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  1. Thanks all I purchased this one which is the same as you mentioned but double the price as that one doens't show up for most searches
  2. I am replacing the head unit on my sport navigator its a 2000 X Reg so I assume it has an amplifier built in, is this the lead I need to keep the sat nav working? Also what would happen if I wasn't to use it apart from no sat nav? Thanks tdc
  3. Check the tyres on the inside before buying the car I forgot and was an extra £220 for the original tyres :\ Sounds cheap my friend, too cheap! I paid 9k for a sport navigator a couple of years ago when the value was around 10k
  4. Hi, I got quoted £170 for a single shock absorber from toyota, decided to go with buypartsby for a total cost of £202 for a full set of front and rear shock absorbers, toyota would have cost £680!!! Can anyone tell me if the kyb shock absorbers which have been mentioned several times on the forum are the same on a 00 is200 sport Thanks td