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  1. I really like it, much nicer then your older one. Although, I'd prefer the menu follow correct grammer and have the first letter of each menu item capitalised, could just be the OCD in me though :P
  2. The only reason why I'm still here?! maybe! Top man!
  3. Thanks Wozza, I did pick the lightest tint for the fronts, and in daylight, I do question whether its even there! So I hope that it wont get me into trouble. fingers crossed. I'll hopefully see you all on the 20th! I still owe you that fiver too ;) Interesting, I was thinking of getting him some black centre caps, but looking at the pictures again, I might even just hammerite the rust bits in the middle, might look good! Thanks, I'll mention that to him ;) "mines better then yours!" Thanks mate! Yeah, he heated them on the outside aswell as the inside, seemed like alot of work for what I thought was "just stick it on the inside, easy!"
  4. You don't want to know lol!! All the work on both cars, came in at £690!
  5. Thanks, I like that its subtly done, nothing OTT in my world! They are based in Slough, although ValetMagic are mobile, he works out of his van.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, As Aaron says, they put it on the outside to get early measurements, for later refinement. :) The black rims are hit or miss, but I think, it just about pulls it off, in the flesh at night, its very stealthy, impressive :)
  7. All done, and dark! A big thanks to Harry and Robbie for doing the work, they were both very accommodating! Hope you all like it... All comments welcome :)
  8. No centre caps.. Why.. cos its ugly Need to buy some new black ones... As you can probably see, the car needs a wash... So Robbie was back to work.. All washed! A sealant next, of the Megs kind!
  9. And let them dry.. Robbie working on the callipers now.. Done! And now all done! ^^^ Look at the state of the paint work! :o ^^^^ I'm still trying to teach him about looking after it! He had a cracked alloy that couldn't be repaired... The state of the cracks.. 5 cracks in one wheel... madness Anyhow, he bought a new one from BMW.. Here's a before and after of the paint stripped And here's the finished product
  10. Robbie working on it.. Some more shots Tints after.. A reminder of the before shot.. And now.. Hope you like..... As it doesn't end there... oh no!!! There's more.. As I was doing this work, My mate wanted in on the act.. He owns a BMW E92 325i SE Coupé which looks/ed like this What he wanted done is to also paint the callipers, but also refurb and repaint his 19" alloys, from BMW silver to Matt Black! :o A bold move I'm sure you're all thinking, but he likes to be different with E92's now littered all over the place, bold action was needed. Him and I together, changed his front grilles and badges from this.. To this.. Good transformation I thought, for the little cost involved.. So the work started... Jack up And wheels off Dunk the alloys in acid, and wait a bit.. Pressure wash off... Harry at work ;)
  11. Greg at it.. Rear before And After... Front After [not clear] Back onto the tints... 50/50 The passenger side all done... tints and callipers The only decent "after" shots I have :( Rear window
  12. As most of you know, I sold my Lexus about 3months ago, and bought a BMW E46 330Ci M Sport Coupé. I've been wanting to get my windows tinted and callipers painted, so I did :D Just thought I'd post here in case anyone was interested in it. Gloss Black callipers, and medium smoke tints was the target..... After getting in contact with Robbie at ValetMagic, and with the help of Harry from The AutoWerks... the work can be done! To start off, some pictures I have of my car in my library, not the best.. but it just about shows the car in its "before" state. From BMW AUC site.. After my only wash of it, back in September.. The alloy before, with the unpainted calliper, not very clear I know.. So off to The AutoWerks, workshop, and parked up inside... A before shot of the doors open without any tints.. A before side view.. Some WIP shots with Greg, Harry's man! Passenger door complete.. While Greg was cracking on with the tints... Robbie started on the callipers, Jacking the car up
  13. I'm going to put my hand up and embarrassingly admit that I thought this was Thursday night! It was perfectly convenient as I was passing that way at around 7ish, pulled up and all I saw was Mazda's! Called my mate, to tell him to log onto here and check where everyone is, he just laughed down the phone at me! Sorry to let you down guys! Hindsight, I should have ticked that little box "Enable email notification of replies" for this thread!
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