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  1. Hi, I have an 03 is200,Had since August and i love the car.The only problem is that i have a few bulbs out in the dashboard which ok isn't the end of the world but when you have a nice car,it should be right.I was wondering if anyone new haw to change the bulbs and if so how?or will i have to take it to the dealers for them to do it. many thanks Ade
  2. Black is so hard to polish as you see every inperfection in the paintwork.Also it very hard to put on a even coat of polish by hand as you need a even coat to get a good result.What you need is a electric polisher.This helps to even out the polish,remove small scrathes and swirl marks.You will be amazed at the results by using a polisher plus they are so easy to use.
  3. I have a Lexus is200.Bought it 4 months ago and so far i'm very pleased with it.The problem thou only a small one is that i have some bulbs out in the dash.Is it easy to change the bulbs myself and if so how?or will it be a dealer job? Many thanks Ade