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    Ls400 1993
  2. I'll be honest with you. For the value of car don't bother with timing belt unless the water pump starts leaking for some reason. It's a true fact if you go into any Lexus dealer and ask the service boys how many broken Cam belts they have had I bet they would say none or 1-2 in all the years they have been running the MK 1-3 before the LS430. I've changed quite a few in my time at intervals and still think the belt coming off was good to do another 100,000 miles before really changing. The belt is a very thick wide belt and can take more wear than say a Ferrari belt which at best is only 3mm thick and about 6mm wide when built the same years as the LS400 were made. Keep your money for other things like clear side indicators and clear front lights indicator sets will transform your looks and along with some strut braces will transform the handling loads especially around roundabouts. Baz.
  3. I hate to say it but when Mercs have extra chrome on all the arches it's only hiding the common major fault of these Mercs being built from 1998-2007 is the rust they badly suffer from on bodywork.
  4. Top Tip When you guys change Barrels keys Etc. from parts suppliers second hand always ask for the Vin number and Reg of the car it came from. Baz.
  5. Just for the record of others following. I had to replace my front window of the MK1-2 at a cost of £250 for the front fully fitted with Vat with Auto Windscreens. I also had to replace the MK4 rear windscreen at a cost of £500 but went through insurance(£50 excess) also with Auto Windscreens. Please note last year there was only two rear windscreens left in whole of UK for MK3(98 model) and I had one of them, So I think there is only one new one left in UK. Auto windscreens have changed since they went more or less bankrupt Etc. a few years ago and are 50% cheaper than auto windscreens in price every time I got a quote these days. Try them for a price and post it up here for others to follow. FACT: The windscreens have to be wire cut out or they will just smash when removing any other way. Baz.
  6. All parts are still available for the LS400 MK1 and MK2. You just need to know where and how to get them. For example you will find brake calliper's can be sourced either second hand from breakers, Japan market under Clesior, Aftermarket replacement parts or refurbished and the duel use of parts like some Supra calliper's fit Lexus. As for the wheel bearing they can be replaced and has been covered by myself in this forum somewhere. They cost around £30 to £40 off the top of my head for one front bearing. You can always find out the bearing size and then just ask any bearing supplier to match size. Goggle the internet to death and you'll find the answers to LS400 parts. Baz.
  7. Simply way around this. Sell the Nissan and buy another LS with LPG fitted. Best of both worlds.
  8. 18x8 is the size to go for a ls400. loads on ebay at a price of around £300 - £400 for a nice new set.
  9. Burn them out with welding torch or can heat them up and when they go hot and bright you can hit them hard with something to force them out as well. Also use a air pressure axe saw blade(The garage will know what tool I mean) to cut the inside out and then knock the rest out.
  10. Got to say I used Cardiff branch twice with my 2 LS's and being a motor trader/mechanic they haven't got a clue there and never had used them again and travel to Coventry instead if I need main dealer help with something on a Lexus which is rare these days.
  11. Think you need advice on what to look for in a ls400. Here's a few things you can do yourself. I take it you're looking at a MK1 - MK3 model. 1) HPi Check 2) Bottom of the Cats where they join exhaust and look for Rust/Rot on underside and rear sub frame. (If any can be expensive and over the value of the car to fix) 3) All buttons works/ Windows/ Locks and dash lights etc.. 4) Had at least one water pump change with timing belt within the last few years.(Saves you loads in not doing it as the cost can be also over the value of the car) 5) Check the body work for fresh paint and dents 6) Leaking power steering pump. 7) Test drive and check out handling breaking etc. 8) Use your own judgement. If you have doubts then walk away. Baz.
  12. Get a can of WD40 and go spray the rubbers of the suspension as may be gone dry, See if that firstly makes the noise go, Then it's a case of doing one location at a time to find the dying dry rubber bush.
  13. Easy, Alternator has broken down and not fully charging the battery to run the car systems. Cause normally is leak of power steering fluid into the alternator burning out the bushes one in it. NEW ALTERNATOR and Re charge the battery to see if it's not toast from the drain of the alternator breakdown or otherwise you'll need both. Baz.
  14. Funny thing I just replaced wheel bearing in the hub and since I put it all back together I also have vibration in breaking through the wheel. I have to strip it down this week and have a look what I did wrong if anything. I know it's not my discs as had no problems before wheel bearing change. I will be checking if I've done the caliper bolts up tight enough which may have pinched lose since refitting. Let me know if you find the problem and also did you have any work done in your car recently on that side? Baz.
  15. Well got part and fitted for £60 with the vat. I used the manufacturer details below. (Germany) FAG Wheel Set Radlagersatz 713 6187 00 Units available from any motor factors thats stock Fag Stuff. They did include a new toyota cap cover that goes on the inside that covers the bearing nut, But it was too small for this car and must be for a pre 1997 model. Also found the nut they supplied a little crap looking on the thread front and used my old one. Hopefully someone on here speaks german and can translate for us with a google search for us and state which other models of LS or Toyota they fit to clear this up a little.
