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  1. Mate, everything you need to know for installing the grom you can find in hando's brilliant step by step guide with pics. Just follow the link How To Install The Gromaudio Ipod Adaptor In 1st Gen Is, (also headunit removal) The installation should only take you between 20 and 50 minutes. Have fun :) Cheers Sonnet
  2. Update! Gromaudio placed a new statement regarding the charging problem of the iPhone 3G on their web site All the best Sonnet
  3. Mate, the stereo will NEVER show CD2. Available is only: CD: internal CD changer CD1: external CD Changer (grom/iPod) The thing what u can change when you're on grom is the "Disk number" For example: CD1 1 (DISK) n (Track) 00:00 (Time) DISK 1 is for simple mode DISK 2 to 6 is for advanced mode Hope it helps Sonnet
  4. Mates, while looking around where to buy one of Apples new iPhones 3G to replace the iPod nano in my car, I came along with a strange thing which might be interesting for you. As you know I'm running the Grom ipod interface in my car which works fantastig since december last year but The new iPhone is NOT charging over the Grom box What is the background of this: First of all, it's NOT a problem of the Grom interface The reason found someone in the board where if posted the Grom solution in the beginning of this year too. The guy wrote: I'm not sure if GROM is currently working on this - but I think they will, if more Lex people will own a 3G... Cheers from sunny Berlin Sonnet
  5. Thanks! This is it what I forgot to add :) I banned this early discussion out of my mind B)
  6. Hey Jom, another possibility is, that you leave your CD player jammed as it is right no an beam yourself to the modern world by using your iPOD (or alternative MP3 Play). If you invest $80 Dollar vor the GROM interface you receive the possibility to control you iPod over the buttons of you (brocken) stock stereo. Advantage: - low cost - plug'n play - next generation music - stock lock All about that solution you can find in the following post (ove 140 replies / over 12000 views since december 2007) Ipod Control Solution For Oem Stereo Is200/300 Finally Found, Affordable self install plug ‘n play solution for iPOD/MP3 Player Hando wrote a fantastic walkthough with pics. So everybody a fit the Grom in at least 30 minutes How To Install The Gromaudio Ipod Adaptor In 1st Gen Is, (also headunit removal) My CD Player jammed two years ago (was still in guaranty because the cd play bug is a known problem at lexus so they extend the guaranty time up to 5 years) and placed never again a CD inside. I think nearly everybody had this problem before. So the only known way if you want to keep the stock look is going for MP3, Cheers Sonnet
  7. Mate, this is an interesting post :D But after a short screening of their homepage it seams to be an alternative for only a few people: The reason is that the Peripheral PXAMG cost more than the double price of the GROM (Grom $80 Dollar, PXAMG $162 Dollar) For that price the the PXAMG offers most of the GROM features PLUS the possibility to select not only playlist but artist. That's right....but only if you have the right OEM stereo and if you are not afraid to modify your stereo and disconnect essantial thiks like the sat receiver. For me it seams to be too expensive, too restrictive and way to less plug'n play ("the satellite receiver will have to be disconnected at the satellite tuner location in order for the PXAMG to work correctly " - never!!) I'm driving an IS300 Sportcross and using the Grom since December 2007. And I can say this is really plug'n play. Just plug it in and it's working for the most of us! OK no selection of the artists via the OEM controls, but it's OK for me. For the few times I need that, I place the iPod visible and use it's own controlls. Cheers Sonnet
  8. Sonnet

    Converting Is300 Sportcross To Lpg

    Mates, I'm running my IS300 Sportcross on LPG since January 2006 and I really love it No bugs, no problems and much more affordable than running on unleaded fuel :D I got a Prins VSI LPG kit build in and it's running like a charme. I've done about 26000 km with it so far. The kit was ajusted via Laptop right after building in and it's running since that time really smooth. I payed around 3000 Euro for the whole package. Since that time it's REALLY fun to test on the german AUTOBAHN how fast the car can go and enjoy in town from time to time a little traffic light racing B) without beeing afraid of loosing to much money I'm running the car about 98% on LPG. Due to the rason that the Prins VSI is starting on regular fuel you need to add 20 Liters every three or four month. After starting on fuel it's switching to LPG automatically when the cooling fluid has a tempature around 35 ° C which is reached after 6 - 10 Minutes. Cheers Sonnet
  9. Hi, the picture is faulty :( As far as I know all IS MK 1 from 99 to 2005 (model change to MK II) have the same relevant 12 PIN harness (they show only up to 2003) on the backside of the stereo. If you want to be sure just remove the stereo and have a look by's really easy if you follow hando's guide :) How To Install The Gromaudio Ipod Adaptor In 1st Gen Is, (also headunit removal) Nav is not a problem. I got a 2003 mit Sat Nav and Nav is running as usual. Cheers from Berlin Sonnet
  10. Sonnet

