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  1. This is a top tip. I’ve known a lot of people to get caught out on this one.
  2. But only if you have deep pockets. 😁
  3. Interesting. Is there a PCV valve or is it un-valved? If so I often find these can fail over time so maybe worth checking as well.
  4. Just noticed OP has an ISF, not an RCF as I assumed. So makes sense.
  5. Yeah, I wonder who would be silly enough to pay that and then moan about it
  6. Errr I have DAB on my car and don’t have this contraption on the windscreen. That doesn’t look factory fitted to me.
  7. You should not have cap failure in such a low usage item like a car amplifier and considering Lexus’s/Pioneers design reliability.
  8. @BalKang34 Have you actually done anything with any of the advice people have given you in this thread or are you just hoping things get magically better?
  9. You need to have memory seats to have the reverse position mirrors.
  10. Are you sure you definitely have puddle lights? Have you seen them working before?
  11. Maybe want to try the third generation IS forum, likely to get more responses.
  12. Isn’t this an American thing? Heard of lots doing it in the US, but never this side of the pond.
  13. I know taken a while, but there is an electrical connection on both quarter windows of my RCF
  14. Also looks like a serious mark on that rear headrest. 😕
  15. Thanks, but funnily enough as an electronics engineer I already knew this. But it seems that our factual knowledge is discounted by the likes of 007m who say ‘it is not a problem’ 😂