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  1. Saw that, you prompted me to post, can't work out how to link the add to this thread.
  2. Hi all, exactly 3 years ago my hybrid pump failed so I leased a merc diesel (yuk) on the exact day the merc is returned I see my old girl for sale on ebay. Still looks as good as ever, only covered 11K since we parted ways. The advertisment states hybrid pump has been sorted but no mention of any battery issues, so those batteries are now 11 years old having covered 211, 000 miles. Not going to buy it at £3999 as I now have a dark blue 450h with the all important moon roof.
  3. If LPG actually worked why would car manufacturers mess about with petrol/diesel/hybrid systems? Surley if they could market a luxury vehicle which runs reliably on half price fuel they would all offer it ?My LPG converted GS 300 burnt it's valves out twice in 1 year Avoid.
  4. Hi and a warm welcome to LOC, your car looks v.nice in fact now have decided to tint my rear windows,.makes the car look more exclusive. The lack of sunglass holder is really annoying! I had a phase 2 GS where that panel dropped down as glasses storage but neither of my 450h SE L have it fitted. It looks to me USA spec care have it as standard but I guess the Japs dont think we get enough sunshine to need sunnies. My sunglasses ride on top of the rear view mirror a treat, pust the nose pads over the top of the mirror but I guess it depends on the type of glasses. Re sat nav yes later discs will allow imput on the move, I think 2009 onwards. I do have a disc set of that vintage here to which you are very welcome to but obviously not fully up to date.
  5. Hi, very similar issue to yours was posted on here 1st May this year titled "Energy screen enquiries" hope it helps you. Good luck Tony
  6. Have you thought about a GS 300 ? If you buy no newer than a 55 plate road tax is still reasonable, way less to go wrong but the same car as a 450h, just does not go as fast. There is a 300 SE L on auto trader now within your budget with just 85K on the clock.The only issue with that should be usual rear brakes. Good luck
  7. I'm back with the brand but not the main dealers unless I can help it!
  8. Nice one! How long away did you last ? I almost made 3 years in a Merc but sooo pleased to be back in a 450 h
  9. Neither of my GS450 s have ever bleeped externally.
  10. My last 06 450h could play dvds, the screen is I think identical to the 09 I now run. Both SE L with Mark Levison, the only difference is the aux input on the later one.
  11. Good luck mate, wait to hear before you loise faith in the brand. Plenty massive mileage motors on here still running well.
  12. Gotta say my last 450h (with often open moonroof) managed 200 K with no battery issues so they aint too fragile !
  13. Suppose this means I should not ride about with moon roof open and air con on! Shame as I do like a bit of extravagants!
  14. I always travel for the right motor but last year wifey bought a VW camper van unseen in Portrush N Ireland so my trip was motorcycle to Luton airport, Sleazy Jet to Belfast, one bus and 2 trains to vendors house, car ferry to Scotland then drive down to Huntingdon, long day out that one especially as I dont do camper vans or dirty diesels. Now sold on ( but with a profit ) Made Cardiff for this GS 450 seem local and easy.