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  1. I'm hoping it all works in my LS, I tried the radio, but I don't know what a cassette is, lol I'm joking, but I do my music the modern way, I do have the option of making some CDs though
  2. Just had a quick look around the forum but no relevent topics have recent replies... My is300 still has the original sound system which is fully operational, however I did add a usb/SD/aux into the minidisk input on the head unit, I'm assuming it isn't compatible with the LS unit as it was only compatible with certain IS200/300 units, does anyone have a similar kit on their LS that doesn't do away with their factory unit?
  3. If I'd waited a few days 🤣 Although the only colour I wanted more than the gold is blue rather than black, the interior of this one isn't as well looked after as mine and mine is a chunk less miles, but for the money I reckon it'll go fairly quickly too
  4. Yeh I'll 6'3 so the first thing I have to do is move the wheel away from my thighs, all good, checked the sound system, the double glazing, I was very thorough
  5. I haven't even checked that, most places where I live offer E5 so I've no issues if that's what's recommended, I've been putting that in the IS300 since I got it running again anyway
  6. I did, I'm on call today so I found a window to drive up, all in all cosmetically there's a few touched up stone chips and the footrest next to the pedals is grubby, it may have had a touch up on the rear bumper so I'll have a closer look, if it has I'm certain it's only been to cover a scrape and not a dent, it's a very straight looking car, I want a new set of front mats for it to make it as close to perfect, the fella Alex took me along a decent route to give it a nice test drive, it felt great, no pulling in odd directions under acceleration or braking, went down a carriage way to give it a little push and it pulls nicely, a couple of tight turns and I didn't hear any full lock noises to cause concern, that's just off the top of my head when I was checking stuff out, I'm picking it up on Wednesday as I'm finally due a day off, needless to say I'll end up putting 3 figures in the tank and taking it for a nice drive
  7. Another potential winner here, gonna call after work and possibly secure it, I'm working straight through until Wednesday, but I'm only 20 miles away from this one
  8. Yeh I've had a quick look at that online already, wanted the 6 speed facelift ideally but the figures aren't too different, I'm unsure if that can be said for real world use?
  9. 2nd Attempt, I need to replace my Shift Solenoid valve C (or valve 3) but I'm unsure which is the correct part number, can anyone guide me the right way? Thanks
  10. Disappeared just as quickly, I'll keep looking, 🤣. the more I miss the better guide I'm getting on realistic pricing, after Sunday I go in to 9 day shifts on the bounce so I'm expecting several more potential cars to come up for sale from Monday while I'm tied up in work...
  11. That one in Widnes was previously up for £5295 somewhere else, they're still the original photos from the previous sale, I really don't like the grey interior on them though so no matter, but I couldn't pay an extra grand having left it at 5,3
  12. No I'm working solid for the next week so Sunday was my only chance to go, never mind, there'll be another
  13. How did you get the reg? Have you been to see it already? Or did I just miss it somewhere, one of the photos looks like the rear bumper may have had new paint and the left tail pipe looks a little further in behind the bumper edge, that may just be the photo angle I'm not sure, I'll see what it looks like if I can get down Sunday
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