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  1. ok so if its the earlier cd rom based it will work, without mods? I assume it taps into the original amp and not the cd head unit? and the dvd based is interfaced wirth the cd head unit itself...
  2. Hi I have a question one of my mates have asked.. he has a is200 with standard navi, and wants to change the cd, will the navi still work ie power up? and secondly will the sound come out? if not anyone know of a mod.. i am unsure if the navi unit is early or later version.. thanx for your help in advice
  3. Lexus Map Updates

    The 2007-2008 disk I got for my 1998 LS400 is excellent, but does not do postcodes. It has COMPLETE UK coverage and does not drop you off "in the vicinity" of your destination, but instead guides you all the way there. It does do house numbers. Lots of good POIs as well. Thanx Chewbakker, I'm a Lil confused don't if i should rip out the original navi and fit with one that does postcode searches or Update the original and just live with not being able to search by postcode... Hmmmmm Decisions
  4. If you havnt fixed the probs yet try this....... Before you rip the aerial apart, Try oiling the mast with WD40 when its fully extented, This will clean and lubricate it... Regarding your speakers, Is your tweeter in the door ?? If so check the loom going into the door you may have broken or corroded pins. Or maybe someones messed about with somthing in the door and never connected them. I think its the easiest and quickest thing to check before rou take the whole centre of your dash apart.. I have a feeling this is where your problem is........ Regards, P
  5. Has anyone ordered a DVD Navigation update disc? I have a late 2001/02 (Black chrome rear lens) IS200, the map updates website is showing part number pz485-x01eu-07 as the latest disc I need Does anyone know if you get postcode entry on the updated disc? If not is there a new disc I can buy to get this feature? lastly how different, if at all is the new 2004 Naviagtion system compared to my Navigation operation or menu layout, Grafics ect... Dont want to but i might just have to rip out the standrd navi and install an aftermarket version. But ultimately i would prefer to keep the orignal equipment.. Thanx in advance... P
  6. Best Polish For Black

    EAGLE ONE WET LOOK ( Ithink its now known as Eagle One nano wax) I havn't bought another bottle since i bought a whole case of the stuff!.. Says and does what the name sugests!!! This stuff rocks!!! makes the paint shine and deeper... a respray in a bottle and a lot cheaper than detailing! with all the same results!
  7. Deep Cycle Battery

    Hey Dude, Hope you havn't ordered the battery... You can get it cheaper here Plus they do stinger batteries which vary in physical sizes and current ratings!
  8. Hi i know this is in the Rx section, I have a late 2001 IS200 the map updates website is showing pz485-x01eu-07 as the latest disc. Has anyone ordered any updates? Does anyone know of you get postcode entry on the updated disc?
  9. Lexus Map Updates

    Has anyone ordered any updates? I have a late 2001 IS200 the map updates website is showing pz485-x01eu-07 as the latest disc. Does anyone know of you get postcode entry on the updated disc?