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  1. Not for me I'm afraid.
  2. @pobrown Thanks Phil for the heads-up on this. Successfully installed on my NX yesterday 🙂
  3. I had cause to leave my home yesterday (Wednesday) for the first time since the PM's announcement on Monday evening to do some much needed shopping. What struck me was that although the High Street and shops were less busy than usual, most of the people I encountered (in relatively close proximity, e.g. walking towards me on the same pavement) were not conforming to social distancing. At times I had to walk in the road (or cross it) to get round people who seemed totally oblivious of the need to keep a safe distance apart. There were a few people that were complying (and we would exchange a knowing nod as we passed) but not many. Either these people are too thick to understand the concept of social distancing or just don't care. To be honest, I was relieved to get back home.
  4. With the arrival of some spring-like weather over the past few days, I decided to give the car some TLC so had a chance to use the Bouncers Dress To Impress on the tyres. To be honest I found that it didn't do much for the tyre walls but I'm guessing that I probably need to give each tyre a proper clean first before applying the Bouncers (any advice on what product to use to do this would be much appreciated). What I did like about it though is how well it made the the exterior black plastic trim (wheel arches; side skirts; etc.) come up. A very nice deep black finish. And a little bit of it goes a long way. So, overall I'm pleased with the purchase. Thanks again for all the recommendations.
  5. For those grappling with the lack of reliable speed camera alerts that can be seen and heard clearly, I can definitely recommend a smartphone App called "TomTom Amigo". [My phone is an Android phone so not sure if there is an Apple version of the App] It uses the phone's GPS location services to emit a warning (either via a simple beep or a more descriptive verbal alert) when approaching a camera. I'm very impressed with it's accuracy and reliability. The warnings can be configured to arrive via the phone's Bluetooth connection to the car, so can be played through the car's speakers. Even when playing audio at the same time, the warnings can be heard clearly. The App can be set to auto-start when a Bluetooth connection to the car is made. It has the option to display as a small widget which can be overlaid on other running apps such as Google Maps; etc.
  6. I think you may be right @olliesgrandad After further thought and research, I think I might leave it to the experts 😛 I'll probably live with it until June when the car will go in for a service - unless I have a need to go into the dealers before then (Android Auto retro-fit maybe? 🙏)
  7. Thanks Peter for your prompt reply. I think I'll get a replacement cover then and try to fit it myself.
  8. Hi @Habu Can I revive this post please? My NX has recently got a minor stone chip on the RH door mirror. How did you get on with sorting yours in the end? Are the covers easy to remove and replace? I'm thinking of buying a replacement cover and fitting it myself rather than getting the existing one re-painted. Thanks.
  9. I saw this too and was very tempted however I'm going to wait and see if/when Lexus can do a retrofit of the software to my 2018 NX (with the 10.3 inch screen), It's looking like maybe April or May now 🙏. If not then I'll definitely look into the Beat Sonic alternative.
  10. Thanks again for all the replies and recommendations. I've purchased a bottle of "Bouncers Dress To Impress" so will give that a try if and when the weather allows me to get out and give the car a really good going-over. I'll report back here on my findings.
  11. The figures quoted by Martin are pretty much what I'm seeing too. I acquired my NX in July so didn't get the full spring \ summer temperature "boost" but the car was still averaging around 40 mpg before we hit autumn. I'm seeing less mpg now that we are in mid-winter and it seems to have bottomed out at 38.5 which I'm reasonably happy with. Motorway runs definitely have an adverse effect on mpg.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the responses so far - very helpful. I'll wait to see if there are any other suggestions but am edging towards the Bouncers.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing a tyre shine product and wondered what people's recommendations would be. I would prefer a product that is applied with a sponge\applicator pad rather than a spray-on type. Obviously needs to leave a long-lasting shine and not all come off (leaving splats all over the paintwork) at the first sign of rain. I've seen "Bouncer's Dress to Impress" mentioned in a number of posts which seems quite good but happy to consider other products too. Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Geoff, Taken from my manual:-
  15. Hi Pete, I can't speak for the ES model but I have the same issue with the audio system in my NX and I believe that the problem exists in the majority, if not all, of the systems in other (recent) models - there are numerous threads about it in the various forums. The only way round this was to do as you did, i.e. prefix each track's Title tag with the correct track sequence number but, as you say, this isn't a very user-friendly or graceful solution. With regards to a software update potentially solving the problem, I wouldn't hold out much hope for that I'm afraid. I recently updated the system in my NX to the very latest software and the problem still exists. The reason I preferred to play music from USB was that it displayed the album's cover art much more consistently and accurately than when playing via Bluetooth (don't get me started on that damn Gracenote add-on!). Seems like you can't have everything working perfectly. Just another "quirk" of the Lexus infotainment system I'm afraid ☹️