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  1. Happy Birthday DarrenJBird!

  2. I have a 55 plate 250 SE Auto with 145k on the clock, most of which is motorway miles. I've had the car since new, and kept it well serviced, recently by a mobile mechanic who's fully Lexus trained and has all the lexus diagnostic computer equipment etc. Over the years, the car has only let me down once. The master cylinder failed last month, but thankfully Lexus Brighton, were excellent, and managed to get Lexus GB to pay for it even though car was well out of warranty :D and gave me a free courtesy car while they repaired I was never off the road. Even now I still enjoy driving the car, and she still has plenty of power when I need it :winky: So glad I got the Petrol/Auto.. the best combination :D
  3. The paint had started to bubble around the front lip. After having a proper look at it, it had started from the underside of the bonnet, and worked its way round to the top side. Lexus GB asked the dealer to measure the paint thickness on the bonnet, which both me and the dealer were surprised at, as its aluminum and the paint thickness can't be measured. So the dealer just measured the paint thickness elsewhere and told them that figure. After that they agreed very quickly to replace the bonnet under the 12 year corrosion warranty. All very easy really, which surprised me. I was expecting a battle :) So far that's 2 items (Bonnet/Master cylinder etc) i have had covered under warranty, when I did not expect them to. Maybe I should try for a third, and ask for my alloys to be replaced, as they are in a dreadful state. Not because of kerbing, but the usual lexus alloy bubbling problem. Maybe that would be pushing it to much :)
  4. Sorry to resurrect such an old post. I have a 55 Plate IS250 Auto that I had since new, and it has 145k on the clock. I think my car was one of the first of the production line, as I ordered it months before launch and got it a few days after launch. Well today, on the way to the dealership to get my bonnet replaced under warranty (bad paint job during production) my brake warning light came on. I asked the dealership to check it out, and very quickly, they called me to advised the master cylinder seal had gone and brake fluid had corroded the servo and they both needed replacing at a cost of £1200 :ohmy: Once I had picked myself up, he should have asked me first if I was sitting down!! I started to question if it was reasonable for this to happen on a car that's only 4.5 years old. Guess what? He has to call Lexus GB for advise. End result.. Lexus GB agreed very quickly to pay for the parts, leaving me with a bill of £237 for fitting and sundry parts such as brake fluid etc. Why did Lexus agree so quickly and without any fuss? My car is way way out of warranty (expect for bodywork...thankfully :)) Does anyone know if anything ever came from steve's master cylinder being sent back to Japan? Have I missed a recall or have I just been unlucky? or maybe lucky depending how you look at it, as I didn't have total brake failure!!
  5. Currently have got 10 plate IS250 Auto with Sat Nav loan car at the moment, while my IS250 gets a new bonnet fitted under warranty, and it does not have any flappy paddles on the steering wheel. When did they remove this as standard and make them optional? I really miss them, as I use them all the time on my current car?
  6. Yes geometry was out. I was looking through the window when he was doing it, and there were a few in the red, and I can see that on the report he gave me. It says, amongst others, Front Axle Toe : Left -0.21 Right -0.24 Total -0.44 Rear Axle Toe : Left 0.00 He also mentioned that the Camber was right near the limit, and mentioned the Front Camber adjustments as a way to correct it. Hopefully now with the geometry set correct the 4 new tyres will wear evenly : Fingers Crossed!! If not i may consider getting the Front Camber adjusters fitted, as it may work our cheaper in the long run, as I'm doing about 30,000 miles a year at the moment. Can you point me in right direction for pricing of the adjusters? Thanks
  7. Yes, 'Blackboots' shares the same facility in Chesham, so Tony and Jason can sort the lot in one go. Well, all I can say is what a great service :D Called them @ 8:40, and was sorted by the end of the day, the whole lot, including full geometry done in just over an hour. Had a nice drive back to Sussex, even the M25 was clear, which is a rarity these days :tsktsk: Thanks for the advice
  8. Thanks As you say, looks like a visit to WIM is required. Does WIM fit new tyres as well? Would be nice to get it all done at the same time
  9. Tango Hows things with the new Adjusters? Has it solved the inner edge tyre wear problem? I'm just about to replace all 4 tyres, but the fronts still have 6mm in the centre, but 0mm in the insides :tsktsk: I've always had this issue, and it's bl***y annoying
  10. No the console is still the same, if you want to put it permanently in S mode, you still need to push the gear lever over. However if you just want a bit of acceleration you can use the paddles to come down the box, then when you pop it back up to 6th it just goes back into D (like it does in a Merc if you've ever used their auto boxes) I wonder is this is acheived purely by software, or if there is hardware involved as well If software only, could it be possible to upgrade earlier versions?
  11. I do the exact same thing. I hate riding the brake down gentle declines, or even a steep ones at that. I feel like I have more control if I shift down to use engine braking, sometimes I will work my way down through the gears right to 2nd to get maximum engine braking on steeper declines. I do still use the footbrake, but only for shorter periods. I currently have over 100k on the clock, have had it from new, and I'm still on the original discs, and am on my second set of pads all round but will probably need front pads at next service (110k) I drive in S mode alot of the time, in town, on motorway, and of course open road (which is very hard to find :( ) I still enjoy driving the car everyday, even after 3 1/2 years, and she still looks good, well apart from the cracked windscreen I have at the moment I know what you mean about the ECT PWR switch, i'm always switching it SNOW by mistake, as I forget which way is which even though I use it quite often :duh: At the last service workshop said car (engine etc) was in really good condition :yahoo:
  12. Would it be okay to put Toyo PXR32A (Lexus) on the rears with PX4's on the front?
  13. I recently put Toyo PX4's on the front , and they have been great so far, and seem to be wearing evenly after 3K, and grip was great in the rain today. Car felt great today, both on the motorway and A/B roads I'm running 36 front and 38 rear. I need to replace the rears soon :( . They are just about on the wear indicators, but have worn evenly all across. They are Dunlop Sport SPMax and have given me nearly 40K :D I think I will put the Toyo PX4's on the rear as well, if I can find them cheap enough
  14. That rattle annoyed me for ages as well. Its sounds like its coming from the seatbealt height adjuster, but is in fact the door catches. It took Lexus Brighton a few attempts to fix. First they replaced the seat belt height adjuster, with no effect. The second time they had the car for a few days, and I gave them permission to drive it about a fair bit so they could locate the problem. They eventually found it by driving over rough surface with the door open. They replaced the door catches and all is good now, and has been for over 40k Darren
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