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  1. Have to say that silly warning ring was the first thing to be switched off :winky: As for MPG well what can you say apart from very thirsty. Still, I'm paying enough bloody tax so who cares if the fuel card needs swiping a little more often. Have to say this is one of the only cars I've driven that turns heads, people love it B)
  2. Quite a few niggles in this thread although most are fairly minor. Have to say that mine has no rattles at all so they probably resolved the issue on later builds. I agree with the comment about the air bag light..........horrible thing but sadly dictated by people who can't help admit responsibility for their own actions & just have to sue for compensation. Not really made use of the 12v socket & don't foresee I ever will as I've never used one in a car to date so can't really comment. Should the AUX socket have a lead with it though or an I not looking hard enough? Things I love about the car: The looks - fantastic That torque - The car pulls like a train & just keeps going MP3 Stereo - At last a vehicle that has this as standard kit Speaker system - Great for standard kit Heated seats - Handy this time of year
  3. Afternoon all. Just took delivery of my new 220d SE today so thought that i'd sign up & have the craic. First impressions are that I love it although the keyless operation had me fumbling for a key to turn the engine off a couple of times :D Looking forward to getting my head stuck in the war & peace version of the users manual when I get home. For anyone interested its Windsor Blue with beige leather & looks the absolute DB's Will post pictures as soon as poss.