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  1. Well it's been 5 years since I've been on this forum...... hope some of the old Skool lots are still kicking about... ( just checked i was last on here 2009 - damn) So I'm changing the rad on the is200 and wanted to know what size the of the 2 blots are on the top that hold the rad in? Also what are the bolt sizes in the engine bay M6*10 - there all rusted and would like to replace them, any links to kits would be nice and.... there are a number of different size blots for the S/C and wanted to know the size too. I want to replace these with stainless steel ones and with bolt head not that silly ally key Sh*it list of bolts would be nice i used the Search but got no luck - can i suggest search by model would help or i missed it thank you for you help in advance... This is my Baby many years ago in its glory....
  2. I'm with Ian on this!!! Dj Wozza has always been there for me and Rabstar i may not know you on a personal level but you seem like a top bloke just like Wozza I protest (just like Ian). If anyone would like to get in touch my e-add is y2kanjar(at)hotmail .com I'm sorry for the site to take a wrong turn. P.S i don't know the full facts, but one shouldn't have to go throw all this B.S. Later ppl, and Peace Out!!! Regards L Singh
  3. i can't believe what i am reading, what aload of Cr@p. There might as well be NO forum!!!
  4. Yeah dude i just seen thet, nice work mate, love the spolier. so your keeping it then:)
  5. Happy B'day Peeps. Hope you have a good one
  6. Nice one mate you know you wont to lol
  7. but it always sucks fuel from the bottom of the tank. I Stand corrected lol thanks stav. know my luck i'm going to run out and be stuck in the middle of nowhere when i try it
  8. you don't really wont to run on empty, all that junk at the bottom of the tank ....i try not to run it low.
  9. thank you for that Stav, I'm still running version 1 of the .NET Framework, would you say i'm safe
  10. i like the look of that... .... it a space car , kooooool
  11. whats happing at 10 am...i wont to party tooo Happy B'day dude hope you have a good one
  12. i would have gone to show my hot rod....but i'm drunk lol pic's please
  13. I have to say it does look SEXY!!!!
  14. Welcome back dude, looks lovely mate, looks like you had a good time
  15. WTF, really, how is this, are crows going mad or somthing. or is it seeds on the roof. i must have missed something here anyway sorry to hear this you must be really pieed off
  16. suggestion taken on board and changes made. Wozz trust you to pick that out....... i did it on purpose honest It would be really nice to meet up some old ppl i mean old friends Quick Question Do we need to let the Pub know or will it be ok
  17. Would you like meet at the Grasshopper Inn will be on Sunday 5th July 2009 and will be the first of the Grasshopper meet in a long time :) as per usual all are welcome for an informal drinks and chat details and address : Grasshopper Inn near Westerham, Kent , only 10 mins from jct6 M25 large carpark available, even with plenty of other clubs showing up, space is NOT an issue :D various food and drinks available so no reason not to bring the other halves, and treat them to a nice meal ! meet around 11:00 / 11:30 am ish you let me know stay as long as you want :) let us know below if you are coming would be really really nice to see some new faces at these meets, the television isnt worth watching on a Sunday not Tuesday (lol), so come on ! pop along actually its really nice to see the old faces as well :P (i have copied and pasted most if not all Bazza's old post) So Far: Me (y2kanjar and the Wife) DJ Wozza Steviewevie LexusIS200Sam (Possibility)
  18. Just like the tv programe LOST.....
  19. i think i'm in love.......with your car... nice one mate...all the best
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