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  1. Hi I bought a front arm rest couple years ago but never got round to fitting it I got a day off next week thought il give it a bash and a couple of other things never got round to doing anyways I lost the fitting bolts that attach the arm rest to the car can someone tell me what size I need and how many am guessing four thanx in advance
  2. I got eibach on mine with new kyb shocks to be honest I wish id gone lower as the front looks exactly how I want it but the rear is still pretty high considering iv lowered it 30mm personally I think if you want a noticeable drop go 40mm or get coilovers so you can play about and have it how you want it
  3. Hi matt I know this is a long shot but any chance you could get me the the module  thing for the remote door mirror closing for is200 I can send payment via paypal or cash in envelope :-) I don't mind paying couple quid extra for your trouble 

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    2. matt-c


      Sorry bud, for some reason I didn't get the notification until now about the above replies! Stupid interwebs. I''ve sent you one via paypal, I don't know if it will let you, when you receive it, but if you could send the money as friends and family, it just means I don't get charged fee's for receiving it. Once done, I'll send the PDF file to your email - same one as the paypal address?

    3. ALI_1


      Hi sorry I just got back from holiday iv sent payment I couldn't see the option for friends and family I think that option only comes up if I send payment via your email address instead of a money request 

    4. matt-c


      Hi, thanks I saw it this afternoon. Don't worry, it's only 40p for the fee's, not too worried! I'll email over the PDF instructions to the same email address for the payment - let me know if you need it to go to a different address.

      Thanks, happy wiring!

  4. Hi everyone does anyone know where I could buy a door mirror auto closing module from so when I lock the doors using the key the mirrors close aswell I know a couple of people made their own was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or better still build me one and I could send payment or pay cash on collection :-)
  5. There's a dude on ebay who had some for sale or made them to order was a while ago do quick search on google am sure it would come up
  6. Had the same problem with mine and only at bang on 30mph I noticed that the rear brake pad fitting kit was missing from the passenger side the spring type thing and the metal thing anyway I replaced both sides because thay come as a set and not noticed the noise since
  7. Cool thanx for getting back to il order them now
  8. I was reading somewhere on this forum and it said that there was 2 part numbers for the springs HR-29435-1 and HR-29435-3 one I think was for the is300 and the other for the is200 am guessing the is300 weighs more or doesn't it matter would I still get the same drop on my is200 if thay were ment for is300
  9. Hi guys I seen a set if H&R 35mm lowering springs part number HR-29435-3 I think thay are for the is300 not 100% sure will thay fit my is200 and give the same drop
  10. that's good I don't have to cut the wires my luck would have set the car on fire with a electrical fault il give it a go on weekend thanks for the info
  11. I been looking for a boot spoiler for a while now the standard one that comes on the sports with the brake light anyway I have found a breaker same colour as mine so saves me fiddling about drilling holes ect and spraying it how difficult is it to swap the lids over would I have to cut the wires for fog lights number plate lights or is there a plug I could just unplug
  12. Your very talented with words well done mate it's alot better then most the stuff that iv read in books
  13. I found another thread with everyone's opinions on should have checked before posting :-(
  14. gbneil I like your poem did you write that yourself
  15. I just bought one this afternoon have to say its awesome I got the older version with the better OLED screen games are little expensive but worth it anyone on the forum got one would like to know opinions on it and what games are worth getting and which games I should avoid
  16. Think of the pay check should keep you sane looks like your earning it the hard way putting up with the crazies
  17. the comment about the media being biased towards palestine is a joke it's a fact that the media is biased towards Israel Israeli soldiers kill civilians everyday I don't hear about it in the media yet one a rocket is fired "no one killed" it's headline news and the refusal of a a charity appeal on tv because it was for gaza couldn't be anymore biased against Palestinians if you look up the definition of a terror state sums up Israel very well
  18. yea the mobile device has to have a valid calibration certificate which you can ask to see know this first hand according to the police man hiding on a corner of a side street saying I was doing 35 in a 30 zone there specialist solicitors that deal with motoring offences I gave them a call and let them deal with it
  19. Any luck? there some on gumtree a set off 18tte chicanes £250 which is cheap I think and a set of the aero on ebay on a breaker black is200
  20. I never thought I'd be commenting on politics here never mind abroad but I can't see how anyone can justify what Israel is doing the more I read about it the more am shocked that thay can get away with so much and no one does anything and every time someone speaks up against the situation the word "anti Semitic" get used to shut people up history repeating itself this time a Palestinian holocaust and the world just standing by and watching it happen
  21. exactly you would think so wouldn't you am just shocked that everyone turning a blind eye to it yet if it was any other country we would have got involved
  22. I must admit I don't know much about politics am sure we have all seen on the news what's going on in palestine I find it very disturbing that Israel can invade a country and kill innocent people and steal land and yet our governments won't do anything to help the Palestinians or put sanctions on Israel if it was any other country we would be up in arms about sanctions and getting involved
  23. same here passed first time every time great feeling can't say the same for any of the other cars I have owned worse one was the golf gti failed every mot and spent most of the time at the garage
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