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  1. Hello, Been away from the forum for quite awhile, but have come back with a biggie. Would you be interested in a passenger ride in a LFA. Vin
  2. Guys, Agree with some comments, not sure about others though! 1. Air Conditioned front seats.. would be especially nice on hot days with top down - Defo would be good 2. Ability to lower or raise rear side windows with top up or down. - Not that bothered about this - I guess the back window could go up and down in conjuction with the front 3. Radio antenna should not go up when using CD player, like the SC400... - Mine always drops when I switch to CD I've never really saw the need for auto headlights and wipers. I know a few guys who use them, but they always seem to go off for no reason at all Stick the phone between you legs with vibrate on - my place of choice. The seats are not too bad. I've had four adults in the car with no real problems, althought the rear seats are a bit too vertical for a comfortable seating pos. Can anyone else drive the car while the hood is opening - closing. I can do that on mine, and the dealers are very surprised at this Vin
  3. I have switched the engine off (dont know why I did it) mid way through closing the roof, and the whole thing just stopped. Took ~1min before I could start the closing process again. Fortunatly noone was around. Seen a bad one with an SL a couple of days back when his roof caught a pole in a multi-storey. He couldnt get it to close or open without scraping in the end. and just closed it again. Am very careful of multi-storeys now. Other than that - roofs been fine up and down probably used it at least 150 times now!
  4. Will be putting pics of my new wheels up later today. They are 20" and it is the rubber that has made a difference. Vin
  5. I will try to get some pics this weekend. Am loosing the car for 3 days from Monday due to warrantee/y work. I would certainly suggest that it is the tyres that are affecting the quality of the ride. I do not think I will be getting the revised suspension as I have been told by the dealer that this will create an LS type ride and I do not want to go to soft. Will take some piccies tonight! Vin
  6. GRIM, Any chance of getting more wipers? If not can I buy direct (I have gone Gold :hocus-pokus: ) with the discount? BTW - need to check if they'll fit the SC430 Cheers Vin
  7. Just got some new wheels and the ride has improved 100%. Recommend every SC430 owner to change their rubber asap, your grin can only get wider. Had to settle for 20x8.5 all round, but the ride is supple and sporty without being harsh. The car has just got a bucket-load of presence now and everyone is checking it out!
  8. The ECT/Power button sweet for traffic light getaways and when overtaking. It makes the auto box stay in each gear for higher revs. Fule cons. will obviously take a hit but for the best control try swapping gears manually. It is excellent and I have scared two lexii sales-guys when demo-ing the manual on a clear road.
  9. I think I have managed 17 once, though the trip always says 16.7! Maybe thats the number of brain-cells I've got left?
  10. Do cars sitting at a dealers forecourse count??? Where abouts are you based. So far since having mine since Sept 01 I have only seen 4 discounting those at the dealer. As you say mate, v. Rare
  11. I asked the guy at TTE, and he was unable to give general info. The PDF that he sent me were for 19" and I did not like the style of them. they were 19x10 for the rear. Would 20x10s fit on the rear without any work being done on the arches?
  12. Do you really need to do the supension work with the new tyres. I have checked with Lexus Edgware road and they confirmed that the actual suspension work can be carried out at any time. I am not sure about getting the suspension done. Want to try the car without run-flats first. I agree with the stability issues with the run-flats. I felt more confident in the IS-200 sport which had the whole setup sorted for driving hard. What do you think of the Pirelli's, I am thinking of the bridgestone potenza SO-3?
  13. Guys, I've tried to get some info from Lexus bu they cannot or do not want to help. How can I find out what the offset would be for a 20"x10 wheel for the SC430. I am hoping for 20x8.5 fr and 20x10 r. I've seen some posts with these size wheels but need to know whether the alloys I want will fit. Also want to find out what the max width possible would be for the rear wheel any size. Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers vin
  14. Hi, I know a lot of you guys have been complaining about the style/design of the SC430 wheels. I agree up to a point but am offering these wheels only because I am after some larger 20" ones. I have four alloys that have not been used. I want to know if anyone would be interested in them and for how much. My original ones have been replaced and these new ones are the ones available. Please let me know! I may be able to provide tyres as well if I can get my dealer to fit them (will cost me something - not sure how much though, yet) Vin
  15. The sensor works off the tire valves on each tire. You can have them moved to the new rims and tires but get Lexus to do this for you. The valves cost ~£100 each and can be damaged very easily when being removed. This will allow you to use standard tires (non run-flats) with the tire pressure sensors. If you are not bothered about this, then you can get lexus to disable the sensor itself. Also, you should have had or get the valves on your current tires replaced by lexus. This is under warranty as they sometimes get stuck and you cannot add air when the pressur is low. Had mine done 1 month ago. You should have had a letter from Lexus. Vinay