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  1. Yeah it was happening several times but would then stop after i was up into 2nd and away. I took the motor out today to football and didnt hear it once. It had been doing 80-90mph for a good 5 hours before it started doing it, maybe i should have given it a break halfway through.
  2. One down then! Cheers rob.
  3. Hello all, On a long drive back from Penzance to Kent yesterday i noticed a knocking sound when i pull away in 1st from stand still (not going hard, just normal accleration). I started to hear it around clackett lane where they have shut two lanes off. The car had been going at a steady speed until then for a good 5 hours. Is it just that the engine was hot or is this the start of something expensive? As soon as i'm away it stops. sounds like its coming from right behind the centre consol type area in the engine bay. The car had only just been serviced so im presuming that all oil levels etc were fine. Could it be this? Any advice greatly appriciated. I only ever seem to post when i have a problem, must be a better LOC member in future!!! :)
  4. Headlights Staying On

    I am having the same problem with my is200. Lights stay on no matter what and have to take the light relay out every time the cars not in use. Why do you say has the windscreen been replaced as i know that the windscreen was replaced in mine a few days before i took possesion. Have had the light relay replaced once which stopped the problem for about six months but is has started again. Booked into lexus this week to hopefully get sorted, so am i looking at a bill of £600 then to get sorted for once and all?