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  1. Hello people, After my front speakers decided to stop working i decided to upgrade my front door speakers. i went for these clicky All this ice stuff is new to me so just wanted to ask for some help regarding the crossovers. how do they work, what do they do? Any help would be much appreciated, TIA
  2. I have someone who will create relays for me but needs the wiring diagram for the wiring of the IS200, this may include a digram that shows all the wires for the ECU and side mirrors all 4 windows and sun roof!
  3. Hi all, I am in desperate need of the wiring diagram of the Lexus IS200 SE as i am setting up the auto closure system. It would be much appreciated if someone could email me the diagram or any document they may have to Many thanks to all!
  4. Hi all, I want to upgrade my front speakers, and before i search on eBay has anybody on this forum selling any? New or old as long as they work! Thank you all!
  5. Any one on the forum sell any sort of body kits for the sweet IS200?
  6. Thank you guys! Well I want to fit the standard lexus lip kit to include (front/rear lip & side skirts), but would not mind other kits as long they look decent! If people on here could supply me some pictures that would be very useful! Also prices for buying and fitting the kit would solve problems!
  7. Hi its been ages since ive been on here, I hope all you on here are cool. Im still thinking of putting a body kit on my lex, can anybody supply me with pictures of thier cars to give me an idea of the loook? Also is it worth buying a replica lip kit?
  8. Any ideas on how I could cut the bottom part of the bumper off in order to get the lip fitted???
  9. One thing guys but how can this lip be fitted on straight as the original bumper is not already cut for the second exhaust???
  10. So in real terms how would this lip actually be fitted????
  11. Thank you for your reply Rory! How would you fit this lip as the original bumper is one piece? Can the bottom half of the bumper be cut off to fit this lip???
  12. Please check this link and tell me can the item shown be fitted to the IS200? eBay Link
  13. What i am asking here is that can the bottom part of the rear bumper be removed as i want to put a new bottom piece on which has a cut for twin exhausts already, later i will put the trd lip on aswell?
  14. I am asking because as i have got twin exhaust fitting to do i can get the bottom part of the rear bumper with the 2 exhaust already cut!!!! Anybody surely know or done this?
  15. Hi, By looking at the IS200 bumper it looks like it comes in 2 pieces, any body know if the bottom part can come off? Thanks!
  16. Any one got any idea on how much would someone charge to fit one of these auto closure systems? Anyone on here fit them or know someone who fits them? cash waiting!
  17. Hi, I have fitted one in the cigarette lighter hole and have cut another hole for the cigarette lighter, looks really good as it lights up in orange to match the dash plus it works perfectly, nice gadget :winky:
  18. The way many people have fitted the auto closure is confusing! I need to know how to fit the kit i purchased off eBay! Does anybody know which wires need to be shared in a IS200???
  19. Hi, I just recieved the auto closure system through the post, which i bought off ebay! Check the link below: Auto closure eBay link It is a black box which has three connectors coming out of it, where there are altogether 14 wires! Has anybody fitted one of these to auto close their windows, sunroof and mirrors as i am confused on where i need to share each wire! Also anybody got any diagram to show what wire is what on a Lexus IS200? Thanks
  20. This is the link for the windows closure kit: Check this link
  21. Hi All, Has anybody tried the Electric Window Side Mirror Auto Closure Module for their lexus especially the IS200?
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