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  1. v reg 1999. they basing th value on a lexus is200, see what happens now give them the full spec and told them to look at it again
  2. Ok here is the story my rs200 was involved in a accident (not my fault) 3rd party insurance are disputing the value of the vehicle, they are giving it a value of a normal lexus is200 where can i obtain a value for it from? and how can i dispute it with them? The vehicle is a total loss so they will payout on it Thanks any help will do
  3. Guys, can anyone confirm if the below GS300 alloys, 18inch will fit my altezza? if there is any modification invloved how much of it? and are there any problem with 18inches on the altezza any help would really be appreciated thanks donkammy
  4. they are not kahn, they were an optional extra for about £700 from dealership
  5. they come standard with the sport pack, im trying to locate some for myself but aint having much luck
  6. Guys, Did any of the lexus IS200 come with 18" alloys as standard? not sure if the sport pack come with them or not? the reason I ask is I would love a set of these on my RS200, if anyone know where I can find some would be very grateful thanks
  7. couple of thread down i have left a contact number try giving them a call
  8. donkammy


    I am insured with "2Gether the Insurance Specialist" 01945 465508 (based in Wisbeach) you will get a better deal if you speak to John or Gary and mention to them you have been recommended by Kam (green Lexus) from Peterborough if anyone can give you a decent price it will be these boys, good luck any problems let me know and I will give them a call for you as I know these guy really well Please do let me know how you all get on.
  9. donkammy


    well guys I got a RS200 25 years old, with my wife 24 years old fully comp only paying £450 per year and I thought that was expensive can give insurance co details if you require it
  10. ive got a automatic with trip tronic dahhmmm
  11. could you please give me some more info on de-restricting them? whats the process? what do i have to? much appreciated thanks
  12. Guys, are these altezza restricted? the reason i ask is cause mine dont go past 130mph the pedal starts to bounce is there any way i can take this off? thanks
  13. id get just to upset ferrari and porshe drivers
  14. What other vehicle brake disc and brake pads go striaght onto a RS200 without any modifications I have heard landcruiser amazon go straight on but not sure about mods and what year/model would fit the RS200 thanks
  15. could you use these aswell and the hid conversion kit?
  16. long shot but could it be the fuel or fuel filter? maybe tesco or morisson fuel? just a thought......... why not try some injector cleaner?
  17. sorry altezza rs200, the key has got two buttons on the side
  18. Guys, I asked the following question to a lexus dealer Could you please tell me if you can get me a spare key for my Lexus IS200? if so, What would it cost? I currently have a two button remote key and would like a complete key with the remote and he replied Can only tune in 3 button key off a 3 button key , if you only have the 1 2 button key then that is the sub key & no key can be coded in off that key . You will need a new engine ecu to rectify that is this true i need an ECU and my key cant be copied?
  19. thats what it is called caliper carrier, ill give the dealer a call. many thanks
  20. Ok guys, need abit of info on a part it is where the brake bolts into on the front passanger side wheel what has happened is, my bolt come loose on this sort of housing and it has cross threaded and smashed the bolt, i need this part if anyone can help me. it is not the brake caliper, but the brake caliper bolts onto this housing. i believe it has two 12mm bolts (think that is the size) going into the housing many thanks Donkammy
  21. guys, as i only have one key was wondering if you know of any places that sell's blanks keys somewhere with a reasonable price my current key has two buttons on the side which i dont think ill be able to find on a blank key blade dont mind the two buttons on the front as long as it can be programmed to the central locking and boot. thanks Donkammy
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    Error 1

    many thanks will try putting a cd lens cleaner through it.
  23. donkammy

    Error 1

    Guys, get error 1 on my lexus stereo, it the one with cassette on bottom and 6 cd onto top radio and cassette work perfect but as soon as I load a cd it tries reading take about 40 secs then shows error 1 what could this be? what could have caused this? i can load and eject all 6 cds with a problem. please help meeeeeeeeeeeee
  24. try dewsbury breakers they have a few of them last time I looked here is the link but site runs really slow try giving them a call
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