  16. Hi Guys. Is there anyone on here to confirm that the Supra front wheel bearings are the same as the Lexus LS400 UCF20 model 1998. I'm pretty sure they are the same and need someone to confirm this if they have done this repair in the past. Reason being there is such a big difference in price on ads and motor factors etc. Yet again they seem to be going on the car not the part for price guide. LS Price range is £69 to £110 Supra items are listing as £43-£70 Have checked and the size of the front bearings and I'm getting are Inner 35mm x Outer 77mm and Height 42mm. Some part number I got are Japanparts = KK-12013 First Line = FBK690. Anyone on here confirm they are the same as supra front bearing. Baz.
  17. I don't know what firm you workied for or pay you were on but one thing for sure there are jobs out there but be prepared to work shifts and minium wage(6.odd) for your next job as all high paying jobs in manufacturing are gone and never coming back. Or you find the factory full of Eastern Europeans willing to work for nothing as they live 6-8 in a house so they can pay the rent etc all chipping in together etc.. Rest of the money goes back to their country and they are never going to leave UK as been told by the Poles I used too work with. The rich with houses are racking in the rent on these Europeans hence why the Government don't want them out of the country as most MP's/Bussinessmen have rented houses with these guys in them. I know this as was in the Civil Service working for the Goverment. I read enough internal memo's. MONEY MONEY MONEY GOES TO MONEY. Baz
  18. Hello and note to guys that follow this thread. Just done a rear set of discs/pads for £52 for ls400 1998 model. This supplier is currently selling a PAIR of NEW Rear Discs for £34.15 which includes FREE Courier(City Link) postage. Fronts are priced at £54 a pair with free postage. Prices are the same for all LS400 models at time of posting. UK Supplier RSJ Motor Factors Unit 1 Short Street Bilston Wolverhampton West Midlands WV14 6AF United Kingdom Tel 01902 401444 Ebay user name = mr.exhaust Rear Pads cost £18 inc postage from another supplier. Loads to choose from. Hope that helps anyone thinking of changing discs - pads etc for a bargain price. Baz.
  19. loads of used untis in Japan. Can give you details of kits etc and who will ship them. I know there is a much better ride with coilovers with a more planted feel etc. Front and rear strut braces make a huge difference on the early models. A kit in UK new is around £500-£700 from memory. A used imported kit is around £400 with the shipping etc. Various makes. Baz.
  20. I never bought or owned or work on the 95-97 as I completly hate the car in that year of production. But I take it you can't reach the blub from behind. Never said which side. Drivers or passengers? Below is quick summary for the 90-94 models. Maybe the same for the 95-97 ones. A) Remove top air intake covers. Depends on which side that runs along the top of the rad. B Take little grub screw holding corner light. C) Pop out the corner light forwards, Dont use screwdriver to get behind it or it will crack the corner light. It just pops forward. There's a Knack and once done it's easy all the time. D) Undo the few 10mm screws and the 10mm nut on the side where corner light was. Dont not force screws as maybe rusted in. Lube up when refitting. E) The head light unit should then lift out to allow access to the back. F) Fit blub and do reverse. Funny thing I've never had to change one on any off the later models to this day for some reason. Baz.
  21. Answer NO £30 spring and one hours garage labour(£50). Get spring from local motor factors and local garage to fit. baz.
  22. If you need to check a car out then send me a PM or I'll help you find one as you live here in Swansea like me.
  23. Well Mate been sometime since I first read this problem with your car and had to log on and say that all along the car had no fault in the end. Problem was man made by a dumd trainee doing a service earlier in its life. Just proves that sometimes no service histroy or very little histroycan be a good thing as you know no one has been messing around with it(Hehe). Glad it's now sorted. And as I mentioned guys at Thor are top guys as my previous experience though the Jap Racing circles. Happy new year. Baz.
  24. Here's a link to a website that lists all the diagrams for all LEXUS models and other makers and cars. Hope this helps other Owners in future. http://www.modifiedl...iring-diagrams/ EXAMPLE 1994 Lexus LS400 Car Stereo Wire Schematic Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Red Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Gray Car Radio Ground Wire: Brown Car Radio Illumination Wire: Green Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A Car Stereo Power Antenna Trigger Wire: Black/Red Car Stereo Amp Turn-On Trigger Wire: Pink/Blue Car Stereo Amplifier Location: Right Side of the Trunk Car Audio Front Tweeter Size: Car Audio Front Tweeter Depth: 1″ Car Audio Front Tweeter Location: N/A Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Green Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): N/A Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Red Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): N/A Car Audio Front Speakers Size: Car Audio Front Speakers Depth: 3″ Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): White Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): N/A Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Yellow Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): N/A Car Audio Rear Tweeter Size: "1" tweeters Car Audio Rear Tweeter Depth: 1″ Car Audio Rear Tweeter Location: N/A Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: 6 1/2″ Speakers Car Audio Rear Speakers Depth: 3″ Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A Car Subwoofer Speaker Positive Wire (+): N/A Car Subwoofer Speaker Negative Wire (-): N/A Car Subwoofer Speaker Size: 8″ Subwoofer Car Subwoofer Speaker Depth: 4″ Car Subwoofer Speaker Location: N/A Baz.
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