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  1. try using swarfega to shine your tyres, the green one without the grit in it, lasts longer than anything ive ever used over the years, got this tip off a old bloke who used to valet cars. he used too shave seats with bic razors, lighty spray tired carpets with matt black paint, put dirty looking head and tail lights in his dishwasher, super glue then polish scratchs out off laquered cars, some off the stuff he did sounds daft but they all worked, and your car looked mint when he had finished.
  2. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    no never had to roll my arches with the tte chicanes on with 80mm drop all round, never rubbed at all bmw lights are led and look class, post sum pics next time i have camera out,
  3. r34liner

    Headlamp Washer Jet

    ive got a pair you can hav foc if you pay postage
  4. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    heres a pic with tte chicanes on and ksport coilovers, handled like it was on rails, untill the goodyear gsd3's deformed (wearing looked like tyres were under inflated, outer edges gone) after a manufacturer fault had them replaced foc with brigestone potenza re050's, what a difference, car felt even more stable and planted a high speeds, no sudden veering across the road like the goodyears used too.
  5. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    hi all just a quick update, everyone has different styles, i loved my lexus before modding it, just wanted something unique to me, that stood out and i think i will achieve that by the time its finished in march 2009 project has been on hold for a while, found out our lass is pregnant! its a labour off love, the car is coming along nicely, just waiting on the wings to be louvred then its gonna be painted, e46 bmw rear lights are in and working, make the car look totally different from the rear, waiting on a few bits from the states, just dying to get her finished, to all those that were interested in my old wheels heres a few pics, please do not remove as i am gold member
  6. ims sure i have the full thing in loft, will check for you
  7. r34liner

    Headlight Plastic Wet/dry

    was about to say 1200 wet n dry, farecla g3 cutting compound and g10 finishing compound
  8. i have back box from a is300 you can have foc, also have the pre cat manifold (gutted) anyone needs them
  9. r34liner

    Obd Ii Diagnostic Codes

    i have a code reader, snap on solus 8.4, i charge £25 to read,reset, check live data and diagnose the fault,
  10. same trouble on a is300, they have more lambda sensors on them, fitted a o2 simulator to the sensor after replacing it, have a couple of sensors lying around if anyone needs them, my old ones wasnt faulty just sending incorrect signals due to exhuast change and flow charectoristics, also most exhuast garages dont have time to remove sensors properly, they leave sensor plugged in which coils the wires up, which have become brittle due to heat exposer from exhuast, resulting in broken wires. sorted now though, and its not rich at idle thanks to o2 sim from prolex hope this helps
  11. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    its complicated, many late nights in garage, she says im a mechophiliac, cos i live n breath cars and bikes,
  12. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    think i will be by the morning!!! lol,
  13. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    at least thats wat you told the missus!!! lol skyline is for my arse only, no kids eating greggs pasty allover your pristine interior, no women kurbing your alloys or wrecking your sound system listening to take that and high school musical at full pelt!!! p.s when do i get my gold member tag???
  14. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    was very nervous when skyline ate a denso iridium plug, my arse nipped when it went on to 5 pots nervous time, only been in two days, striped it down with crossed fingers, replaced pistons anyway for wossiner 2.6 as a matter of course n more grunt, seen as though it was striped, polished n ported too,
  15. r34liner

    Finally Started Project Is300

    was gonna supercharge it like b15urp has done, but then thought turbo route as you get more bang for your buck, its already got 6-2-1 manifold on, can-com, hks silent exhaust, decat, kn filter, iridiums, light weight pulley set, just concentrating on body as it goes well enough and its perfect to drive