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  1. Did they all manage to leave ok without the help of recovery services? 😁
  2. Hi and Welcome. Not so many people have taken the plunge and modified their F’s this side of the pond so you may need to take a look at the US forums. It’s not so clear to me what you are looking to achieve with any suspension mods, is it just styling or some improvement to handling? If so in which situations are you finding the handling lacking.
  3. Really? Well you learn something everyday. There was me thinking it was usually caused by roadside kerbs.
  4. I’m in a similar situation, which became more apparent recently when I took it for its service and when checking the book realised I’d done just under 1000miles in a year. Although it seems a shame I can justify it in a petrolheads way that I have a young son (1.5yrs) another little one on the way so not much spare time and also suffer from carowner virus 😂 So for now it will be staying. One thing I used to enjoy was going for a blast later at night towards the end of the week after a long week at work. Maybe worth a try to rekindle some of your enthusiasm.
  5. Lexus Ipswich are up and running as well. Had mine serviced today and took a courtesy car away for the day. My car was cleaned and sanitised inside on collection as well. Can you believe there was another customers blue RCF in the car park as well when I turned up (like buses). Not sure if it was anybody’s on here, noticed a personal reg and front splitter fitted.
  6. I’ve seen this labelling a few times on Lexus websites and even though to most ‘W/O’ would mean ‘without’ I believe in these cases it may mean ‘with optional’
  7. Now here’s a novel idea, why don’t insurance companies offer to cover the difference in current market rate of the car vs. any finance shortfall as part of the standard insurance policy. I’m sure it could be a USP. But I guess that would detract from the profits you make selling additional policies 🙄
  8. Yes, Lexus GAP insurance is not very competitive at all. I would also recommend looking at ALA insurance for GAP. There is a discount code available for gold members, Enjoy your new car !
  9. Interesting. Are they known to be reliable? Generally not, there are lots of stories out there of people having to have Tein shocks rebuilt at relatively low mileages.
  10. Yeah, I received the email the day after I posted the form off, although not that it helps much having a breakdown cover extension when the warranty needs to be renewed anyway. But then when not driving anywhere at the mo I guess could have let it lapse for a bit.
  11. I just sent the form off in the post to renew my warranty as well, but I noticed that the roadside assistance seems a little unclear now as to whether it covers you driving any other car as well. I’m pretty sure it used to and this was one of the benefits that I liked. i can’t find the full T&C’s online anywhere (only the summarised version as per the leaflet) so will have to try giving them a call.
  12. Makes you wonder if somebody has been trying to lift directly on the sills without using some sort of slotted adapter. Regardless is poor workmanship and I would be even more ****** off that they didn’t tell me about it. 😤