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  1. My charger also started to keep some little abnormal noise, so i check'd the oil and got out about 90ml of oil. Putted in all i had on my shelf of GM supercharger oil (160ml maybe) and the noise went down. No visible leaks anywhere and its been spinning only about 20,000 miles, so wonder if there has ever been correct amount. Ill have to get some more and fill it to proper level and follow up. Just to suggest every supercharger owners to check that matter.
  2. Yes u can, but u need also a key that is registered to it, because the immobiliser ecu is built in Engine ECU
  3. Hi, I have Altezza shafts on mine, no prob. Try to search a full Altezza rear axle/sub frame(?) from Japan, mine cost only 500€ so not that bad.
  4. Vacuum sensor, yes, i inspected it with instructions shown in repair manual, so replaced the sensor and its been fine since that.
  5. I had the same problem & code, new MAP sensor fixed it...
  6. Here at Finland we are more than pleased to take the superchargers off ur hands with good reward :)
  7. Well I dont know either are you gonna feel any difference, but there is a theory that heavier flywheel stores more energy for compression stroke. I am going to fit lightweight flywheel because my clutch is on its way out, and I wanna get rid off the dual-mass stock one.
  8. Hi, does changing the capacitors help to a problem which is that only half of the needles(temp gauge) are illuminated ? Thanks
  9. Has there been some issues regarding to master cylinder, what ? My friend has a GS300 which turns on parking brake light, when brake is pressed first time after ignition... i think i saw a leak beneath the master cylinder but couldnt see where it comes from ? Brake fluid is changed, correctly bleeded and level is at full.
  10. Is there any differences in connection between IS200/300 front fogs? After facelift ?
  11. Why would the cat be ruined ? If were talking about that heatshield which is integrated around the front pipe, you just have to remove it, if its even possible...
  12. Both sides, PM if u have or come across thanks.
  13. Hows this doing now ? Definitely interested of them if price-reasonable !
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  15. What has been done to this Speedo !? Looks awesome !
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