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  1. Hi folks I've fixed some alloys for this winter. Thks for all your respons on this matter.
  2. Hi Javadude. No, my company in Norway has an agency situated in Immingham Dock. Their good collegues of mine so any buying of wheels is no problem. From Immingham to Norway I do the transport on one of our vessels. :winky: Have been in Grimsby/Immingham a few times. Great place, great people
  3. Ok, we have a deal. Just sent you a private message. B)
  4. Hi I might be able to collect them in Portsmouth or around that area as I have good friend in Immingham well into transports. The main issue is the price. What deal can you offer?
  5. Hi folks As I need some wintertyres for the comming season. I'm looking for some original Lexus 16'alloys. Today I have 17' for the summertyres but they are too big for the soft wintertyres. Anyone have some used one in their garage or do anybody know the price for new ones in UK? I can get them from Immingham to Norway if somebody have some alloys for me. Pleased to hear!
  6. Agree to you on that one. Shipment from US will be more expensive than the alloys itself. For UK, I can colllect them myself in Immingham if anybody have some.
  7. Hi I need some 16' alloys for my wintertyres and would like the Lexus standard ones. 17' is far to big for soft wintertyres. Anyone how now what the price is for these ones in UK. Maybe someone has 4 of these in there garage as well... New ones or 2nd hand one, I'll be interrested to hear your idea. B)
  8. Hi, I also seem to have the same problem on my car. This has also been discussed before here. Maybe this helps Pls let us know if you find out what it is. My squeeky noice doesn't seem to leave.
  9. Hi! I seem to have the same problem. They have been trying to sort it out by opening the gearbox but still the enoying&squeeky sound from the clutch pedal. Where ecactly did you spray some WD40?
  10. Seems that it could be same problem as I have. Mine has done 84.000km. My clutch are having an enoying sound and starts to feel hard to get in after driving for some while. Have a look at this link: Would be greatful if anyone has an answer to this problem.
  11. Great pics. Guess you're a photographer!! Just think about our roads. Have to clean the car every day to keep it that clean. Salt and roaddust is always sticking onto your car.. It's the new 4WD from Lexus. I'll find it here:
  12. My servicebook says it has to be changed at 105.000km :)
  13. Talk to you closest Lexusdealer , mate. They will give you it for free (if you lucky). I just recieved one, but I had to pay about £ 23,- for it. :shutit:
  14. Thks a lot! Makes sense! Should be on all the IS200 as the car doesn't kick before 4000rpm anyway (Which is far to high) . ;)
  15. Maybe I'm dizzy or just not thinking or something, but can someone please tell me what it means when the car is supercharged. Does it means that the car is fittet with boost like streetcars?