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  1. Really good to hear 😃 I was trying to find your thread a couple of months back to see if there had been any update.
  2. Very nice ! Always liked the look and the 'back to basics' styling of the Viper, but not sure it is something i'd want to live with. Please keep us updated.
  3. These are the cheapest listing I have seen so far:
  4. Yep agreed, and that is a shame for what really is a stunning looking car. Also some of the interior colours are a bit IMO. For me it would probably be an RCF because it is actually an F-car and I suspect an LC-F will come at some point, as rumoured. However the other day I saw pics of this kitted LC which I think looks great, just accentuates that little bit more. Not sure I would have chosen those wheels myself but is easily changed.
  5. I guess the odd rattle on a 12 year old car, even a Lexus, is to be expected. Although I suspect it can still be rectified. 😎
  6. I noticed the black one earlier today and does look nice with the grey leather. However does not have TVD which maybe preferred by some.
  7. The 80's called......they'd like their paint colour back 😄
  8. Bob, is your car actually a third generation IS or really 12yrs old as per your post profile?
  9. Yep, has been up for a while. Would prefer a RHD version and a nicer colour interior, but those are not the most significant barriers to me buying one
  10. Shame, it looks like a nice one. I do like RX7's but not sure I could be dealing with the supposed fragility of them.
  11. And I'm sure he would have been able to sleep easier knowing he made you happy.