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  1. Thanks again for all the replies and recommendations. I've purchased a bottle of "Bouncers Dress To Impress" so will give that a try if and when the weather allows me to get out and give the car a really good going-over. I'll report back here on my findings.
  2. The figures quoted by Martin are pretty much what I'm seeing too. I acquired my NX in July so didn't get the full spring \ summer temperature "boost" but the car was still averaging around 40 mpg before we hit autumn. I'm seeing less mpg now that we are in mid-winter and it seems to have bottomed out at 38.5 which I'm reasonably happy with. Motorway runs definitely have an adverse effect on mpg.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the responses so far - very helpful. I'll wait to see if there are any other suggestions but am edging towards the Bouncers.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing a tyre shine product and wondered what people's recommendations would be. I would prefer a product that is applied with a sponge\applicator pad rather than a spray-on type. Obviously needs to leave a long-lasting shine and not all come off (leaving splats all over the paintwork) at the first sign of rain. I've seen "Bouncer's Dress to Impress" mentioned in a number of posts which seems quite good but happy to consider other products too. Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Geoff, Taken from my manual:-
  6. Hi Pete, I can't speak for the ES model but I have the same issue with the audio system in my NX and I believe that the problem exists in the majority, if not all, of the systems in other (recent) models - there are numerous threads about it in the various forums. The only way round this was to do as you did, i.e. prefix each track's Title tag with the correct track sequence number but, as you say, this isn't a very user-friendly or graceful solution. With regards to a software update potentially solving the problem, I wouldn't hold out much hope for that I'm afraid. I recently updated the system in my NX to the very latest software and the problem still exists. The reason I preferred to play music from USB was that it displayed the album's cover art much more consistently and accurately than when playing via Bluetooth (don't get me started on that damn Gracenote add-on!). Seems like you can't have everything working perfectly. Just another "quirk" of the Lexus infotainment system I'm afraid ☹️
  7. Good news. May I ask what Lexus centres are reporting this please?. Just spoken to mine (Lexus Woodford) and they weren't aware of it ☹️
  8. The following webpage would seem to confirm that Lexus Australia are now starting to rolll out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to future models as well as retrofitting them to older ones where existing technology allows. Let's hope the UK isn't far behind.
  9. I've owned my NX300h for 4 months now and have been monitoring my fuel consumption over that period. I'm currently averaging around 39.5 mpg which I'm quite happy with. My typical journeys are some motorway, some dual carriageway and some minor roads - so pretty mixed driving. I've found that some of my previous beliefs about driving patterns and fuel consumption are turned on their head slightly with a hybrid. For example, with a petrol or diesel car it is commonly believed that driving at 55 mph is the optimum for fuel consumption, whilst crawling along in heavy traffic has a bad effect on mpg. With the hybrid I've found that to be the reverse somewhat. Motorway runs at around 50 to 70 mph seem to bring the mpg figure down whilst stuck in slow-moving traffic improve the figure considerably (especially in EV mode of course). The best situation to achieve optimum mpg (in my experience) is a journey where you are able to drive at around 40 mph for the majority of the time.
  10. Steve, Having also taken a look under my NX recently, Nicos' comments would appear to reinforce my ow,n, albeit unscientific, thoughts about the location of the catalytic converter. I'm by no means a mechanic but I couldn't see any part of the exhaust system (at least on the underside of the car that is accessible) that looked like the Cats I have seen pictured in related posts on this site's RX section and elsewhere. As Nicos stated, there is a box section visible but he says that it's not the Cat - something that I suspected too. Would be good to have this confirmed by a Lexus technician.
  11. Thanks Phil - very helpful. As I have a few issues with the Infotainment system (Bluetooth mainly) I'm going to download the latest MEU and DCU updates. I feel that it's worth a few quid to give them a try.
  12. Hi Phil, Can you point me in the direction of the new software version (1530) on the Lexus Tech website please? All I can see on there is the map update. Many thanks.
  13. Thanks John. I will connect the car to Techstream again and have a more closer look.
  14. @Britprius Hi John, Wondered if I could ask a question please.... I recently invested in Techstream and a Mini-VCI cable. I connected to the car fine and can see all the information. With regards to TPMS, am I right in saying that it's possible to view the voltage (i.e. the remaining battery life) for each sensor? If so, where is this information held please? I looked at the TPMS readouts but couldn't see anything obvious. Also, the ID codes for each sensor are only labelled 1 through 4. Is it possible to work out which sensor relates to which wheel? Thanks in anticipation.