remote central locking doesn't work and the immobiliser doesn't work although the dimmer does work. The control unit under the bonnet beeps as normal when the remote is pressed but the indicators which should flash in unison, don't. The alarm does not work. The question there for is; what have I unwittingly done and what can I do to fix it?
  4. I've had the baby for years but these past few years I have been too unwell to involve myself with her. Despite her age she cost £20 to get through her last MOT and there aren't many 19 year old cars you can say that about. Anyway, I'm now trying to get rid of a few niggles. Hopefully the first of these has been resolved by having a new piece welded in the exhaust. For sometime now the speedo has stopped working except on rare occasions. I use satnav for keeping to the speed limit. The really annoying part is no speed means no cruise control. In addition, the odometer also stopped working at the same time. About 3 years ago, the garage I was using managed to zero the odometer whilst trying to get the immobiiser off having disconnected the battery and not followed my instruction to contact me which they still had to do. Nevertheless the odometer continued to work albeit from zero. The rev counter has worked throughout. I recently had the entire display out to check all connections and to ensure that the speedo was not stuck. I reassembled the unit and was pleased that the speedo and odometer worked as did the temperature gauge which hadn't done so for years. All good? Er, no. After a week it all packed-in again except Christmas week when all but the temp worked. For one journey. I'm told by my exhaust man that nothing appears to be missing/disconnected from the gearbox from which I am assuming the speedo is driven. Given that I have disabilities and my income is severely limited, are there any fixes that I could do/have done? I really would be grateful.
  5. Hi. Its longtime no contact from me. I have been unwell for ages but feel a bit better now. The MK3 side repeaters are identical to the early MR2 which makes them easy to obtain. I have them. Dont forget the orange bulbs.
  6. It will go again, I'm afraid but you are right about the warmer weather affecting the joint/s
  7. And I'm happy to report that my elderly lady now has a new MOT. Advisory on Slight corrosion to a rear brake pipe. But sadly a broken O/S/F spring. I know when it happened and by whom. Not lending the baby out again is all I will say (unless pressed). The point however is that a 16 year old has passed another test which, if the owner hadn't been foolish enough to lend her out, would have been the 2nd time without any problem. I love her :winky:
  8. I love the Over logo. I have had various Rovers in the past. The worst was a new 820 which was the biggest bag of proverbial you could get. In more recent times I have had 2 827's. The last one a restoration project bodywise but mechanicaly good. The previous one was amongst the best cars I have ever owned. In fact I would rank it 4th 1 LS400 2 Shogun 3 Galant 4 827 I have test driven various Rovers for son/daughter in the past including an auto 216 which, when it did change gear, was like running into a wall.
  9. Hi As I have said for a long time, someone must make Type TIV because Toyota don't make oil. Don't suppose you saved any links from your research - which if proven - is a great piece of work. I've give up a few times.
  10. I'm afraid I wouldn't let anyone near mine to change a cam belt for so little. It suggests he does not know what is involved. Of course he might be excellent but it could be a very expensive learning curve.
  11. Hi Get the spanners out and tighten the barrery terminal bolts and trace the earth and tighten the other end of that. Then go to a suitable depot to have the battery condition checked. If its good, sounds like alternator so let them check the charging rate at the same time. Here in the UK, a suitable place would be a tyre/battery/exhaust depot and they are always happy to check these out for free.
  12. Hi and welcome I also confess to rarely viewing the New Members sub-forum. My 95 MkIII has done 192k and drives much better than most new cars and I'm definately looking for 300k.
  13. Can't really add anything to that regarding the car, just go see a few, fall in love and never part.
  14. We tend to have the windows up in the wet There was a post within this last week or so about quietening everything down by squirting everything with WD40, and what you have in the wet is cool and water. If you wait till the hot dry weather (you know that day in June) it will creak like and old galleon. Get a supplier of WD40.
  15. The photograph of the struts on fleabay is not particularly good but the definately aren't for a MKIII, so they may well be MKIV. The price, however is pretty much what I paid.
  16. You could try PMing Benfur. He breaks these and often knows techniques to remove parts and fittings.
  17. Thanks. BTW, what would be the reason for changing the parking brake shoes? Surely they don't wear out. I don't think I've applied my foot brake more than a handful of times in over 3 years. Maybe I should apply it more often to keep it from seizing? The parking brake shoes have been known to break-up. Also, the parking brake is relatively naff. With a big V8, you'd hardly notice if it was on esp. if the warning light is out.
  18. American dollars and Russian in one post, must be a 1st. Advice must be woth trying, mind.
  19. Sssshhh this could invoke a recall of all Lexus vehicles. The only non-original bulb on mine is in the clear front indicators I fitted. Yes there is but not for all lights, and off hand I can't recall which ones are covered by the system. Why do you ask?
  20. Glad there's no rush Expect to get half what you paid any more is a bonus. Short term ownership almost never pays. Within this last 4 or 5 months a poster on here decided to offer his back to the dealer and got half the purchase price. I paid £2.5k for my baby on a windscreen price of £3750 and now she's probably worth tuppence on the open market. HOWEVER I've had 5+ years of total delight.
  21. It happens. Best increase the volume on the ps system. This is 1 horror none of us want to re-occur.
  22. Agree entirely. Get some quality polish on it and it hardly disturbs the air as you glide through it.
  23. Ouch, nasty. Please accept my sympathies. Cant answer the question but what I can say is definately have parking sensors fitted; absolute godsend. The best time to have them fitted is when the bumber needs repainting as this will.
  24. Mine is a swan neck designed to fit without the need to cut the bumper, that might be why its a bit low. When I ran 827's, they had a removable panel in the bumber. Guess Lexus' weren't designed with towing in mind.
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