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  1. We discussed this site in the past and conclusion was the data was flawed. As an example take a look to see how many Ford Capri’s were registered in the 2000’s
  2. I would say that is extremely cheap, may actually have me questioning it's provenance. Is it from a Lexus dealer ?
  3. They may not own their whole supply chain (but in the case of Toyota they have a significant investment in a lot of it, look up Denso) but the car manufacturers do specify all the components that go into their cars. This is the way a lot of consumer electronics works, you may have an OEM who is good at core electronics, but not LED panels or software so they will buy these items in specifying requirements, including security so that they can produce say a TV. From your description sounds like maybe the car industry has a lot of catching up to do.
  4. Very rare for me to spot another RCF in my area, but spotted one of the rare grey RCF’s with personalised registration OO03 RCF at about 4pm on Saturday travelling between Braintree and Halstead. Just wondered if it was anybody on here?
  5. Are you sure that is the same company? Address:ZHUANGSHI INDUSTRY ZONE NINGBO CHINA Zip:315201
  6. Why is the site still continuing to advertise the gold members discount for JJ Tools when the link to their website shows it as suspended ?
  7. Assuming you are using a child seat with ISOFIX then you may want to check and see if the anchor points are there in the middle position, particularly if the car was only designed for two positions originally.
  8. Damn @Warrington guy king of the requotes 🤣 All for a one liner 😂
  9. I guess being a Toyota dealer they didn’t recognise the badge on the front 🙄
  10. Just put the part numbers(excluding the U prefix) from your quote into the search box on the top right of the home page. They will come up.
  11. Check on The bumper cover is only £92.31. Sure you will get stung for some import duty and delivery, but is not going to be double the price.
  12. Wow, it’s a good job you posted that just in case anybody missed the part number in earlier posts.