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  1. I presume you mean on the JAE forums Dean ? Maybe because there's no rush :winky: I thought John said last year that it was best to get the clubs entered early to the events to ensure that the amount of people participating was calculated for and the right amount of club spots etc..
  2. Have to agree with you mate, can't the individuals involved (mods and users) let bygones be bygones and move forward? End of the day we have one common interest that brings us all together and that is our love for the Lexus brand. I tried this i let bygons be bygons i stayed away when i was suspended without notice, came back from my suspension to find i had been given a warning the day before i came back its hard to move on when other keep changing the goal posts as i stated in an email to steve i was happy to come back once it had all finished but now many users dont feel wanted and its ruining the club IMHO but hey ill get a warning now
  3. well if the moderation team had been made aware that my suspension was being removed early the hours of this are debatable as there are contradictions, why did i get a response telling me the issue was being looked into this email was received by me on the 6/7/09 i emailed the MOD/ADMIN's that i have contact details for on the 5/7/09 The reason i did not go direct to you Barrie was plain and simple based on the fact your wife suspended me then you added to my warning level with the supposed reason of reducing it i find hard to swallow all this with no email to tell me abut it when your wife has my email address im sure even you can see that it looked rather suspect and more like another direct attack..... the only reason in my mind that you saw the supposed error was due to the fact you were going to issue another warning despite i posted more than once that the topic in question should ahve been put back on topic, mind you not that this matters as im sure just seeing my name is like a red rag to a bull... I have grave concerns with how things happen it seems more and more apparent that there is no communication about the actions taken with the rest of the team but this is up to the team to discuss as the fact that the remaining numbers in the club are not happy but it seems the members don’t count Sorry if this post is seem to be off topic but it does cover the questions raised and i shall now be staying clear for a while as i don’t want another warning suspension or harassment from any members on here that seem to be above the law Andrew
  4. As was stated earlier its not the weekend no warnings can be issued pmsl
  5. Dare i ask where are the ADMINS and MODS now this has got very personal very threatening and is totally un called for, i dont condone any of this and feel its a shame that some people are making these threats and taking post of topics
  6. Nice to see nothing has changed here threats still being issued un justified warnings too, WEEKEND IS HERE! now i would say thats got to be a joke but just for the record guys i also have a waning due to it being a weekend i have a screen print of this so if the powers to be wish to change it the TRUTH will still shine through as it always does in these cases where people go power crazy im afraid to say i will not be attending JAE this year 2 people on the club have made it CLEAR that valued members are not welcome on the stand, despite there emails to me i wish LOC all the best this year and hope they can keep the title on the football Best regards Andrew
  7. oooh i do like the black spokes any one fancy doing me a photoshop of them on my car..... pwetty please lol Rabs
  8. Maybe a resend mate its in open forum now that janey will respnd to her actions regarding the club If anyone has a problem with my decision to uphold the club T & C's please feel free to contact me by pm to discuss them further................... in black and white Rabs
  9. i thought he was comnting on an ebay add that we all had access to and was clarifying the points that had been made therfore helping club members out if they were thinking of buying which is what the club is about Not so annoyed Rabs
  10. so does this mean Lexlover has been trading prior then and is connected to SPC if so wozza was right in a previous thread........ Rabs
  11. i didnt think lexlover was trading in the thread but maybe his friends feared that it would be seen this way so launched this cover up which now makes us more suspicious of the underground rules maybe the mods or admin that did this would clarify there reasons or is is it beacuse (they can again) after all it is saraj's thread themind boggles Still annoyed Rabs
  12. cheers Chris any suggestions on rims my wheels look tinyin the arches now lol Rabs
  13. i think this ANTI freedom of speech thing is in action again DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO surely if things are being removed the individuals should know why...... this is not the thread going off topic nor any sladerous coments or accusations so why were they removed perhaps the person involved in this can own up and let us know or is there this underground structure and rules we dont know about annoyed Rabs
  14. how come post are being removed from this thread........... where has redz post gone and mine can i plase be informed as to why my post was removed Rabs
  15. Lightly modified i dont think so, no mention of the need for rods etc. Theres also no induction kit, intercooler or inlet pipe work so they're right it'd fit but to run you need a lot more. also its only a little thing but theres no return line for the BOV's to the exhaust so you'd have to leave them open and block the hole off. The induction kit is included, Yes there is no intercoolerand pipework or intercooler , The return line for the BOV is also included also included is the special crankshaft pulley designed to drive the Rotrax , The aircon bracket is also included , All these are needed as the belt set up was configured differently so in a short note the kit is comlpete , Pl note you will nead internal's and management includeing injector's if this kit is to go on an IS 200 , That's not to say the charger cant be fitted to any other application . so is lexlover001 part of spc then?? wasnt this a big debate before? :shutit: Hush hush redz you will get your self in trouble like other members on here :P Rabs
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