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  1. Also looks like a serious mark on that rear headrest. 😕
  2. Thanks, but funnily enough as an electronics engineer I already knew this. But it seems that our factual knowledge is discounted by the likes of 007m who say ‘it is not a problem’ 😂
  3. Really? So if you upgrade halogen bulbs from 55w to 100w, there would be no extra heat created or current drawn? There really is so much $hit spouted on car forums.
  4. It does sound very much like the 12v battery, as any issues tend to show up when the temperature drops like recently. Get them to check it during your service. But also I would suggest checking that the connections to the battery are tight as well.
  5. Agreed, On a cheap runabout I can maybe understand people not realising the difference it makes to a potential purchasers opinion, but on a premium car there is no excuse.
  6. No, was only on later Lexus models. Errrr OK not going to work in that case 😕
  7. It is a self-healing paint so try warming it up and see if the mark disappears.
  8. Check this first before doing anything else. Do you have the printout from your four wheel alignment, showing before and after?
  9. Good point, but you could ask the same for an aerial. Need to check both sides of mine.
  10. My 2015 RCF has this same electrical connection and I assumed it was a glass break sensor for the alarm. In theory either of us could be right.
  11. Looking for an outdoor custom fit car cover for my RCF. Doesn’t look like there is anything this side of the pond, but was wondering if anybody on here has bought one and would recommend (or not)
  12. Yep, I understand. But then there is the flip side that a Lexus dealer see's a lot more of the same type of cars and has access to Lexus technical knowledge and documentation that an independent never will. As an example I wonder how many independents are aware of the high pressure fuel pump recall and the reasons, and that is quite a public piece of information. This is an interesting thread and good debate as there are pro's and con's to both approaches. Myself I hate using any garage(independent or main stealer) and would rather do all work myself as then I know everything has gone back correctly and nothing has been damaged in the process. But for my RCF i do use Lexus just for servicing to keep the stamps in the book.
  13. Agreed, Not OTT like some interior mods i have seen. 😎