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  1. proboost


    happy New Year and thank's for the welcome guys. The mapping will be done by IanC a member on he's not a trader but now's his stuff when it comes to mapping the Greddy Emange ECU.
  2. proboost


    Thank's for the welcome. The Supra is due for re-mapping in the New Year, I will have some figures then :winky:
  3. Can anybody list what's extra/different on the MKII GS300 Sport compared to the GS300? I have tried the search option but cannot find anything. :)
  4. proboost


    Hi All Just joined up and thought I should introduce myself, I currently drive a highly modified MKIV supra and have been a member on since 2000, My current Supra is now my 4th since then. I am in the market for MKII GS300 which I would like to use as my daily driver, as my little one is now refusing to get into the Supra every morning. Well here's a picture of my Supra.