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  1. Thanks buddy, that's exactly the reply I was hoping for!
  2. Thanks. It would be helpful if I could be sure though; I have already bought 2 sets of bits and none of them fit.
  3. This is what I am going to do: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Immobilizer-Hacking-for-Lost-Keys-or-Swapped-E/
  4. I can't remove the ECU from my 52 plate 2003 IS200 because of the secrutiy screws. They look like 5 sided torx somewhere between T20 and T25. Does anyone know what they are called so I can try and find an appropriate bit? Thanks
  5. I found the ECU but now I can't remove the security screws...
  6. Can anyone tell me where to find the ECU in my 52 plate 2003 is200? i have removed the glove box and there is an amp on the left but no obvious ECU. Any pointers would be great thanks
  7. I have lost both master keys (only have valet key) and had just about given up hope when I came across this: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Immobilizer-Hacking-for-Lost-Keys-or-Swapped-E/ Has anyone successfully done this with a 52/2003 Lexus IS200? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply but my e-mail address does not appear anywhere on my profile page or anywhere on the Edit Profile page. Maybe it does for you because you're an admin? Can you provide a screenshot? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. When you say you bought a 2nd key with transponder, you mean you just picked up a key (for another vehicle) from eBay? Did you need a black/master key to program it? I only have the grey/valet key.
  10. Yes, on the inside cover I have model name, reg no, VIN, Stock number (a 6 digit number), the colour code (Granite Sky), trim code (Exmoor) and the delivery date (16-1-03). Engine No is blank and there is no mention of the locking wheel nut code or the key code.
  11. Thank you for your reply but there is no key code in my service history book. The guy at the garage I use for MOT and servicing told me that I need a credit card type thing that will have codes for the ECU and the stereo, etc. I spoke to a Lexus dealership and they told me that they're not aware of a code for accessing the ECU, that I can buy a new key from them which will start the car and then take it to an auto locksmith to get the remote lock/unlock programmed. I am sorry if I am asking the same question again but I am getting conflicting information from different sources. Thanks
  12. I have a 52/2003 IS200 Sport with 2 lost black/master keys and all I have left is the grey/valet key. I see that there are used keys available for my model car but can anyone give me some guidance about what I need to look for when buying one? Do I need to match up a key model number or something? Once I have the key, can you give me a ball park figure how much it should cost to have it coded to my vehicle? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply. No spare transponder, it got moved to the new shell when I had the replacement key cut. I have the manual and service history book. He got a quote of £60 for a new key with immobiliser transponder but that did not include the remote locking...