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  1. Guys I've had a quote for a SS exhaust system - 860 QUID!! Apparently I need two cats, two boxes and all the pipes from the end of the exhaust manifold tot he tailpipe, including the pipe the runs in from the very front of the cart [whatever the hell that's for!!?]. I'm now looking at comparing this pricing. BTW -whatever happened to exhaust systems that cost a few hundred quid let alone hundreds? Stitched-up [i think I have a sign on my forehead!!]
  2. Terry, this is the status; Mot til spring - but I'm told it should never have passed the last MOT Bodywork is ok - -a few scratches as one might expect on a 99 car. Interior not too bad generally, but leather was dirty - -I've since cleaned extensively, one small tear on seat. Service history disjointed but the mileage is "apparently" 55750. the underneath is heavily rusted - -but is only noticeable when car is on a lift. It appears that when the towbar was fitted the fitting muppets have barged the exhaust to accomodate - -so if I keep her, the tow bar is likely to go - or the new exhaust will be fitted properly. the exhaust system is in a real poor way. the exhaust has [had] a second layer of cover over the various bulges and cat - these crumbled in my hands. The sensor that fits to the cat has come out and I had it fixed back in. When running there is a knocking from where the exhaust comes off the manifold and drops down to a Y join. I've been told by several who've had a quick look, that the knocking is from the exhaust [and not anything more serious like bigends/gearbox etc]. The other major concern I have is that for a while now its been running only on 5 cyl. Other minor concerns are to get to grips with the electrics - -the immobiliser and remote locking mechanisms are all over the shop - deciding on working as they see fit! everytime we start her - -the clock resets to 0100AM!! we're tired of putting it right. There are more niggles, but more a question of me not knowing enough [yet] - like an under the dash switch that may be associated to an immobiliser, a red button on the transmission console that I have no idea what its for! I'm sure we'll talk more - thanks guys.
  3. I paid just under 6K. For what I thought I was getting that's cheap - -but for what I ended up with -I have no idea how out of pocket I'm gonna be.
  4. cheers guys - - I know that generally Lexus has a great name - -that's why I wanted one. If I decide to clean her up, the first thing I do will be to get a full inspection and mechanical breakdown to see what's in store for me. stitched-up
  5. Thanks for the sentiments. It was an Ebay job - -my first ebay buy of that turned out to be not such a good deal. Hey - -you get what ou pay for I guess :)
  6. Hi all I've already prosted on the Harrier section - -needing advice for replacement exhaust system for the POS I bought. Anyways - -I've bought was turns out to be a re-registered insurance write off, that is actually a '98 harrier fully converted to look and be like an RX300. I now also highly doubt the true age and mileage, as the underneath actually looks like it's lived in seawater for three years -it ain't pretty. OK - please spare the lectures on HPI'ing, mechanics inspections and so on - I hope that the friendly LOC members will be able to guide me through the nightmare that is servicing, repairing and parts sourcing on imported RX300-wannbe's. cheers Stitched-up
  7. B)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(T7RY B @ Nov 17 2006, 07:54 PM) ←</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec--> Go for a stainless steel set up. Probably cost a lot less than Lexus original and usually you will get a lifetime guarantee with SS. I had mine custom made with twin boxes and outlets. But you can just go for standard single box in SS. Terry thanks for that: I checked out a local SS exhaust place this morning, looks like this is gonna cost 350 to 500 Quid!! As my login name may suggest - I don't think I need the lifetime guarantee of SS. As soon as I can, I think this car is gonna go [but I'm caught between taking the seller to court or spending more money on righting the problems and selling it on at another loss] - -either way this Lexus purchase is hurting. I know it's not Lexus's fault, but you can't help associating car problems with the badge. So, I'm also gonna look for a straightforward standard exhaust replacement - and any known places that sell harrier/rx300 exhausts - please let me know.
  8. Guys, Ladies A newbie to the forum, where I know I'll get the right help quickly. I've a 99 harrier/rx300 that's has had seven bells kicked out of it in various ways over the last few years, and I picked it up "cheaply" less than a month ago. my 'handle' may give away some of the isues I have - -but please let's not dwell!! In fairness [to me] it was well presented, but had hidden secrets, whcih are only now coming to light. I am told I need a full new exhaust system front to back - where can I buy one, who can fit, am I gonna take another kicking on the cost of this???? any answer gratefully recieved. stitched-up