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  1. This was me at the weekend went to put my foot down and My '93 ls 400 went nowhere. and basically started braking by itself, so I came to a slow stop. I called Lexus and they told me my master Cylinder was dodgy, and needed replacing. so does any one know where I can get one apart from a lexus dealership, I've just paid out £800 for a service and new tyres need to get this and fitting as cheap as poss!!!! Your assitance would be much appreciated.. Cheers Eddie
  2. Hi Michael I have, this weekend almost the same problem, Couldn't drive my car above 40 MPH :( wouldn't go any faster) My brakes were constantly binding, jacked tt up and all four brakes on all four wheels siezed. Transpires my Brake Master Cylinder is dodgy. Eddie
  3. I Know it may sound silly but..... Have you changed the battery in the key??? Eddie
  4. Hi Guys Me again, I've noticed in the very short time that I have had my car that the Neon needles on the dash board appear to have lost their "sparkle" well brightness anyway, is there anything I can do to fix/replace these, and is it expensive??? Eddie
  5. <_< Hi guys can anyone help?? I have an LS 400 on a 93 with 80000 miles and I appear to be losing water from my radiator bottle, I'm a little worried that it maybe blown gasket problem, but there don't appear to be any other symptoms, i.e "mayonnaise" anywhere or anything like that however I do smell antifreeze inside the car when the heaters are on. Any thoughts or help on this would appreciated. Regards Eddie
  6. <_< Hi guys I need to install my car kit into my '93 LS 400 but can't for the life of me see and easy way of taking apart this ratherwell put together car. any ideas??? I need to take out the bottom panels below the steering wheel and also on the passenger side, any help would be appreciated. Regards Eddie
  7. Thanks for that Nick. I'll do that... Have a great weekend.
  8. Hi guys I've got a 93 LS 400, still getting used to it do I need to use the overdrive only at a certain speed or engine speed or can I just leave it on continuously, will it do any damage or effect the performance of the car?? Your assistance as always is appreciated. Regards Eddie
  9. :) All said and done, I'd vote for you!!!!! Eddie
  10. Hi guys, just had to have my four pennyworth, I assume all of you that have posted to this forum are English, but it may be wrong of me to make assumptions. Personally I am an asian, born in india, bought up in England. Why? Because my mum was a highly trained specialist theatre nurse, that was needed here in the UK back in 1969, It's true that she came here to offer a better life, but in doing so she left her position at home as highly respected well "looked after" nurse. But my parents came here to have Paki's out written all over the front of their house, the house being broken into on a seperate occasion, and having the same disgusting things written all over the walls and having the whole house turned upside down, our cars had paint remover poured over them, all while my mum was out saving British lives. So yeah we do get it easy!!!!! You'll tell me now that that was a long time ago, but how wrong you are. I am a Sales Manager in the IT industry and when I go on sales meetings people will look at me and their whole attitude would change towards me, like I'm a lepper, these are the same people that I would have been talking to for months. I went to for an interview about 3 years ago and they told me straight out we're not going to interview you as we're not going to offer you the job, I asked why and they told me outright it's because you're indian and we don't employ indian people. So yeah we have it easy. TDIPLC says.. "There is an enormous amount of positive discrimination against white people in local government - and that is a fact " Ask your self sir who are the people at the top of the government ladder? the day we see an asian or black Prime minister come talk to me. TDIPLC also says... "The problem nowadays is that some of the immigrant popluation exploit the weakness that we now have, that has been implimented by the narrow minded who believe themselves to be broad minded. The exploiters do not give a **** about the UK or the indiginous population. They are only interested in bringing us down to their level, and preferably converting us to their religion - by violent means if necessary." Immigrants aren't exploiting your weaknesses, they're simply take the ****ty jobs that you won't do. And as for them forcing their religion on you, hold on a sec. didn't britain rule the waves and bring "civilization" to the world, by killing thousands and thousands of innocent people?? I wonder sometimes whose got what right. Regards Eddie
  11. I'd have to agree, I'm a new owner myself, and if you haven't driven or owned one....... do it, best thing I ever spent my money, ah, apart from when I fill her up!!! I filled up from empty cost me about £53 absolute joy, as I previously owned a 7 series BMW and oh my *** £96 I paid to fill her up once. Did about the same mileage on a tank full too. Still won't be doing that again eh!!! LExus.. definitiely the way to go!!!!!!
  12. I might be able to help on this being a new owner myself this was one of the first things I had to do!!! You'll need to pop off the black plastic panel that goes across the boot lip, there are a couple of studs you'll need to lever out with a flat screwdriver, and then lift the panel up and out. Next, the carpet to the side of the car in the boot needs to be moved to reveal two screws, undo these and then pinch the two plastic pinch fastners in to release the light from it's housing and Voila!!! Simply find the bulb you need to replace I think it's the lowest one, twist and pull!! Hope this helps
  13. that sounds good to me, I'm in west london ten minutes from heathrow, doesn't have much history,however I did notice that the cambelt was changed at 15750 miles, which in my mind could mean one of two things, one, the clock has been changed or the previous owner did very little mileage in it and had the belt changed at the six year interval regardless of mileage :D I'm kinda hoping it's the latter but knowing my luck :( still it is still a dream to drive. If anyone knows any lexus specialists that aren't lexus, in my local area I would be very keen to find out. Eddie
  14. :( Well kinda hoping I haven't, but just wondering whether it's gonna be an expensive business with things go wrong with it etc... Is it worth going to a lexus dealer for servicing etc.. or does anyone have any recomendations for good mechanics that know these cars well. Eddie
  15. Yup you got it, very married although can't complain, used her credit car to buy the car with.. hehehehe..... LOL Eddie