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  1. Rear disc is very difficult.You have to go to workshop or someone strong enough to pull the 32 nut.
  2. i have all 4,but dont like the star design.would like circle caps.
  3. Is it possible to replace the ugly oem center caps for another one?
  4. im in need of this cap.could someone ask a tyre dealer in uk for this?cant find this in usa cause miglia didnt ship this to usa. diameter is about 52mm.
  5. Had Nankang NS2 and they were noisy and unstable.Also shaking at high speed as Jappie said.Going to buy Goodyear asymmetric this year.
  6. looks like subaru in front ,saab in the rear and corolla from the side.
  7. i have led in the fog,and it looks like this(right side).white as xenon,but doesnt bright up much.only for the looks.
  8. get rid of the audi mirrors and bmw is a lexus,not mixed.btw,awesome car. how much did you pay for the package?
  9. Lagana bumper is ugly man.pjuke!dont do it.even the oem is much better. tte is the best looking at moment.
  10. you can get one slighy used for about 100$ at ebay or
  11. hurry up!
  12. i guess this will fit?
  13. im thinking of buying chrome wheel center cap for is200 oem 5-spoke you know the size?is it 2.5 inch?
  14. 50mm lowering and the car will look perfect.
  15. i hate cars with xenon in the fogs.when the road is wet,it blends a lot. rather buy this just for the looks
  16. only tried daytime.but i gonna order these.i guess these are cost me 54$ dealing outside ebay.
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