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  1. Happy Birthday Giblet!

  2. i have blackberry but firmware is and keeps losing the connection and transfer won't work on my GS300. works on my wife's motorola, so sure it is the blackberry.
  3. replacement of fuel line at end of April but that's it. The Mobile phone issue may be USA particular as they use a different band to us. Not heard about the seat belts, but as i bought it in Oct 2006 i'd expect if there was a recall they would have fixed before delivery anyway.
  4. is it in an area affected by bright sunlight. Not seen it affect the lock, but often the light reflection causes the mouse not to work properly. Depending on if you are using an optical based or mechancial based the light can impact the working. Unusual for it to affect click lock, but you never know. Also change batteries if there are any.
  5. I had same problem on GS, only when hot. After 5 visits the dealer has finally solved it with a new rear glass. Apparently it was a trim problem on the glass fitting or something. Any way, complete new rear window and no more creaking.
  6. The 250 is really under powered. wanted to palm it off on the wife and take her 300 whilst mine was in the garage
  7. it's a big flasing yellow light on top of a orange van that parks in front after you don't maintain the oil
  8. 44mpg in a 220d, that's optimistic if my experience with the 220d i have had today as a loan car is anything to go by. It's a 57 model with 3,000 miles and couldn't get more than 33 mpg over the 70 miles. My GS 300 averages around 35mpg and even up to 40, so petrol definately way to go (or at least a GS). PS Thought the IS250 i got the week before did better mileage than the diesel, but lacks power.
  9. about £250 with protected no claims for IS300 from Churchill, £360 for GS300 from Priviliged- £400 excess on both. My 19 year old son was sent an unsolicited "competitive" quote from AA for his Fiesta TPFT £1020 compared to the £600 he already has for fully comp from Churchill. Makes you wonder where they get their prices from I used
  10. Thorntons in Syston. Always take my car there for tyres, very good and never had a problem. Should be only about 10 mile from you.
  11. i'm happy at renewing the IS300 today at £255 inc protected no claims and legal.
  12. I bought from black circles and when i went to get them fitted the garage said he could have sold them to me cheaper than the price black circles were selling at. Check around, just becuase they are online, online companies are not always the cheapest. As a footnote, i went back 3 months later for another tyre and yes he was cheaper, it wasn't just talk.
  13. the re-route function is still available even when moving and the phone has one touch keys that still work. also there is a fix to remove the lock by disconnecting some wires behind head unit. In USA and Oz people advertise the service, but not seen anyone in UK doing it but there has been posts before which explain how to do it.
  14. As Dave said. Gap insurance is to top up your insurance in case of a write off to the amount you paid for the car. If it is on finance they will take that into account. My point was that the GAP insurance i've had don't actually pay you a penny they take your insurance payment and put it towards a replacement same brand car and make up the difference to what you paid originally. In effect the manufacturer is no doubt just doing some sort of discount to get another sale on the road. So what i was pointing out was whether one of the differences in price between independent GAP and their pricing and what say Lexus dealers offer is whether you get cash or a discount off another same brand car. Not having had an independent version of the GAP or even looked at one I can't say. I just know how the others work.