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  1. I have the same situation with my BMW approaching 4 years and 17k , likewise Iridium I cannot get the excellent BMW extended warranty or the idrive updated without undertaking the service requirements which include plugs at year matter how low the mileage. Being a bimmer I need that warranty However at 6 years I would probably go for it. If you don't then when will you ? It's unlikely they'd fail plus an extremely remote chance of seizing in the block, however it adds to your service history, future value and satisfies the warranty with no quibbles. If you didn't and sold in 2 years your average buyer probably wouldn't be happy with an 8 year plug change. The warranty is the biggie though and that might force your hand.
  2. Retirement interest only mortgage for funding the new property and extra £50k ? You simply pay the interest. As a quick example Nationwide are doing a 10 year fixed at 2.99% . This would equate to £125 a month for 25 years at that rate for an extra £50k. They also do a capital & Interest mortgage if you wanted to pay the £50k off, obviously that would be larger monthly payments but with no kids / legacy perhaps equity release as you say ?
  3. Maurice, I think for the benefit of the forum it might be a decent idea to ignore each others views on this subject, we are it appears at an impasse. Not so elsewhere where I value your contributions.
  4. As @ganzoom points out bicycles don't have to cost that much. As with everything from toasters to cars you can spend as little or much as your like. I toured Europe on an old bicycle for a month, it cost me £250 to 'do it up' and its still going strong 7 years later. My most expensive and best bicycle was £1000 a decade ago. Thats part of the charm. Your view on physical exercise is interesting. You've demonstrated you're not anti cyclist , however I can't help but think that many who are anti cyclist do make lifestyle choices that influence their views.
  5. I guess the term 'lycra louts' doesn't demonise a whole section of society or even the word 'cyclist'. Malc probably has a whole book of terms 🤣 The thing is Phil I can understand it having experienced the school run on a bicycle and white van man likewise when on two wheels, I can reel off numerous incidents that have almost resulted in my injury. The rush to get to school, the failure to clear windscreens or side windows, the distraction of little Tarquin in the rear, the need to park as close to the school as they possibly can, often illegally. The ridiculous 4x4 culture. Trust me the school run is something you try and avoid. As for white van man well that's a phrase used by many road users, a little like 'BMW drivers'.
  6. I'm not sure I'm your 'mate' Maurice.... We haven't reached 'pal' status yet which is good, there's still hope.
  7. I believe you've made 37 posts on this thread...this is my 33rd ..the stats are in the top right corner.
  8. Aye, cyclists posting their thoughts on an anti cycling thread...who would have thought it.
  9. I'm not sure you hold 'balanced views', be honest now. You're clearly an obsessive (your word) 'anti cyclist', more so than anyone on this forum I'd wager. One comment from me and the forum is subject to a disproportionate amount of replies and innuendos as demonstrated on this thread, however it would be nice if you could back up your posts with facts, something you've failed to do. We then have a salient argument or debate. I also appreciate you say you are a cyclist (I don't believe you are - you may own a bike but that's probably it) however you'll find those commuting or who do many miles on the road tend to hold stronger views than folk who get their bike out twice a year. That's down to experience in dealing with halfwits be it school run mums, white van man or the myriad of others who really shouldn't be on the road in a mechanically propelled vehicle. Going back to the thread title, do we have any stats yet to prove that as a result of the changes anything has actually changed ? Are pedestrians flinging themselves in front of vehicles like lemmings, are cyclists holding up miles of traffic because allegedly 'they can'. The answer is more than likely no. Toodlepip
  10. I see red light running and speeding every day with cars on every single trip, every single day and that's when driving. I could walk down every road within a mile of my house and find dozens of cars breaking the law right now, be it parked too close to a junction or with the nearside to the kerb at night, obstructing the pavement etc or a myriad of other offences. If I looked closely at tyres I'd find numerous illegal tyres and hundreds of construction & use offences - without doubt and that is a fact. Notwithstanding no insurance or vehicle excise licence offences. Proportionally a MPV will commit a road traffic offence far more frequently than a cyclist (and that includes you) - its a fact backed up by evidence. Trying to 'dress up' something based on extremely limited observation or prejudice or the comments paper of your local rag doesn't really cut it I'm afraid . There's a reason for speed limits, speed cameras and the Road Traffic Act - motor vehicles, because they kill. Despite being a petrol head clinging onto my straight six, that's the truth. This forum is an oddity, despite it being a motoring forum the proportion of posters displaying these archaic views is much larger than say BMW or Audi - perhaps its down to demographics, or grumpy old git syndrome - I'd say both, I'd wager the average poster is older, with less cyclists (because the demographic is older) so we get ridiculous threads like this that wouldn't see the life of day elsewhere. Or at least if they did, you'd get a more reasoned and balanced response.
  11. No good for you, I'm happy for you stuck inside your 1 ton metal cage preaching good practice to all comers.
  12. I think the joke is on you and the OP with his mahoosive 144 signatures ....9856 to go
  13. That labour rate for an Independent is probably on the slightly expensive side of normal but within the ball park. If they know what they're doing I'd say its acceptable.
  14. The only thing I find odd is starting a thread on an RC forum slating the thing. It will always end in tears and to me is a little ill judged especially when the haters join in . I had a test drive in an RC 300h, came to the conclusion that it wasn't my cup of tea and simply moved on. I may have offered up my thoughts in a thread or two later but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to slag it off on a forum of RC owners who are quite rightly aware of its limitations and also its strengths.
  15. Perfectly normal I'm afraid and Lexus alloys are notorious for being made from cheese. The post following yours is the answer, you should be able to get it cleaned up.
