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  1. Come on guys, this is a bargain!!!
  2. My wife posted this on my behalf earlier (I've been busy all day, drove to Yorkshire in this car and it was faultless as always). Even with a family member helping out, the car still needs to go:cry: So it's still for sale at £900 ono. A stunning bargain!!!
  3. Car no longer for sale, due to a very generous member of my wife's family.
  4. It's got Toyota service stamps up until 120,258miles. And then indpendent stamps up until 146,127miles. I changed the oil for Castrol Edge full synthetic when I bought it (about three months ago) at 158,000 miles. The really does drive like new. The cambelt was changed at 68,250miles and again 127,631miles, so is not due for another 26,000 miles. It is a UK car, not import. Lexus don't have any problems with the chassis number on their parts system.
  5. Hi guys, I need to get a good working power steering pump for my 1992 series 1 LS400 urgently. I'm going to need a new one to get the car through the MOT, which runs out on Friday I'm not worried if it's got the usual leak, but it must work as my pump is worn and the PAS does not work at a warm idle of 650rpm. I'm in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, but prepared to travel to collect one. Please help me!
  6. Well I removed the soloniod today. The strainer was quite gunked up with black crap, but not totally covered. I removed the strainer from the soloniod gave it a very good clean with carb cleaner. I then refitted and flushed the PAS fluid folowing THIS guide. All went back together fine. BUT my PAS is just as heavy at idle as before, so I guess I need a new PAS pump
  7. Thats the pump though, not the solonoid on the rack. Arrr! I realised that after posting sorry, This link may help Fantastic, thank you very much :)
  8. Is this the infamous PAS soloniod? If so how do you remove it to get at the strainer?
  9. Yeah thats a good point! I think in a way I was expecting too much. All my previous cars have been darker colours so it really shows when it's been polished. Stupidly I expected more from the silver paint. There is some orange peal etc which I will correct in time though.
  10. Is this the infamous PAS soloniod? If so how do you remove it to get at the screen?
  11. Well I got round to having a look at this fan today. There is a connector in front of the radiator right in the middle of the rad. The wires coming out of the top half of this connector split into two runs and one runs up to part of the wiring loom under the slam panel and the other runs across and disappears under the offside headlight. The bottom half of the connector splits with one half of the wires goes to the fan itself and the other half go to a block roughly 90x15x15mm which sits on the vertical brace that sits in front of the radiator. This block is held about 15mm away from the rad. I've guessing it's some form of thermocouple, but whether it's the cause of the problem I have no idea.
  12. Yeah I've been talking to a mate who runs a car detailing company. He has recommended a machine polish or failing that using 'Auto Glym Super Resin Polish' as it contains a filler which will fill the swirls rather than polish them out. And then an synthetic wax rather than carnuba wax as it's a silver car. I also need to sort out the Mazda badges on the wheels
  13. It still amazes me how it drives for a 16 year old car too!
  14. I didn't find the claybar took much of mine. The paint must have been pretty clean to start with.
  15. Well I set about going over my car today with a Meguiars claybar, then Meguiars Deep Crystal Polish and then Meguiars Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax (the same stuff I did my AW11 last year and that came out great!). While it's definitely got a better shine than before and I'm sure water will just bead off it's not as shiny as I hoped it would be. Maybe it's because it's a silver car, but the reflections are not sharp, almost blured. Maybe it's got fine orange peal? While there are a couple of places that have got orange peal (it's had some paint in the past) the whole car has 'blury' reflections. You cant see it in the pictures, but I think it's going to need a machine polish:(
  16. I doubt you would notice any difference. Higher octane does not mean a bigger bang.
  17. i sorry to say that you are not the youngest as i am 23 and was 22 when i got it but i am sure that there could be someone younger then me You're making me feel old!
  18. No warning light. I suspect it's a temp sender in the rad that triggers the electric fan to come on that is faulty.
  19. Yes it will cut in when the engine gets too hot due to the viscous fan not working, but as I've said the electric fan runs all the time no matter what temp the engine is, and the viscous fan is working perfectly. I suspect there is a temp sender unit on the rad which triggers the electric fan to run if the engine gets too hot. I suspect the temp sender on mine is stuck on so to speak, making the fan run all the time.
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