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  1. Looks nice and the wheels match well. Will be interesting to hear your feedback after a few track sessions.
  2. A shame as looks like a lot of time and money spent on it GLWS!
  3. Are you sure it's not 2.5bar ? (No way it's 25psi)
  4. Yep, those who spout unfounded facts as gospel.
  5. So........ 2020 Toyota Supra Specs: Engine: 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbo six HP / Torque: 335 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque Wheelbase: 97.2 in. Overall Length: 172.5 in. Overall Width: 73.0 in. Overall Height: 50.9 in. Track Width Front: 62.8 in. Track Width Rear: 62.6 in. Curb Weight: 3,397 lbs. 0-60 mph: 4.1 seconds I will send a taxi for your first born child.............
  6. Agreed, Speak to your local Lexus dealer they have many years experience of dealing with damage on these wheels and will have a preferred smart repair agent who should be able to get a close match on the colour.
  7. Martin F

    cracks in tyre tread

    You mean the manufacturers who make a profit every time you buy a tyre?
  8. OMG.....Rattle cans
  9. £153.77 on, of course you will have to pay transportation and some duty costs, but maybe cheaper than sourcing from US
  10. Ok, so maybe helpful if you let people know what you have and haven't tried in future. Agree with Nemesis get somebody to take a look who can read the sensors. Can always pop into your local dealer and see if they will take a quick look for you.
  11. Have you tried resetting the TPMS yet as suggested ? If not you are just wasting peoples time if you choose to ignore suggestions.
  12. Martin F

    New RCF owner

    It's an RCF Carbon, it is Carbon fibre from the factory.
  13. Martin F

    New RCF owner

    Very nice indeed 😎 Enjoy it !!
  14. Martin F

    2020 RCF

    I could be wrong, but the back of that car doesn't really look like an RCF IMO.