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  1. Martin F

    New RCF owner

    It's an RCF Carbon, it is Carbon fibre from the factory.
  2. Martin F

    New RCF owner

    Very nice indeed 😎 Enjoy it !!
  3. Martin F

    2020 RCF

    I could be wrong, but the back of that car doesn't really look like an RCF IMO.
  4. Martin F

    Post your Pics

    Agreed, that is one of the best colour combinations I have seen on the LC so far, or maybe that interior with the white exterior. How would you say the driving experience compares to your RCF ?
  5. Damn your auto AC issue must be really bad if you have to wear gloves in the car
  6. Looking good ! 😎 Enjoy!
  7. Martin F

    Costs of export

    Are they these particular taco's ? So just to remind you of what you said: So saying imports stopped is factually incorrect and misleading to anybody who reads it, hence why I posted in response. As you say, end of..
  8. Martin F

    Costs of export

    Actually I used a word a little stronger than that but looks like whoever modified it wants to remain anonymous. Which actually is a little bit worrying if people are able to modify others posts on this forum with no visibility. So are you telling me all the Jap importers listed below are fake and not importing any cars because nobody will insure them? I'm not sure what taco plates you would have been fitting to an imported saloon car, as it's the speedo which needs modifying not the tachometer. More Bollox. Believe me the Jap import market (and other markets) is alive and healthy.
  9. Martin F

    Costs of export

    What a load of rubbish !! People are still regularly importing Jap cars and insuring them every year. The biggest challenge to importing one of these more recent models will be that there may not be a model report available which is required to demonstrate that the car complies to relevant standards. May be easier for the IS200T as it was sold here for a period. As above, chat to one of the importers, and Jurgen has a good reputation as he has been doing this a while, and the will be able to estimate costs for you.
  10. This is correct, and exactly where the confusion occurs. An ECU controlling an engine is highly complex and has a lot of computational power, whereas an ECU controlling the central locking is less complex and many years ago didn't even have a CPU in it but was still referred to as an Electronic Control Unit.
  11. Martin F

    New car

    If you can't see the diagrams either you are not logged in correctly (check top right of window) or there is a problem with your account.
  12. Martin F

    New car

    Take a look on to create an account which takes seconds) for parts diagrams, you will find it invaluable. If I remember correctly F_sport wheels are 18".
  13. Martin F

    F club cyber security

    Related to the request you are no doubt referring to ..... that garage is very well known in certain circles and have built their reputation up over many years, I cannot believe for one minute that they would wreck their reputation over some attempt to clone a key for a £40k car. Also from a technical perspective I can understand exactly what they were trying to do, if they can access the tuning tables in the ECU then they would know that they would be able to tune RCF-F's without any additional piggy back's or similar electronics. And one last point, even if they were able to clone a key in your presence, they would still need to know where you lived for it to be of any benefit to them.
  14. Martin F

    Warming up the car

    Can't be that good, he's still wearing a coat !
  15. Such an inaccurate post. The rear quarter panel can be replaced, the part is available from Lexus, but it is a big job. Looking at the pictures above a Lexus body shop my want to replace it but would need a closer inspection, it may be possible to pull it and lightly skim. The car will only receive a write-off category if it is actually written off (stands to reason). Good Luck with the repair.