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  1. Thanks for the replies, interesting on the Falkens - have been offered those and the Pirelli at Lexus, was considering getting Nokian as seem to be very highly rated but will check out the Falkens
  2. NX Premier (and only the Premier model) comes with 2 normal keys and Card key, very useful - make sure they sort one out for you.
  3. Have been looking for some all season or winter tyres for the NX, bit of a shock coming from the mass of available tyres for the RX to what seems a very small selection! Any suggetions (would have loved Michelin CrossClimate plus but not available in the size :( )?
  4. Probably best not to read a thread entitled "Lexus NX True MPG" then? 😂
  5. The main cost on any car is depreciation and from seeing how well the NX holds value I'd bet it actually works out a lot cheaper to run overall but yes it would be a hit on the fuel costs each month :( Just hoping Toyota / Lexus hurry up playing catch up on EV, they lost so much time insisting Hydrogen was the way forwards.
  6. Why would you not believe what a company says about a product on their website, a reputable brand from a reputable manufacturer - you generally would expect their sales blurb to tell the truth....
  7. If you still can't get it working then you can prob work around by having your phone set for Hey Google / Siri so you can just ask the phone to read it out.
  8. If you want to get better mpg even on very short journeys turn the heater off and just use heated seats, most of the engine running on a short journey is warming up the cabin
  9. Made it over 50mpg on the trip computer, 1 hour drive with 50% town, 50% A roads 👍 Can see how in ideal conditions the quoted mpg is achieved - obviously not realistic on day to day but if you were never in a rush and went at optimal speeds it could be done.
  10. Yep, finally got it all up and running last night using the username and bluetooth. Thank you very much for the help & tips! Finally have traffic updates :) Some thing that seemed strange - when adding the Bluetooth communication you have to enter your Username & Password for the portal, yet you also have to add the same credentials under Nav (strangely the password on the Nav section gets * out but not under the Bluetooth section) Also got the following response from Lexus so they might have had an issue at first launch which they fixed:
  11. Also if you don't mind me asking do you use Wi-fi and hotspot on phone for access or have you managed to get it working through Bluetooth? Dealer seemed to think it would work with Bluetooth (using iPhone 7) but it just gives error code. Would of course be better using Bluetooth in terms of battery life on phone etc.
  12. Cool thanks, will give it another go still using Username (seems strange they would decide to use 2 different logins but nevermind) would just like to get the connected traffic up and working - is it any good?
  13. Can you still log into the portal with your username? If I go there I can only login with email even though it says Username\Email, username just gives login failure error.
  14. I'll check it out, never got mine to connect as just after I purchased and was setting it up the portal went down and hasn't been available since. It might be I just have a faulty unit if people aren't having issues with character limit and I have already been told may have an issue by Lexus based on my video footage of telling the car to 'suspend guidance' from which it comes back with 'playing an album....'
  15. Very strange? Car only went in a week ago for latest software update but after typing in 16 chars everything greys out on mine and it won't let me anymore characters....
  16. Well it seems the new Lexus portal has gone live after being down for a long time. Sad to say it still doesn't work connecting to the car though, the portal now uses email address for username but the car can only handle 16 characters for the username so with something like you are down to just 4 characters you could use. Their entire infotainment / website / coding side needs serious attention, it's like they just asked people who were previously building cars if they fancied trying to do the coding side...
  17. After my first decent run, reckon if you wanted to eek max mpg you could get to 50mpg on the trip computer
  18. Colours like that only suit sports cars, even then not convinced.
  19. Had my first decent length journey in the NX, have to say I love the car - really is an amazing piece of kit, yes it has its faults (basically the infotainment) but other than that the car is superb. It has reminded me just how much I love listening to music, the ML speaker setup is astounding, best I have heard in a car and it was more like sitting in a stadium for the journey. Gadgets all over the place, finding the BSM very nice the HUD brilliant and the LED lights wonderfully bright. Got 45 mpg on a mixture of cross country roads, motorway and city and I reckon if you really tried hard then 48+ would be possible (although you would have to travel around 50-60) All in all, very happy with the car!
  20. Haven't done any 0-62 times but the NX feels much quicker on the initial take off than my RX, they have tuned it for more electric surge from start. Performance for overtaking though I'd probably hand it to the RX - once you are at higher speeds it's the petrol engine doing the work and the 3.5 V6 def beats the 4 cylinder. Both great cars but i'd say NX def excels more with towns and lower speed driving.
  21. Lol, not exactly the answer I was after but hey :) Am already in middle of complaint with Lexus as to how this actually passed any form of quality check, reckon there are some quite hefty bugs in there...
  22. Grats on the car - have to say the ML system in the NX is one of the best I have heard however it varies massively depending on the source / song. Playing some high bitrate USB songs and the quality is amazing, massive bass with no distortion yet other songs can sound washed out and some sources (Bluetooth audio) are just average at best. Luckily not so dependant on listening to the satnav now anyway, with the great HUD and directions on console as well as main screen it's a lot easier to follow! (Although would be nice to have it switchable for auto mute)
  23. Hmm, any advice on how to use? Mine generally responds with random things no matter what you ask.
  24. Been down for ages, can't use my traffic at all as wasn't configured before went down as dealership said I needed an update. I have tried emailing the email address they give on the page for more info but that doesn't work and just bounces back. My email was going to contain some thoughts on how companies normally prepare the new sites in advance and then switch rather than taking them down for ages while they work on the new one.
  25. Well I think you were quite lucky not getting the premium nav, if you had spent £2k on it then you would probably be even more annoyed. I am a major Lexus fan (currently just acquired my 6th) but infotainment is their weakest aspect by far, this didn't used to matter so much as the difference was a lot smaller 5 years ago however what they are pumping out now is pretty shocking even in premium nav. They have some of the best engineers on the planet but equally some of the worst code writers it seems. The voice control couldn't even be considered Alpha quality, if I ask it to suspend guidance it offers up playing a music album, 70-80% of all requests seem to return gibberish not even close to what you asked for (and that is in a quiet car speaking with no strong accent) - my RX before had more accurate processing. One bit that really annoyed me is that in the US they at least provided Siri hands free where you could easily use that instead to overcome a number of the shortcomings on the system. It's a small easy feature but they haven't bothered to activate here, you have to work around by using your phones hey siri functionaility (which results in the car thinking you are making a call and won't actually changes sources etc.) The portal has been out of action for a while now and even though I have just had a software update it still can't connect to get traffic service (the email address they give as contact on the portal page doesn't even work, just bounces) All in all the infotainment on both basic and premium is crap compared to rivals. That said the rest of the car is superb and that does include the speakers side - wonderful sound!
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