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  1. Lucky you at least it gave me some time to Pratt around I'm always complaining I have no time, today I just had too much
  2. Haha yeah I think the stickers you can buy also have .com on them. But not 100% sureWanted to keep them the same, easily changeable if it for our version
  3. Had a slow day and was bored so decided to make my own owners club sticker and stick it to the back window Nice and subtle, not too big. I've cheated a bit because I'm not a gold member yet
  4. Just noticed you post about the club sticker and being reverse cut/printed. If the club do not have any suitable to be mounted on the outside of the glass I would be happy to provide you with one should the forum allow? As to stick to the forum rules as I am currently not yet a gold member I will do this for the cost of a first class stamp. Having been an owner for the last 10 years I try and help in any way I can. Obviously as long as this is within the forum rules and the admin have no objection to this then just let me know via pm or on this post
  5. Not that I'm an expert in any way like just did all the usual stuff and looked/tugged/pulled etc
  6. It was from Lincolnshire yeah Hpi was clear No sign of any prangs and front end looks consistent with 27k miles Think the angle of the camera doesn't help I will have a closer look at it in the daylight though
  7. Your quite right! I'm now on my 4th Lexus and stayed within the brand mainly due to the level of luxury and the toys you get far exceed the others but also the main reason is reliability!!!! Over that last 10 years with Lexus spread over 4 cars I can count on one hand the number of none wear and tear related issues even having owned the dreaded diesel version! I think that speaks volumes. My best mate is a avid bmw nut and won't hear anything other than bmw being best oh and golfs. He currently has a 1 series from New. With upgraded msport alloys When I asked him why he didn't get any other options like Sat nav or leather his reply was have you seen how much extra they all are! My simple answer to that was there you go then you get more than this in a vectra! Not knocking bmw, they clearly have a stratagy that works well for many a owner and business user galore. But put me in something that as soon as you sit in it and drive it just ooses luxury along with reliability then I'm sold!
  8. I must say I'd never heard of it but at the same time it wouldn't be anything I would ever use so not much good to me
  9. Do you have AVS?No sorry forgot about that lol (if that's the option with the dynamic cruise control etc)
  10. I'd just like to pipe in here as I've recently just upgraded from the ct I got a late 2013 63 plate with 27k on the clock Fsport fully loaded with Leather heated and ventilated, full premium nav Memory etc in white The only option it doesn't have is the ML (I don't think it does anyway) For £21,495 So I would also say keep looking. I wouldn't imagine anything being mechanically wrong but the 3 year warranty only runs to 60k so if you do a lot of miles you could find the warrenty runs out very soon. Which personally is not something I'd want on a car I'm paying a considerable amount of money for.
  11. As promised here's a few quick snaps taken of the new car earlier
  12. To be truthful it was a mess when I got it so don't really have much to compare it with When your looking at new cars unless it's obvious its not something I'd look at and remember. But from seeing the difference now to what it was I am pleased as it was bugging me since I picked it up. I'm sure if I pressed the dealer enough they would have changed it (they did the 5th injector on my 220 when my vin wasn't listed as a recall) But I'm impatient and had the urge to try and sort it.
  13. In fact I have found a picture from before its not great quality but you can see on the screen it looks a mess The second picture is the after picture
  14. Quick update about the nav screen Dealer was next to useless but seemed reluctant to replace so I have found a good enough solution . I'm kicking myself as I don't have a before shot of it! But I removed all of the initial coating using a baby wipe (that contains alcohol) which took about 5 minutes. I was going to use surgical spirit initially but tried baby wipes first just to be on the safe side. The result was the coating removed and screen looks perfect. To counteract the uv coating being removed thus having no protection for the screen against direct sunlight (which I'm sure wouldn't have made a difference anyway). I then carefully measured the screen dimensions and put them into the pc I have signwriting equipment so I put the dimensions into my cutters software and cut a piece of clear laminate vinyl to these dimensions and fitted it to the screen. The end result looks like it's factory finished. The clear laminate vinyl used in the sign trade has a uv protection layer within it so turned out very well. In effect I've added a uv screen protector after removing the crappy factory uv coating. The best part its can be fully cleaned thoroughly without the worry of the initial problem happening again and can also be removed at any point in the future
  15. Thanks buddy Colin told me last night how to adjust the reverse drop down angle I had the ct premier for 3 years and never knew!! What an idiot