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  1. Wheelie bins in the garage? 🧐
  2. Have you tried resetting the system by holding the volume button pressed down? for about 10 secs I believe. Needs to be done when the car is all powered up and you would normally expect the system to be on.
  3. Interesting to hear as my service will be due in May. You’d like to think we would be through the worst of it by then, but seems maybe not.
  4. You better keep it listed from now then 🤣 Is strange it takes so long to move them on because curiously I looked at RCF’s for sale on the Lexus website today and there was a grand total of 2 !
  5. Between £21 and £23 (depending on whether you have the F-Sport version) on
  6. What video? Would that be the one that was posted 5 days after I posted and has now been deleted? Get with it grandad 🙄
  7. Ahhh the great moderation of truth and facts exists on this forum as well? 🤣 Will drop you a PM
  8. As you are in the same area as me I’d be interested to know what dealership this is.
  9. I guess you didn’t read the whole text? Particularly the bit about 100% of the hammer price going to charity?
  10. Nope, that will definitely be the price for one.
  11. No, as otherwise you’d hear of a lot more failures than this one as I expect the majority of owners leave it on all the time.
  12. This is a top tip. I’ve known a lot of people to get caught out on this one.
  13. But only if you have deep pockets. 😁
  14. Interesting. Is there a PCV valve or is it un-valved? If so I often find these can fail over time so maybe worth checking as well.