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  1. Mat ... how are these compared to the stock ones
  2. can you make a pic of your tip... probably i can see what it is
  3. Plse quote your price mate & advise if it's a genuine Trd frt Lip....any pics available Thanks Mate X313 This is the original front lip. Just checked with the TRD dealer, the TRD original lip cost US$500 excluding shipping. A fiberglass copy front lip costs US$200 ex. shipping. Shipping is ??? since not everyone ships to Mauritius
  4. Do you have coilovers? if yes, your top mounts may need to be replaced.
  5. The cost of shipping will be more than the cost of the lip. Otherwise, pm me I am in Hong Kong and can get you the lip.
  6. Nice wheels ... difficult to clean
  7. Some Apexi Altezza/ IS300 filters are not reuseable!
  8. Blitz is a famous tuning parts company in Japan
  9. Very clean car and goodlooking wheels ... now it's time for a nice bodykit or a front lip and a nice arch spoiler
  10. Exhaust (rear to muffler) of the Altezza and IS200/ Is300 are the same, but will sound differently.
  11. what model year GS do you have?
  12. coilovers are the way to go :) if you want to get the max drop :)