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  1. Anyone looking to sell ?

    A up thanks for the pm corrado , but I'll return your message publicly , I've kinda given up on the getting a ISF and set my attentions elsewhere . Must say she looks slick in black . Good luck in the sale 👍🏻 Cheers jon
  2. Anyone looking to sell ?

    Hi sort of , was after one via a member on here , I just seam to get one problem after another (nothing to do with the car or owner) it was all at my end . Jon
  3. Anyone looking to sell ?

    Hi I remember that from last time it was for sale , non standard interior . Anybody remember it ? jon
  4. Anyone looking to sell ?

    Cheers will have a look 👍🏻
  5. Anyone looking to sell ?

    Hi all . cheers for your replies , yes 15k is a bit cheeky , but the trade value is probably around 11k (ish) so if someone was thinking of trading there beloved isf in , I thought it could be beneficial to both parties . Mileage/owners doesn't bother me to much ...... but it's when you sell on , you could end up stuck with it (not that it's a bad car to be stuck with) so then its off to the trade , who go generally by the book and you then get a kicking . Jon
  6. Hi Thinking of purchasing a ISF ! long shot i have 15k tops , there is one for sale in cheshire (my county) in my budget , but its a bit leggy (106000 miles) and 6 previous owners , which puts me off a little bit , so any one thinking of selling in the next few weeks and fairly local to me ? cheers Jon
  7. Price of tyres ?

    Hi cheers for replys , seams to be a cheap(ish) car to run ........ Considering what a beast it is !!! jon
  8. Price of tyres ?

    Hi i don't own one (yet) but trying to get a idea of running costs (yes , I know they like a drink) what about new pads etc , any idea what a average cost ? What about servicing ? Cheers jon
  9. Hi whats the average price for tyres for the is-f ? Do they have unique tyres ? cheers jon
  10. Hi arhhhhhh , got it now . It's really unfair on older emission high cars , they are going to get to a point , with the cost to tax , they will be worthless :-( jon
  11. Hi Now ...... Bare with me , say you drive a 09/10 etc Lexus isf (for example) which its in the top road tax bracket (£485) when the new rules come in , in 2017 , it will go up to over £500 . Now am I right in saying once a high emission car gets to 7 (guessing) years old (using the new 2017 road tax rules) the road tax drops down ! Does this apply to older cars (like the example I used here) ?? your thought jon
  12. Hi dont forget the water pump and possibly cam rollers to complete a proper job jon
  13. Hi If I remember , I but led sidelights in and chrome silver indicators when I owned her . 😙 Jon
  14. Hi I had a wheel wobble in my old rx300 , which turned out to be a egg/bulge in the tyre . Jon
  15. Hi Don't get to excited ! Even the newer ones are pretty much stuck in the dark ages . Enjoy . Jon