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  1. Happy Birthday Craig W!

  2. £150 is what im looking for :) Yep, it's in good condition.
  4. Ive been looking at how much IS200's are selling for these days, cant beleive how much they've come down in price - i paid £11k for mine last year! Anyhow... Lexus IS200 SE V reg (99) Black 98,500 miles Manual Full Lexus Service History Tinted windows MOT'd until 03/09/05 Taxed until 02/05 £6995 ono
  5. Hello, sorry i haven't got any pics of the exhaust alone as it's still on the car, plus i only have a camera phone and the quality of the camera is poor. It sounds good, not too loud - gives off a nice grumble :) I was hoping for a little more than £90, sorry.
  6. Ive got a new car so taking my 18" Alba Edge chromes off this week. They're good quality rims, triple chrome plated. Tyres are in good condition and the chromes are in absolute perfect condition, they've been cleaned either every day or every other day since ive had them 7.5x18 with 225/40/18 tyres. I purchased them on 23/3/04 and they cost me £1495. Obviously im not going to get that kinda money back but just letting you know :) £offers please.
  7. Got a new car so taking the HKS Super Drager off this week, it's been on my car just over a year and had one previous owner before me. It's the backbox, not a full system. It came off my 99V IS200 SE Good condition £offers please
  8. What kinda job is it replacing the clutch on an IS200 (99 V)? Any particular tools required? Mines on its last legs, and rather than paying Lexus to do it, ive got someone who's very good mechanically willing to have a go at it. Also, does anyone know the cost of a clutch? And the cost if i were to get it done at lexus? Thanks in advance for you help :)
  9. I'm 21 with 3yrs NCB and paying £930'ish FC. I was paying £1700'ish the previous year when i was 20, with the same company (Direct Line).
  10. Yeah i understand what you're saying Fidgits, but i still think they're worth more. I haven't really advertised them as yet :)
  11. Ive been offered £450 for them but can't lose £1k on them in only a few months. Thanks again.
  12. 18" Alba Edge chrome (triple plated). Just over 3 months old, perfect condition. I paid £1495 for them a few months ago. I know i'm not going to get my money back on them, i accept that, but what sort of price do you think they're worth? Any help would be greatly appreciated.