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  1. Geoffers

    4k Upscaling

    Sony do have the best algorithms - sammy is soft in comparison, I've not a fantastic amount of experience in this but do know the TV's have the detail enhancement which alters the original image a little more. LG's is Excellent. Oh no just realised - talking non Lexus chat in a an Lexus or even car related area. Oops sorry.
  2. Geoffers

    Advise on Wine Cabinets

    yes how dare you try making general non related Lexus conversation in the correct area for non Lexus related topics....... Good job it's been pointed out.
  3. So did they do anything other than attempt to read the diagnostic code? Irrelevant whether it was intended to be hear or not. Yes it should be brought to someones attention because the engineer clearly doesn't give a toss of the features and what anyone what think about them. He's paid to do it. Basically he's just said you're an idiot for even bringing it up. I wouldn't publish it publicly, I'm with Verbout. He won't get the sack at all we all know that. He should be taking pride in what he does. Even if it's a job he hates, there's no need to belittle the customer.
  4. Geoffers

    Sitting unused for 6 months .

    I suspect it may have been a warning on that particular model as there isn't in my neighbours car. Even Lexus own 450h documentation says: Long-term parking. If the vehicle has been parked for a long time, the 12-volt and the hybrid battery will discharge gradually. For parking longer than about 30 days, charging of the 12-volt battery may be required. Your Lexus dealer has details. To keep the hybrid battery in good condition, drive the vehicle at least once every several months for at least 30 minutes or ten miles. If the hybrid battery becomes fully discharged and the vehicle will not start, even with a jump start to the 12-volt battery, contact your Lexus dealer. If that manual is definitely from your model then I would go ahead with jump starting. Being Hybrid has nothing to do with being able to jump start it or not. If anything it would be some of the control electronics that could be susceptible to transient spiking, which is why some have dedicated jump start connections as there is a additional filtering on some. Does everything appear to power up when you had the smart charger on? Do you get any dash lights/warnings? These smart chargers aren't sometimes 100% accurate because of the way they try to measure the current. You could try manually charging the battery with a good old fashioned charger, or leaving the jump leads on for a couple of minutes before actually trying to start the car. All hybrid systems have a low voltage protection system but not sure on the 450 if that would disable the car starting completely. Usually there is a warning on the dash. The alarm won't permanently disable the vehicle, only when in triggered condition.
  5. Geoffers

    Dash Cams - Front and Rear

    The other thing to be weary of with cheap cameras is the interference they give off.Especially cameras from abroad that may not be CE approved even though they are marked as being so.
  6. If it's not the camera or wiring to it itself, (very likely it is though, I agree completely with jackcramerr) just double check where power was taken for it. The antenna coax feed comes from the rear through the centre column and past the cig lighter socket into the reasr of the ML so quite possible there is a nick or even dislodged the connector slightly when they opened up for the connection. The coax connector is roughly alongside the the door for the cup holder in the centre console..
  7. Geoffers

    Radio time shift

    I'm assuning it's not as easy as it goes better when you unplug it? IF not something else going on and might be worth Lexus looking at the antenna amp. The time shift allows you to step back and listen to something again. Leave it on zero for real time. I've not played with it much but I've gone back 5 mins when I missed something on the news.
  8. Lee, instead of pressing the same button to open them again, press the auto button - they will open and be back in auto.
  9. It's usually the amp turning on before the radio so picking up the crap the headunit generates as it powers up. Does your amp switch on using the blue control as Neil says? If you are just powering on and have your control (not power) directly to iginition then instead you'll need to connect it to the headunit control or, as you say put a delay onto the power on. You can throw together a delayed relay swtich on but just need a little more circuitry for the delay. This circuit will give about 3 secs delay.
  10. Geoffers

    Thought You Might Like This.........

    Yes you are! Just seen in another post you're Exmouth way. I've got very fond memories of there from when I was a kid. We went every year from when I was about 5 to 11 years old. I'm trying to think of the name of the lovely old woman that owned the house we stayed in the upper floors she rented out. I've often thought about going back but wonder if it would spoil my many memories...... Madeira walk which was MILES long..... as I got a bit older having to be rescued from the rocks at Orcome point more than once. Are all the brightly coloured beach huts still there? We used to hire one for the fortnight. There was a loose floorboard and I buried some treasure there one year (some lego). Not realising we had a different one every year. I was convinced someone had found it.... Absolutely beautiful place.
  11. Geoffers

    Auto Folding Wing Mirrors

    Wow - this still going and people making to them to sell! If they were making millions I'd put a claim in! Making a few quid and benefitting everyone works out ok. I might adapt it for the IS250 - you can connect without having to get into the door. (contrary to two commercial units out there). If I get some time I'll throw one together and shove it on here.
  12. Geoffers

    Audio / Nav Frustration

    Well, I've held off and held off but can't wait. I know it would wind me up. I was one of the unlucky ones that they just could not cure the dashboard noises and it annoys me up every time I get in the car. I accepted too many repairs for a rejection when I bought it. I'm not paying for a better quality car with known issues. If cars are being rejected and losing custom, I suspect Lexus will be pushing a lot into solving the issues, it's just not happening soon enough unfortunately but after 3 updates and people still having issues, this has confirmed I'm not going to be buying.
  13. Or go to Maplins, pick up some Polymorph and create your own supports and plastic reforms. I did mine. Doesn't have to look good as they are underneath the plate itself. Heat it up in hot water and create some columns where the originals ones where. Takes a little while to cool down so you can take back to the car and push into place. I did mine over 12 months ago and still solid.
  14. Geoffers

    Audio / Nav Frustration

    Fingers crossed. All ok still so far?