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    What should the cost of bearings and fitting? I have a 2003 is200. North London area? Thanks
  2. Prices are now up on the website with a finance calculator as well
  3. I am too scared to try an Alfa and reading too many horror stories on reliability and dealer support.
  4. What I am looking for is something different. I don't want a car that every Tom, ***** and Harry will have (3 series). I want a car that is special and that is where I think the new IS is fast becoming the default choice. I was thinking of an X-type, but with Jaguar in financial diffuculty and the X-type losing sales fast, I am worried that if they cancel production, the resale values will drop like a lead balloon I have had a look at an Audi A3, the spec on them is pretty poor, most desirable items are an option. As long as Lexus keep their pricing straight and don't introduce an options list, it looks like it will be the most value for money.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions of performance 4dr cars, but this would be my daily driver. I need to keep servicing, insurance under control plus the fact I live in London and would be too worried about people damaging an expensive specialist car.
  6. Audi RS4....... Slightly out of my budget.....
  7. I was wondering if there is any other car that is outside the traditional box, e.g. VW Golf GTI?. Its a specialist car and traditionaly holds it value well (expect dealer service is meant to be rubbish!) Mercedes C Class is too expensive new and too common. Jaguar X-Type is too old. Audi A4 looks good - not sure about dealer service. Most items are an extra from the options list. BMW 3 series looks good - Arrogance of dealers who love to put you down (I have had this experience from 3 dealers in my area). Everything is an extra from the options list. What about a Volvo S60? - Anybody have experience of this car and dealers?
  8. Good suggestion, but I don't want to go bigger in size to a S-Type / GS / 5 Series etc.... I want to stick to IS size vehicle. Thanks
  9. The PCP on my current IS200 is up for renewal at the end of the year, just as when the new IS comes out. What other brands should I consider? My requirements are that the car should be reliable, an automatic, possibly a diesel (as long as it is available in auto). I was also thinking of the Toyota Rav4, but I think there is a new model coming out in 2006. I am a family guy, so need 4 doors and as large boot space as possible. Up to £25K is the top end of my budget. Was thinking of the new BMW 3 series? Any other suggestions that have high residual value? I would appreciate experiences the board members have had with other brands? As the dealers have started taking pre-orders on the new model, making a decision now means that I can get the new model just as when the contract on my old one expires. Thanks
  10. I am looking for some advice or experiences of these items, or any other ones you can recommend. I don't want anything built in, it must be totally a portable system. Centurion: PPBDVD8 - Portable 8.0" DVD Kit Sells at £169.99 Voyager 4 Tablet Player Sells at £244.99 Veba system (7in screen) I cannot find the link I had before (I am sure SteveAudioX will have the full info on it and price) Has anybody used any of these systems, or are there any others that you can reccommed? Screen size must be a minimum of 7in. Thanks
  11. Hi All Just a quick note to say the Kit is brilliant. SteveAudioX did a fantastic job of fitting them for me at the weekend; suddenly everything in front of me has now become much brighter!!! I would recommend them as a must get item, no Lexus should be without them. Big thanks to Prolex and SteveAudioX
  12. I will be coming on Sunday to pick my mine up and meet everybody. Good one Dave B)
  13. Something I just thought off Are you still able to manually adjust the headlights via switch on the dashboard? (For those who have the Prolex kit?)
  14. Thanks for all the replies on the Kit, any recommendations on where to get it fitted and how much it would cost? Thanks
  15. SteveAudioX I am in Harrow, NW London. I am willing to travel to surrounding area to have the kit fitted. Thanks for the encouraging to fit it myself, but I really don't want to touch anything under the bonnet! What I am after is a kit as if I am driving a factory fitted option. I was under the impression that you must have self levelling to make it road legal. Are there any kits which include a self leveling mechanism? Thanks