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  1. hopefully this will spark a sensible row/debate with the dealer and their bloody robbing costs for parts
  2. mine was stood for 1.5 yrs that I know of and failed the MOT on loose rear seat and flexi pipes front, the bloke who had it before me put it in for the MOT and it failed on the front wheel bearing and because he works in Saudi it was stood for 1.5yrs on his sisters drive, its cost a few bob to bring her back to life but worth every penny
  3. well I was shocked at the UK dealers price £412 +vat each and not even fitted ( that's robbery ) but im more interested in getting just the ball joints so I can rebuild my own so im looking round and if I get any info Ill tell you, that link was for the series 1 this is for later ones, same place it seems they do deliver to the UK take a look at the first link on this
  4. as the heading says I was wondering if it were possible to buy the ball joints and fit them myself ( for future reference ) I have new ones fitted recently and im keeping the old ones so I can referb them which Im sure a 10 ton press will do the job
  5. service history is a must because suspension parts are VERY expensive as are most parts, timing belt and water pump should have been done if over 100k as for imports I think they are called the celsior rather than the LS 400 but the same car only thing I noticed by some guys is the import is limited to 112 mph
  6. just press the CD button and the aerial doesn't go up, the aerial only goes up when you press the power button because that's automatic radio mode
  7. 1.5 liters isn't that much an will burn off quickly but the oil should be 0W/40 or 30 which is optimum
  8. very true my rover 827 sterling auto does worse than the lex at 15 to 25 mpg so im very happy with the lex
  9. no change on mine but I don't drive long distance mainly town and country roads, there is a difference on the gear changes like more responsive and no change to RPM unless I drop the overdrive ( of course that would get less MPG ) so it sounds like its a good idea for the PWR/ECT to be on on distance driving
  10. I always have to pull the release lever twice to make the light go off and fully checked the system and no faults so it must be normal
  11. you do need to do the reset thingy so the SEC is on and not - - - then its like starting all over again
  12. so you have the manual if so you were reading page 117? to get SEC back on ( which means security ) press the power button in keep it in and hold button 1 and 6 this will reset it then you can try again, as Steve says the last 3 digits of the VIN are used in most cases but if its been altered then you will have to take the radio into a place that can access the CMOS and get the code out cost is approx £25 ( don't take it to the dealers ) they send it away and you could add many £££££££ to the bill
  13. mine was valued by glasses guide ( the insurance told me the value )
  14. full comp is the way to go ( the LS is more than its value in cash terms ) I mean do you value your car at £1700 and that's it?? what about the car and the feel of driving such a quality car which cost 40K plus and still beats it rivals even today
  15. I did mine first time tpft and the windscreen cracked and the screen fitted is £800 for none comp so other things need to looked at, my car is 16yrs old and insured for 4k which was valued by the insurance company so that's what I would get if it was written off, now selling it would be much different and I would say its worth would be 2k to 1.5k
  16. PWR ETC button = better fuel economy..., actually no it doesn't mean that at all it simply means you get to the speed more quickly and gear changes are more frequent and noticeable ( its the lead foot factor that uses more fuel ), im going to test this with the PWR ETC button on and not push the car to any limits like boy racers do and ill give feed back on the results
  17. im lucky I don't have a trip meter and MPG you get what you pay for ;)
  18. 20 round town an up to 34 on the highway I personaly get 56/65mpg on a tenner and thats not bad
  19. I cant see a problem with that because it helps others get a good deal ( just because we own Lexus doesn't mean we are rich ) its just a good car
  20. courtesy car as well cant argue with that well done to that garage so post his address for others +10
  21. after a lot of argy bargie with the other half like who is the driver this is my car you know how it goes lol, Ive decided to keep my LS400 and keep on driving ( one month out of driving my real baby left me totally depressed ) so its true you only realise what your missing when your not in control so the other half did me a favor :)
  22. that's to be expected though ( new cars on the forecourt wouldn't you rather have a new one sir ) that sort of thing and just think how much we opps YOU will save in the long run, £257 all in that's not bad
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