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  1. Hi all. Have a boot lip spoiler sitting in my garage, thought i may as well offer it on here. Its proffesionally sprayed in graphite sky with an LED brake light. will need some sort of new adhesive to fix and a small hole in the boot lid to route the power for the narke light- Easy! £35 inc postage to general UK.
  2. hi there, just a note to say i was really happy with the combo i had on my lex, yes they do stick out further but with the 225 tyres just make it look a little more agressive. unfortunately i sold mine (bloody taxman) before i took any photos of them on my car otherwise i would post them. but id say go for it with the 225/40r18 is same as i had with no probs at all. ran them for a good few miles (3-4k) and didnt notice any inside edge wear either, something i never did get sorted before i sold lula the lex!the tyres i had on mine were vredstien ultrac (altissimo????- notsure cant remeber that bit) i'll reply to your pm anyway but just in case ya dont get this hope it helps mate.
  3. ebay item 290266138773
  4. on topic!! lol reasons for selling my IS? a)mounting maintinence costs b)mounting minus bank balance costs c)hardly used it would defo consider a volvo- i reckon they're underated as an all rounder.
  5. no idea where you from matey so probably not local to me- one thing i would say is about coulour matching the 2 that have already been refurbished otherwise you could have a set of four in 2 different colours
  6. shoddy treatment from the begging is terrible and the facts that the car wasnt as described is even worse. i must say tho i would say the s80 volvo is more comparable with the GS range. s40/v50 2.0 d?? lovely drive and better looking than an IS!
  7. your all wrong!!! get 4 vredstien sessanta ultrac and some 18" lexus alloys from me for £300!! evo magazine couldnt rate the ultrac's highly enough although they used a lot of them! the sessanta is the new 2008 version of this recommended tyre.
  8. hi mate- dunno if your wanting to upgrade parts or not but s/s exhaust is £300 fitted set of springs £100 + fitting and would say get bushes done when springs are fitted, not sure of price on bushes but a profles exhaust hanger is about £6 inc vat so prob £300 all in for suspension mods. hoppe this helps.
  9. thanks will try this out- just gotta find a thermometer! also noticed that there is sometimes a puddle of water under the car, a couple of times recently its had a greeny tint to it. is this condensation? the greeny colour is a bit worrying which is why i wondered if theres like a standard colour for the refrigerant. like brake fluid is usually red. guessing a trip to air con specialist maybe needed after all.
  10. was paying 34 a month! fully comp/pro ncb over 10 months. standard SE. not a bad deal by comparison to you youngsters. 2k!!! worth every penny- had a 1.3 astra cost £1000 in 99.
  11. hi, just wondering if anybody knows anything about car air con systems. i think there may be a leak in a friends system. any classic tell tale signs? colours of refrigerants? ps- know i'm not currently a lexus owner anymore... :tsktsk:
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