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  1. I checked with the guy from a year ago and he finally sold his. So.. If you if you want to sell yours get in touch. I've put off my leaving date until the 10th of Jan now.. so give me a few extra days.
  2. Excellent. Give me a call or text as soon as you know. I'm leaving for France on the 7th, so If I'm going to get something sorted, needs to be next week. and towards the earlier part. I have a DHL account so would be able to organise a pick-up from your location. no later than Weds/Thurs though. I figure I'll try and contact the other guy from my previous thread later today to see if he's still got his in his garage... That was a year ago, though
  3. Hi Guys, I'm restarting a thread from over a year ago. I'm moving to France in a couple weeks for a better part of 2013 and am taking the SC430. My Alloys have gone from bad to worse & unbalanced... and would like to get something sorted in the next 10 days. Anyone have a set sitting in the Garage who wants to free up some space? Give me a call on 07795 053 095 looking for a sensible price for all parties involves. Would buy a set or even just 2.. your choice * Merry Christmas!
  4. Hey thanks for this indeed is is all an individual thing I went with AdrianFLux in the end they advertise here and give owners from this forum a bit of a discount so I got a good deal : tesco wanting £1071 and getting £478+52 for homestart was a GREAT deal - sod off to Tesco's! so coulnt reccomend AF enough
  5. Still loving my car beautiful, reliable, stealthy, and a hidden weapon purring under bonnet that harldy gets a whisker out of place when you ask her to leap into action .... but its insurance time and tescos are charging too much so thought I'd ask wh you could reccomend for fully comp .. many thanks Minnie
  6. Heya, Sorry about not responding guys.. I've been away. I just saw the link, and had found nother pair that a guy was selling on a VW Forum ( He had put these alloys on a Passat! ) Both I think are completely unrealistic in price... I won't insult or frustrate with the prices I've seen two other sets go for in the last couple years. For that price I'd have to be looking at Gunmetal ones. Alloys just don't command a price on the 2nd hand market. Unless something like HRE's etc. I've got 6 sets of various alloys for various cars in the Garage... ??!?
  7. yep... still have the NSX. it's a 2003 IOP ( Orange ) targa. Was thinking about selling it and set a date of this august.... but after driving it the last couple weeks, falling in love with the drive again. pretty darn awesome car.
  8. I've got a real bad case of road rash on one of mine..... like running into a curb at 30 miles and hour road rash!!! Anyway after sorting out the all the other problems that came out of that incident many months back, I'm left with a pretty scarred alloy. Anyone know of anyone who has gone aftermarket who's interested in selling their old set???? or is a protracted Ebay search going to be the only route??? I would drool over a set of 2005+ Gunmetal ones!!!!!! TIA
  9. Post on here, when you've found some and the price... if you can. I reversed into something at some point and dented one of mine.... would like to replace. last time I needed parts, I ordered from Lexus down in Poole ( i think it wasy ) 20% discount.... which was handy
  10. On the look-out for a couple, or a set of standard SC430 alloys. Will look at either Dish, Spoked, or show me the new style gun-metal ones and I'll show you the money ;) Will arrange for pick-up/Delivery.
  11. I know.. screwed up and missed them. I'm on the look-out now. Not urgent as there is no structural damage to the alloys... but two need replacing as the rash is fairly dramatic. Thanks for the help with getting in touch with Lexus in Poole. Car back out in the drive now ;)
  12. Thanks, spoke to Andy! Having obvious troubles navigating a double lane roundabout, one can only imagine the trouble navigating this site!
  13. I was doing some searches and can't find the details of the Dealer on this forum that you elude to... any help? Thanks,
  14. Hit a curb and bent a few connecting mechanical bits on the passenger front wheel. No damage to Chassis, luckily. I Need. Lower Arm, Upper Arm, Anti role bar link and a strut. - not too much, after all. Any suggestions, anyone one know of a breaker that might have these parts second hand? Obviously looking forward to seeing what Lexus qoute.. Oh yes, 2 OEM Alloy wheels, please. I'd buy a full set if anyone has them collecting dust in the Garage. Saw the set on Ebay, just now... but not happy with the condition they are in.. The End.
  15. I had that problem a lot with a couple different sets of aftermarket alloys I tried to fit. Once I went back to Standard OEM... then it was back to a smooth ride. If you forget to release the emergency brake, it will shudder also!
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