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  1. not a hope , no way never . I have had all of the above issues , on my 4th full set of alloys , front stonechipped to hell in 50k miles , dealer was ok , but i wouldn't say the best experience . I could get the same MPG from the 250 auto as i did from my diesel , and thats even if i wasn't paying ,as mine are company cars . I am replacing mine in the next month and will be getting a BMW 320d Msport Lexus diesel 1 not clean enough on CO 2 no auto 3 poor mpg 4 cheap plastics (the bmw interior is way better head and shoulders) 5 it actually has 6 gears i can use
  2. You want the one that mouts on the top air vent in the middle for sat nav as the ones shown while ok for phones means you look down away from the road which for sat nav is to often . i'll post a picture of mine but i find it perfect ,along with the pre wired holder for my make of satnav . also there is a nice way to drop the power cable in behind and easily hard wire it so its just a plonk your nav on and go , better than having a cig lighter plugged in .
  3. Slow up chaps i think your a little mis informed her on certain things . Ok yes you are right i think a cat d car would have to have a significant saving over new to make it a sensible choice however a few facts rather than imotive blabbing. My car was subject to an accident at 3 months old . the damage was rear quater , boot floor and o/s suspention . I spoke to the assesor and he said its at the point of total loss as the damage will be around 9k to repair. being a lease car i would have just paid the lease off and had to start again on a new lease , the way prices had gone i wouldn't leas
  4. Good to hear that BMW's ED is good for something. For me, it doesn't do a thing. When I say that Lexus is the cleanest in its class, that is exactly what I mean. MB E 300 Bluetec is significantly better than Lexus in NOX, but even that can't touch Lexus' CO level. Plus it's a lot more expensive. BMW 320d is behind in both NOX and CO. Audi A4 with the new 2.0 TDI (170 hp) is the first real challenger in the class, being a bit better in NOX but a lot more behind in CO. Lexus is Euro5. It's been discussed a lot, since Lexus doesn't say it in the spec sheet. That is only because Euro5 doesn't do
  5. but then again .. a bit of a revelation , but audii bmw and mercedes let you use the brakes an accelerator as well ,without drastick mpg issues .... what a shocker.
  6. in that case as i did a 200 mile run with the cruise on in 6th at 75 and managed to scrape 36mpg there is an issue and aserious issue with my car that and the other early cars we have on our fleet they are the same. i am just not going to worry anymore its not worth it , i'll never have another lexus diesel unless the courtesy car i get next monday give good mpg .... if it does they can keep mine till it does the same . anyway i am off to compliment my gas guzzling 911 with a gass guzzling v8 audi , but then neither of thos "claim to be economical " oh and as for 57mpg ... i can't get t
  7. did you miss the comment from the gentleman who wrote software for a fleet company ,whos data showed 80% of their is220d drives had complaints ... have you not listend to the people who have actually sold there cars at a loss becuase they were so agreved? no? really oh i forgot the is220 is great , ....... or yes it wouldbe if i got 40+ mpg . mine does not and fwiw let me judge my opinion of the economy on actual real life experience like ,every time i have visited my dealer there is another diesel driver complaining (yes every time) and all the diesel drives i have met and spoken to fac
  8. what i am trying to get across to you is that i have had many cars that have had "special" driving styles to get best from them , they all are used for circuit racing , and MPG has never been high on their feature list .... most people would say the handling was twitchy and dangerous , and would struggle to see the best from them . They are built to a purpose However your average mass market fleet diesel engine should be able to nowadays produce 40mpg driven by any monkey . and yes i would accept 10% down on the market leaders but have a search and even those claiming good mpg are saying
  9. it is the engine , and the gearing combined .... its quite simple drive like miss daisy and you will see terrible economy drive like a normal driver and you'll see something thats laughable . there isn't a fix lexus can come up with so they'll drop the model and when they do it will be for no other reason than it being a money sapping failure . And yes i am and will continue to bash the 220d till someone gives me one that i can drive normally and see 40+ mpg ..... you do and your happy . the large majority of 220d drivers don't i am not willing to drive like you , that does not make m
  10. Finlex ... when will you understand that you have a totally diferent gearing setup .... search the forum the lhd spec cars are not the same ,and again you have a sport anyway so you have totally different geaing And what part of a 400 mile round trip using cruise control with no traffic at 75mph returning 36mpg don't you understand .... that was motorway .. no traffic at all didn't stop going up ,or back .... 36mpg .... is useless , did you not see the post above , fleet users reported 80% of drivers were unhappy with fuel economy . Do you not understand that thats alot of drivers who have i
  11. Finlex i am sorry if you think i have been overly agressive in my replys but this really did need to be said and you gave no argument that would stand up for the lexus being a good diesel (if anything you also confirmed how bad it is ) and you don't have the longer standar diff ratio which makes it worse. Lexus have totally screwed up ,the cars DO NOT give the stated figures and never will its fundementally flawed , its a real real shame because i agree its a lovely car to look at ,the handling is nice (if slightly harsh over some surfaces) and it has r the most comfortable seats in its class
  12. Well said. I too hope that everyone could be happy with their car. And that includes Harv. if it gave 40mpg i would love it ....... it would be fine and i would except it not as good as the oposition but not awfull 36mpg whilst doing 200 miles with the cruis on in a diesel was awful plain and simple . you have a sport diff and belive me i have driven the sport , the ratio's are so much better and tbh i belive thats a major plus for you .... but if you belive that the way you described is the way to acheive fuel economy then i belive you would see 70mpg out of a VAG car or bmw or even a
  13. You have a point there - our A3s and A4s were only getting 37mpg as well. We've got a 2.0T A3 at the moment and the slight increase in fuel economy is more than compensated by the smoother petrol engine. as i have said before .. i would love to see 37mpg ...... mixed driving this week has given a tank average over 300 miles of 29.9
  14. Finlex i am about to do something very british my friend ...... your background is in engineering is it ? you think what you have stated above is how a car should be driven or you accept that to get a decent economy then thats what you need to do ? maybe this explains why most F1 teams are based in the UK because my friend you sound like the type of man who i wouldn't employ in an engineering company to sweep the floor ..... if you and anyone else agrees thats that the way i should drive my lexus (or any other car for that matter ) to return good fuel economy i pity you . YOU ARE WRONG t
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