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  1. It does look stunning, and the interior as well. I’m racking my brains to think if the Americans have ever built any other mid-engined cars, successfully?
  2. Nice video which simply gets the message across But dare I ask whether you let him drive it?
  3. I have a brand new third generation IS near side front wing looking for a new home. This is only for an F-Sport as the part number is different for the non-F Sport cars. I am looking for £50 collected from Braintree in Essex, or £50 plus postage but I will not be responsible for any damage in transit because of the odd shape (will wrap as best I can).
  4. Just out of interest I looked up the info on the Supra auto trans cooler and it seems they changed the design between the MKIII and the MKIV. I assume the ISF would have something similar to the MKIV trans cooler as it was obviously built a lot later, but who's to say the Lexus didn't try some other design.
  5. But the old bill are not always right However in this case (and some of the MOT classifications as dangerous) the customer would have been in a catch 22 situation because as soon as they drove it on the public road they could have nicked for an un-roadworthy vehicle, and the vehicle would have been impounded anyway.
  6. Out of interest automatic MKIV Supra's have the same arrangement with the gearbox cooler\heater in the bottom of the radiator and I haven't heard of any failures, obviously quite a bit older.
  7. There is a problem on the older screen filters in that they mark easily. In the US this was treated as a warranty issue but in the UK it seems to be a bit hit and miss depending on your dealer. However you can buy the replacement filter with trim for around £40 from a dealer. Part number is 86134-53030
  8. So in the vain of honesty, that you mention, do you really think your company has done their ‘absolute best’ to resolve Northern ISF’s issue as expediently as possible?
  9. No garage is tight after you have seen this:
  10. Look forward to seeing the pics as I reckon they will compliment the red well
  11. That’s pretty disgusting (but not surprising) that for such a complaint they sign off with a generic signature. It may well be half the problem, that no single person is owning and reviewing the complaint. I would love to standup in court against such an incompetent organisation. i’m guessing the resident Adrian Flux forum troll was it much use?
  12. Just a stab in the dark, but maybe try Lexus ?