    Mp3 Player Integration

    Hi Rob, the adapter (Grom ipod interface) will definitly work with your Samsung player if you order this this extra RCA cable beside of the the default one which is included. Using the Samsung controls is not possible, due to the reason that the RCA cable is just an audio connection and no data interface like the iPod docking cable. Sorry! Fitting is absolute easy and can be done by EVERYONE in less than one hour. Handos brilliant walkthrough with pics you can find under the following link How To Install The Gromaudio Ipod Adaptor In 1st Gen Is, (also headunit removal) If you have finally fitted the thing and start the get this new listening experience, I can guaranty you that you will throw these FM transmitters away - as far as you can Cheers Sonnet
  11. Sonnet

    Mp3 Player Integration

    Hy mate! Grom is the right way yozu can walk on! Please forget these FM modulator/transmitter, the sound is really crap. Before I bought my iPod nano I used a regular 20 GB player from Archos and ordered the Grom Audio AUX in Box. This box is about $20 Dollar cheeper than the iPod model and provides a good sounding interface between non Apple MP3 Player and the OEM Stereo. After installing this solution successfully I was wondering if the iPod solution was working as smoothly as the AUX one and odered the GROM iPod interface (you probably found my post in the audio/electronic section :) ) Whole installing the thig I found out that the iPod interface can handle both kinds of player: iPod and other over RCA plug. The only thing you have to change is the cable between the Grom Box and the Player, means if you buy the grom iPod interface and you are not having an iPod yet, you have the order an extra RCA cable for about 5 dollar. After that you have all possibilities: If you are lucky with your Samsung player -> perfect, just plug it on the Grom RCA cable end enjoy it (OK no control possibility over the OEM radio buttons) If you decide to buy an iPod -> perfect, just change the RCA cable the the regluar iDoc cable (which came as default with your grom box) and enjoy the soundquality all described features like full iPod control over the stock radio buttons. For further details please check this thread Ipod Control Solution For Oem Stereo Is200/300 Finally Found, Affordable self install plug ‘n play solution for iPOD/MP3 Player Cheers Sonnet
  12. Welcome to the club!!! I hope you'll enjoy it! Cheers Sonnet
  13. @reeves1985 I can understand that you're going to be p***ed off.....but we have to be fair against GROM. OK they have bugs in their product and you are the the poor one who got a crap one first. BUT we don't have to forget, that it takes up to 7 years (1999 to 2006) to bring AN iPod solution in the Lex (so it must be a kind of more difficult than in other cars). And this solution is working for about 90 % of the Lex drivers who has ordered so far. We also know, that there are at least 6 different OEM Lex stereos outside which have to be supported for only $80 Dollar (the alternative VAIS Tech adapter cost about $250 Dollar for the same thing) We ALL cry with you that you scratch your dash board when removing your stereo again and again - but it's NOT Groms fault, becoause you can test the box OUTSIDE of the console until it's working properly.... What I want to's the only affordable solution that is working for most of us. For that reason we should not blame it but discussing all known bugs and workarounds. I got a second for replacement here because my original one - which is working perfect since month :D The only bug is that the iPod is not receiving the shutdown signal when switching of the radio. I reported this bug to GROM before the big hype starts and they send my a replacement. Unfortunately I hadn't time so far to replace and test it. But if the change this is done you can have really cool working original Grom adapter....if you are interested. Just PM me Cheers form Berlin Sonnet
  14. Sonnet

    Anybody Know?

    thing is trying to get hold of him seems almost like a ghost round here these days hi mate, you can get the connector housing and the metal inside right at yout local lecus dealer. I will attach to files with pictures and part numbers with all build in connectors in our lex. This list is in german, because it contains in comparisson to the english list the connector u need. It's on the right bottom side of page 86 of the file the connector "R 3" Lexus_IS_MK_1_Connector_Pictures.pdf U find the corresponding part number at this list on page 93 90980-10803 Lexus_MK_1_Connector_Part_numbers.pdf Just go with that information to your lex dealer and ask him for the corresponding metal pins. He ows a list with thounds of connector metal insides. The key for finding the right one is the part number of the correct housing as mentioned above Cheers Sonnet
  15. I know that is absolut sh***y for you. But we don't have to forget that tis Grom product is at least a quarter year on the market. And it is working for 90 % of the LEX IS driver. From that point I can say "RESPECT" BEFORE the release the only way to bring mp3 in the car was an FM transmitter or a tape adapter. Other products, like the VAIS TECH MP3 interface needed more than the double time on the market and cost about 250 Dollar. Why we should not give Grom some time to fix their bugs and help them with specific error describtions over thei support channel to do that faster than in the past. OK we are beta tester......but the product is cheap (in comparisson to others) and it's working for most of the people Cheers Sonnet