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  1. Hi Ken. I used Lexus Woodford when purchasing my current NX and my previous 2 IS250s. I also use them for after-sale items such as servicing, parts, etc. I have had no problems with them at all and find them to be reliable, professional and courteous. I plan to continue using them going forward. I can't comment on their prices in comparison with other dealers though. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for clarifying. The downloading of contacts and messages are, I believe, being executed via your phone's standard Bluetooth connection to the car - not anything wifi related. Why you can't tether via Bluetooth is more likely to be due to a setting (or restriction) on the phone itself. What phone is it that you are using? iPhone or Android?
  3. Hi Steve, I'm assuming that you are attempting to tether your phone to your car via Bluetooth and not via the phone's WiFi hotspot capability. You may find it better to use the WiFi hotspot (this is what I use in my NX). This setup allows your car to use the phone's 4G WiFi to connect to the internet (so therefore will have an impact on your phone's data usage, albeit very minor). When you are away from home, do you have the white WiFi icon appearing in the right hand corner of the infotainment screen? If not then this would indicate that you do not have an active internet connection. Apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs here 😄
  4. The Luxury spec doesn't include the memory features unfortunately. Having just looked at the manual, it seems to confirm your theory. Saying that, I guess it's possible that it could still be enabled via a software override. Obviously the hardware is in place as you can manually dip the mirrors.
  5. Many thanks to Ken R and Herbie for their responses. Although, as Ken R has stated, it is likely to be disabled on the NX Luxury spec I wonder if it is possible to enable it via the OBD2 interface and the Carista app. Only one way to find out I guess.
  6. Thanks @Teshoo Lama for posting. It has got me thinking about getting an OBD2 adaptor and the Carista app for my 2018 NX300h Luxury. There's at least a couple of settings that I would like to amend on it, namely:- changing the "Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher count" from 3 to 5 (currently a dealer-only amendment - not sure why!) activating the "Lower passenger-side mirror when in reverse gear" option Before I proceed with the purchase, can any NX owners tell me whether the second option above is indeed available on my car (a 2018 NX300h Luxury Premium Navigation)? Many thanks.
  7. I too recently bought a NX300h and have been grappling with the in-built speed camera alerting. Like others I get the camera icon on the sat nav screen when approaching a camera but the "bong" is pretty much non-existent, especially when it's competing against road noise or audio coming from the sound system. In the end, I admitted defeat and instead researched other methods for alerting. To this end, I discovered an Android smartphone application provided by TomTom that uses the phone's GPS location services to emit a warning (either via a simple beep or a more descriptive verbal alert) when approaching a camera. Details can be found in the Google Play store at I'm unsure whether there is an iTunes version of it for Apple users. I have been using it for about a week now and have been impressed with it's accuracy and reliability. The warnings can be configured to arrive via the phone's Bluetooth connection to the car, so can be played through the car's speakers. Even when playing audio at the same time, the warnings can be heard clearly. The App can be set to auto-start when a Bluetooth connection to the car is made. It has the option to display as a small widget which can be overlaid on other running apps such as Google Maps; etc. It also offers traffic alerts but I have yet to try that part out.
  8. Having recently purchased a NX300h I was slightly disappointed to learn that Lexus had not yet embraced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Having heard rumours that Lexus was testing the software, I contacted Lexus Customer Service to enquire as to if/when this functionality will be introduced and, if so, whether it will be available as a retro-fit to older cars. I subsequently received the following, slightly vague, response:- "Thank you for your email. I can confirm Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be coming to the UK however it is only on the new Lexus RX and RXL in the United Kingdom however we do not have any timeframe of when it will be arriving. With regards to the availability of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, unfortunately at this current time we do not have any information as to when Lexus UK will introduce Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on other Lexus model ranges in the United Kingdom." So there you have it (I guess) 😕
  9. Thanks to @olliesgrandad and @First_Lexus for their advice regarding the seats and overall comfort. I've had the car for nearly 2 weeks now and so far have had no issues. I find the seats extremely comfortable, as have my passengers.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion @LexusIS300h Am I right in saying though that you only get alerts in Waze (and Google Maps for that matter) if you set a destination (and therefore start a navigation route)? You don't get them if you simply have Waze open on your phone? i.e. it needs to know where I'm going in advance as it were. If that's the case then I'll need to start a navigation route for every journey I make. Not too onerous I guess.
  11. Thanks @pobrown I see what you mean now. I can proceed with the update.
  12. After seeing other positive reviews of the RaceX gauge, I have ordered one from Amazon and await delivery. Thanks @NemesisUK (and others) for the advice.
  13. I am interested in updating the maps for my recently acquired NX which currently has the 2018 versions. I have downloaded the 2019 maps from the website and have perused the update instructions. I would consider myself fairly proficient in the IT \ PC arena so should be able to perform the update with no issues. The instructions however make reference to acquiring a Request Code from "Techdoc" before starting the update in the car. Can anyone expand on this part please? Is Techdoc something that only the dealers have access to? How do I get the Request Code? Any help gratefully accepted.
  14. An update on this (albeit slightly belated)..... I went for the 2018 model in the end (Luxury Premium Navigation in Sonic Titanium) and am very pleased with it. Still getting used to how it drives and all the on-board toys but I am getting there. Having read some not too complimentary reviews of the SatNav / Infotainment system coupled with Remote Touch I was a bit pessimistic about that aspect but I have to say that I quite like it. I would agree that it's not the most user-friendly but it's not as bad as I feared. The car itself drives very well. I have seen the term "waft" used in reviews and would agree that this best describes how comfortable and nice it is to drive. I find it has the necessary "ooomph" when you need it too (although admittedly my boy racer days are far behind me 😃 ). So far, so good. Thanks again for the responses and advice. (Now need to work out how to increase the volume of the speed camera alerts 😄)
  15. Thanks @NemesisUK for the suggestion - I will take a look at this one.