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  1. Thanks for the suggestion @LexusIS300h Am I right in saying though that you only get alerts in Waze (and Google Maps for that matter) if you set a destination (and therefore start a navigation route)? You don't get them if you simply have Waze open on your phone? i.e. it needs to know where I'm going in advance as it were. If that's the case then I'll need to start a navigation route for every journey I make. Not too onerous I guess.
  2. Thanks @pobrown I see what you mean now. I can proceed with the update.
  3. After seeing other positive reviews of the RaceX gauge, I have ordered one from Amazon and await delivery. Thanks @NemesisUK (and others) for the advice.
  4. I am interested in updating the maps for my recently acquired NX which currently has the 2018 versions. I have downloaded the 2019 maps from the website and have perused the update instructions. I would consider myself fairly proficient in the IT \ PC arena so should be able to perform the update with no issues. The instructions however make reference to acquiring a Request Code from "Techdoc" before starting the update in the car. Can anyone expand on this part please? Is Techdoc something that only the dealers have access to? How do I get the Request Code? Any help gratefully accepted.
  5. An update on this (albeit slightly belated)..... I went for the 2018 model in the end (Luxury Premium Navigation in Sonic Titanium) and am very pleased with it. Still getting used to how it drives and all the on-board toys but I am getting there. Having read some not too complimentary reviews of the SatNav / Infotainment system coupled with Remote Touch I was a bit pessimistic about that aspect but I have to say that I quite like it. I would agree that it's not the most user-friendly but it's not as bad as I feared. The car itself drives very well. I have seen the term "waft" used in reviews and would agree that this best describes how comfortable and nice it is to drive. I find it has the necessary "ooomph" when you need it too (although admittedly my boy racer days are far behind me 😃 ). So far, so good. Thanks again for the responses and advice. (Now need to work out how to increase the volume of the speed camera alerts 😄)
  6. Thanks @NemesisUK for the suggestion - I will take a look at this one.
  7. Hi @olliesgrandad Thanks for the reply however I'm looking for just the gauge and not the whole pump. Just want something handy to do a quick check all round.
  8. Hi all. Can anyone recommend a reliable and accurate tyre pressure gauge please? I would prefer a digital one but won't rule out a mechanical one. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi @DanD. Many thanks for your response - very helpful and informative. With regards to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, I must admit that I was quite surprised to learn that a premium car company such as Lexus hadn't started installing those systems in their cars yet, especially when other car manufacturers have been doing it for a numbers of years. Pleased to hear though that Lexus is aiming to offer this functionality in the near future so let's hope it can be retrofitted. I'm definitely leaning towards the 2018 one - just waiting on my local Lexus dealer to get it in their showroom.
  10. Thanks very much for all the responses posted to date - they are very helpful. I'm hoping to be able to take a look at both cars sometime this week and will then make my decision. Thanks again.
  11. Hi all. I'm about to dip my feet into the Lexus pond again after a gap of 7 years as I have my eye on a NX300H (I previously owned a couple of IS250s in the early 2010s). Further to the comments posted to the OP's question I wondered if anyone else could expand on the points made to date. Also, I would be interested in hearing about the following:- servicing costs (do Lexus have a rotation schedule of MINOR and MAJOR services?) updates to the SatNav maps - how costly is this and can it be done outwith Lexus (e.g. sourcing the database from online sites 😉 and applying it yourself)? does the SatNav offer real-time traffic alerts and speed camera info (and how accurate is this)? There are currently 2 cars that I am considering - a 2017 (2.5 LUXURY LEXUS NAVIGATION) and a 2018 (2.5 LUXURY PREMIUM NAVIGATION). I believe that there was a facelift in 2018 - can anyone tell me what the differences are between the two please? There's not a lot of difference between the asking price for each car, give or take £2,000 more for the 2018 (it has more miles on the clock though) so was wondering if the extra 2 grand was worth it. I realise that I could get most, if not all, of these questions answered by the dealer but wanted to get it from the perspective of owners in the real world as they are far more trustworthy 😄 Thanks in advance.
  12. Took the car to Jem Lexus in Edgeware. Was very pleased with the service and the price. Would definitely use them again.
  13. Thanks for the responses. I have booked the car into Jem Lexus. I'll report back as to how it goes with them.
  14. Hi all, Just been quoted £676 by Lexus Woodford (London) for a "Full" 40K service on my 07 IS250. I feel that this is a bit pricey and as the car is no longer under warranty, would consider having it serviced by an independant garage. Can anyone recommend an independant Lexus servicer in the North London \ Essex border area? Many thanks in advance.
  15. I took the car to my local dealer yesterday and the problem is now fixed. It appears that the heating \ ventilation system had become disconnected from the electrics. Soon after I bought the car I had a mobile phone hands-free kit installed and I reckon the fitter must have inadvertently unplugged it. Anyway, it's fixed now (free of charge, I hasten to add) so no real harm done. Just thought I'd share this info on the forum in case anyone else experiences the same problem in the future.