  16. I can only echo what others have said take the finance and get the incentive. It's easy, the rate is fixed, they will do all the paperwork. You make one payment and then a settlement figure which will include interest. Settling is easy, its one phone call to Lexus finance. They're very good, no pressure, no questions asked, no hard sale to keep the finance going and you can do it by debit card. Like others I always buy on finance and pay it off if there's an incentive. Even used you will often get a better deal, not such a large incentive per se but often more money off the screen price for example. I'm afraid cash isn't king any more. Beware as some unscrupulous sales folk will say its six months of payments - not true.
  17. Indeed. Below is the cycling layout outside the ferry terminal at the The Hook of Holland as you probably know. This is the route cyclists mainly take when arriving in Harwich, UK. and the 'safe route' for cyclists heading towards Colchester / London The route to Arnhem, Netherlands
  18. Apologies a bit of a ramble : My post was in response to a scenario on vehicles and cyclists .The Highway code states that those road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others - the dreaded ' hierarchy '. I'm not sure how many motorists have been killed by cyclists for example. Your quote is indeed correct in relation to cyclists and pedestrians where the onus is on cyclists (the thread has wondered all over the place). As pedestrians we've all seen some idiot cycling as well. Clearly the hierarchy doesn't dissolve responsibility on cyclists in relation to all road users (including vehicles) and the HC specifically says that (backed up by several laws). We should all respect each other and I can honestly say that 99% of the time this happens. I often thank drivers for their patience, I let them pass on narrow roads when its safe for me to pull in, I acknowledge them, I make eye contact if I can and this is almost always reciprocated. Its the 1% that can mean the difference between life and death for a cyclist, the suicidal close pass, the door opening, the car pulling out without seeing you , the motorist distracted, on the phone, misted / iced up side windows, the speeding van, the school run mum who's late. That said we're all perhaps coming from different angles and experience. I don't live in a city centre, although I've cycled through many UK and European cities. I've seen the morning and evening cycling commutes in Strasbourg, Bonn, Munster, Lyon, Dusseldorf etc and its absolutely staggering in numbers. As a motorist I'm not dealing with that on a daily basis so yes I can understand the frustration of those who do when the infrastructure isn't quite up there . ps I've no idea what's happening with the layout of my post.
  19. I wouldn't worry about it. We've been locking horns since Linas decided he could turn an IS220d into an ISF and probably long before that. My guess its one (of many) of those debates best avoided for the neutral...oh yeah and the ES.
  20. Its a 14 miles stretch of road and you've made an assumption on a particular section of road based based on what exactly ? Notwithstanding the onus is always on the lorry driver to drive to the road conditions, so if the design is bad he drives accordingly. There is no excuse for a close pass with a lorry. If he had a camera I'd expect the driver to get a 'visit'.
  21. You've twisted things from your earlier post . No cyclist wants a vehicle up its arse, especially one like you. However I ain't moving over unless its safe for me to do so, so you can wait until I decide when its safe for me to move over and the Highway code backs me up. You assume that cyclists don't drive, many do. Yet again another assumption. Not all but I'd wager the majority of regular commuting cyclists and leisure cyclists have passed their test. This is based on years of posting on cycling forums and just reading stuff. The issue is that kids cycle to school, kids cycle around the estate, however as you suggest anyone could jump on a bicycle and many do....these aren't the majority cycling from A to B or 'lycrad up' for work or leisure yet you appear to have some kind of problem in differentiating between them. If you kill a cyclist you will get arrested, tested for drugs, alcohol, fingerprints, photograph and DNA taken. You might be put in a cell. The investigation will decide who was in the wrong. I think of this every time I approach a junction, encounter a cyclist, pedestrian crossing the street or a child playing football on the street corner where the ball might run into road. Most cyclists don't want to get run over by you or a 40 ton HGV. Why you have this 'thing' that cyclists or pedestrians are putting themselves more at risk is beyond me. If you can accept that you may well have to take extra care when encountering both, the world really would be a better place. Likewise cyclists.
  22. Its exactly the same. You as a driver are not in a position to decide if a cyclist thinks its safe for you to overtake. Good because it rarely happens. Are you saying that my 17 year old neighbour who passed her test last week is more qualified than experienced cyclists most of whom drive? Its nonsensical. There are guys on here who passed their driving test on a runway. You need to wake up and smell the roses. People read the highway code, pass their test and have no further qualifications for decades. They are in control of a machine that routinely kills and maims people. The duty of care is rightly on them. When were you ever stuck behind a cyclist for miles - complete hyperbole as usual. Very little has changed, accept it and move on. The onus is being put on you, vulnerable folk on foot or bicycles don't kill people
  23. This is where you often lack perspective. A bicycle isn't a motor vehicle, it doesn't have the same mass, they very rarely kill people, they simply shouldn't be compared. Driver speed is a major factor in many UK road deaths yet you draw a comparison with cyclists running red lights? I agree that cyclists should obey red lights, however I also believe discretion should be built in as is happening elsewhere if its suitable and safe. For example the dispensation for allowing cyclists to go through no entry signs (when marked ) was a sensible step forward.
  24. Just popped back to see how the thread was going change.
  25. You have absolutely no evidence to suggest the majority of cyclists disregard the rules Linas, behave now. You need to stop reading the Daily Mail. Look at the OP's petition to Parliament. The public are so enraged 112 people have signed it. Again you completely ignore the post I was responding to. The previous poster was using deaths as justification for GMP's initiative yet I politely pointed out that there aren't any. We can all be very selective in what we post to back up a point but it would help if it was accurate or indeed valid. I still fail to see any link between cyclists jumping red lights in Manchester city centre and some folk cycling around the country lanes of Kent other than the usual cyclist bashing exercise. Its like me making an analogy of drivers committing red light offences in Manchester and rural drivers in Kent doing nothing but driving from A to B. The latter has absolutely nothing to do with the former.
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