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  1. Just be carefull if buying off ebay because the badge for the front and the rear are different sizes so you need to make sure it's for the sport grille. Just had a look there about £17 from Lexus.
  2. The badge comes with the grille, if yours is missing it's because someones taken it off or it's been nicked, don't know if you can get the badge only from the dealers but someone may have a spare if you post up n the wanted section :D
  3. I'd rather have the Audi RS4 Avant myself :D but that's just my personal taste.
  4. Does your interior dome light come on? if not the fuse could have gone which controls the central locking, check the dome fuse in the passenger footwell fuse box, as for not starting it does sound like the battery.
  5. Have a good time in Egypt matey, my Nephews there at the mo and he said it's too hot 130 during the day and still 90 at night, he said he jumped in the pool to cool down the other day and it was like getting in a hot bath, hope you like the sun
  6. Welcome along matey, like Stav said get some pics up :D
  7. Thanks matey, i've gotta get some spraying done soon so may invest in some and get them done at the same time :D
  8. How much did they set you back if you don't mind me asking matey?
  9. Isn't the paint supposed to be environmentally friendly? that's why they use it, on a car that does 20mpg
  10. Ormi works for Toyota not Lexus ;)
  11. Cheers mate was watchin that now you've told everyone Andy i have one in the shed Cheers matey wasn't sure if you where still sorting one for us, I know how busy you've been and stuff :D
  12. I'd love to do this but just ain't got a clue
  13. Cool mate might come an get it off ya will PM you, cheers Stav.
  14. Cool, yours is the darker blue ain't it the Sthrathcaron or whatever it's called? wanna swap for a Sportcross one ;) in Royal Saphire.
  15. Cheers buddy, BTW what you doin with your old bumper
  16. It's not Tommy who's after one matey it's me :D
  17. It's like snOOpy's sig^^^^^ I think mate.
  18. Did you scroll down the diagram ? It's here (scroll down), and the one in the pic looks like "Type B" 52114-53010. A dealer should be able to confirm. Yeah seen that but thought it was just using that to illustrate the bolts
  19. BUMP. Anyone know where I can get a numberplate mount like the Tommy's selling? had a look on Toyo diy but it only list the mounting bolts and I don't need any of the other stuff for sale. Cheers.
  20. Make sure yor ignitions off when you do it tho, best to have the keys in your pocket that way you'll know for sure it's off.
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