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  1. Evening All, Apologies that I haven't been around much. I have been reading a few threads with interest regarding extended warranties. I am interested in taking one out especially after my light experience. However after conducting some research on the Lexus GB site I have stumbled across the following page: On said page it lists that bulbs, lights, and headlight adjustment are not covered. Please could somebody clear this confusion I am suffering up.
  2. I have the exact same issue, except my car is an IS250 SE-L 56 plate with 52k on clock. Anybody with suggestions/fixes? Regards, Gary
  3. if you have it, then you will have the same number of buttons on the right side of the steering wheel as you do on the left (where the mode button is on the left)and also the badge on the front of the grille is larger and not the standard chrome effect. hope this helps. mine doesn't have it as i couldn't be bothered to wait for one to become available as they are not as common. Thanks for the suggestion LexusForever. I shall be having a look in the morning.
  4. Sadly car was purchased from a lexus dealership. Thanks for the tips everybody. Can anybody shed any light on how to tell whether car has adaptive cruise control? Regards, G. Woodman
  5. Just had a price for the bulb & fitting from Lexus Tunbridge Wells centre. £225 - bulb - £180. Can't believe it baring in mind they are only about £60 shipped on ebay. However tunbridge wells won't fit supplied bulbs. Regards, G. Woodman
  6. Just been doing some reading on the forums, and stumbled across the fact that adaptive cruise control is an option on the IS250 SE-L. Is there anyway of telling if mine has this feature? Regards, G. Woodman
  7. Hi everyone, I would first like to say a very big hello to everyone. I haven't been on here in absolute ages, to be honest I haven't had the time. I'm very sorry for neglecting you all. Hope all has been ok. Well since my previous post GF03 ERV (Lexus IS200 SE Manual) has been replaced by RO56 NKH (Lexus IS250 SE-L Auto with Navi). It was sad to see her go on friday but by lord the 250 is quick. It's an absolute fantastic car, although I have found a few issues. First off - When driving along and hit a slight bumpy patch I have noticed I have a squeak from the back (inside somewhere) possibly sun shade, any suggestions? Second (and foremost) - my passend HID/Xeon flicks on and then goes straight back out. After a little bit of research on google it appears this is a common problem, and can be either bulb or ballast. I'm hoping it is the bulb, after some research the general opinion is to use Philips D4S bulbs, however I am unaware of what colour temperature they need to be, if somebody could supply with me some information, I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately car did not come with manuals except warranty & care one. P.S Pictures will follow. Regards, G. Woodman
  8. Hi Everyone, Contacted Motor World where the wheels were purchased from. Was planning to ask for the details but instead they just said what car do you drive I said Lexus IS200 and they said yes they will fit, however the tyres that come with the tyres orignally need to be changed. The normal tyres are 205/40-17, was told they need to be higher profiles - 205/45-17. Does this sound about right? Regards, Gary
  9. Hi Everyone, Haven't been around for a while. Hope everyone is well. I'm not the brightest firework in the box when it comes to cars. So I have a question for everybody. Now as come the time to referb my alloys however as I have read a many a time lexus/toyota alloys always corrode so i've thought what the heck why bother spending the money on referbing the existing ones when I can instead buy a different set. A friend has a set of 4 TSR Ascaris for sale. There in a sorry state but I thought I could buy them off her get them referbed and away I go. There only in a sorry state because she has clipped many curbs (well her mum did anyway). Here is a link to Motor World where the alloys were orignally bought. What I would like to know is whether these will fit my car? As I have no clue about cars if i'm honest. Regards, Gary
  10. Hi Everyone, As some of you may know my car (IS200) went in for a service at Lexus Tunbridge Wells. I had a 57 reg Lexus IS250 with out 1500 miles on the clock! The IS250 is such a lovely car - when it arrived I just wanted to jump straight in it and take it for a spin. But had to resist has I had things I needed to do first. But once I did get in it all I smelt was the unmistakeable smell of new leather! The quality 'slam' of the doors. And the driving of it, the silk smooth auto. The power and roar of the V6. It is such a lovely car and thats just the performance. The quality of it - the sat nav is instant, the sound system is brillaint, the ventilated and heated seats. All of it just adds up to a fantastic car. The entry system - why can't my front door have a touch sensor? LOL It was just such a lovely car I even managed to keep it until Tuesday morning - very sneaky. You don't get unless you ask, so I asked and I got it until Tuesday. I had such 'fun' in it. I really didn't want to have my IS200 but even though the 200s are lovely cars. I even enquired about buying one but sadly I just cannot afford one, single parent who is a house-husband, due to my wife passing away. So no way I could afford anymore than what I pay for the 200 which is £241. Maybe one day. But the 250 will almost certainly be my next car. Also the level of service from Lexus Tunbridge Wells is second to none. I wonder if anybody knows....if I was to book my car in for an MOT at Lexus do they still offer a courtsey car? Regards Gary
  11. Hi Everyone, I took my IS200 in for a service on Tuesday (50,000 miles = £260) and asked Lexus to value it just because I was interested. They said it is worth around the £7000 mark. 51000 miles, 03 reg, no mods. Would you say that's about right? Regards Gary
  12. Hi dazz Yes that is the exact problem. The tv will fit without the stand but without the stand how can I get it in the cabinet. Regards Gary
  13. Hi Unfortuantly I haven't and can't get for a while a picture of the cabinet. However I can describe it. Basically it is in kind of two sections. Top section - Double doors that open to reveal the tv, there is no back to this section. Bottom section - Is a pull down door - which houses a Sky+ box and dvd player. This section has a back section with a circular hole to run wires through. Hope this helps. BTW - The only kind of idea I have is to some how use a wall mount kind of thing to mount it in - because a 32" with stand makes it to high. Regards Gary
  14. Hi everybody First of all hope you all had a great christmas and new year. And wishing you all a healthy, happy 2008!! Now the question..... My mum and dad have a old mahogany tv cabinet which current houses a 26" Sayno tv. The speakers really are on there last legs. They would really like a 32" lcd but the problem is after measuring the tv cabinet up it is only 21.5" high and 32" wide. Is there anyway that anybody can think of to make a 32" tv fit in this tv cabinet. Before anybody says throw the tv cabinet dad is happy to do this but my mum will just not part with it. Absolutely any ideas welcome!! Regards Gary
  15. Hi Everyone I would like your thoughts on the above phone. My son is tempted to get it for his upgrade. What do people think? Regards Tom
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