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  1. How to find part numbers

    Have a look in the electrical section, it's there.
  2. Definitely sounds like a good improvement
  3. Sean - Does that Blue Velvet help to colour some of the smaller stone chips?
  4. Maybe the dealer thought they had under priced it? Oh whoops there goes a pig flying past my window
  5. expensive mot

    Here's a tip...... If you use water from a water butt to wash your car it won't leave water marks, or you can invest in a filter to fit on your mains connection. is nearly always the nicest colour for most cars, but yes it does take more cleaning to keep it looking good. Enjoy your new car @200h !
  6. MOT Failure

    Hmmm as far as I know wheel alignment is not part of the MOT test. Convenient that Kwik Fit just happen to do alignments
  7. I'm a bit undecided on the grey, but it does look good in those pictures. Enjoy your new toy !!!
  8. Looks like there are now two for under 30k albeit with high mileages. I expect it's only natural that now the first ones are coming out of 3yr deals the residuals will take a dive.
  9. I'm sorry but why should you let some tea leaf influence what type of car you choose to own? It's bad enough that they already influence your decision partially by the increase in insurance premiums for some cars, but to also allow them to affect your purchase choice because there is a higher probability they may choose to steal the car you wish to drive over another is ludicrous. How far do you take this decision, do you end up choosing a Mondeo over a Mazda 6 because even though they are the same car the Mazda6 is more desirable to tea leaf's ? Don't forget you only tend to hear about all the cars which are stolen, not the hundreds which aren't, and out of all those which are stolen how many are actually aggrivated ? Life can be short, so why let some scum dictate what you do with it.
  10. Very high mileage.
  11. Post your Pics

    Congratulations !!! She does look good, and I think I spot a grey interior as well. Very nice Is that the quota for blue RCF's in Essex fulfilled now?
  12. Exactly, and a full size wheel is unlikely to fit in the spare wheel well. I hope you paid more attention to the coffee machine instructions Mr Charlie
  13. @Big Rat I hope you're right, as it will make my 'common' blue one more desirable It's just I recall that when I was looking for mine TVD versions were more plentiful, but a look at what's for sale at the moment, certainly seems to indicate they are rarer.