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  1. I am looking for the "dummy plate" that covers the empty slot where the seat heaters usually go. Its those little tabs on the console near the emergency brake. I just need ONE of them. I have a 93 Es, but any 92-96 ES tab will work. Email me if you have one to sell: eastcoastes@hotmail.com
  2. i have a set of tail lights for the 92-96 ES300/Windom. The turn signal is NOT orange on these, it is CLEARED OUT! These retail for over $400 at a dealer. I will sell them for just $75 plus shipping. Anyone interested?? email me at eastcoastes@hotmail.com if you want them!
  3. Spark Plugs should be changed every 60,000 miles or so. Thats what is recommended in the Repair Manual. The spark plugs arent that easy to change though. The first 3 are right there under your nose, but the other 3 are back behind the engine somewhere. The mechanics will change em for ya, but for about $100 I think....
  4. I have the same problem bro. My needles are out. You gotta udnerstand that the needles cannot simply just be replaced. Those things are illuminated by some type of gas charge, and the cheapest I could find to get them FIXED was around $300.... You can either get a whole new assembly at a dealer: $600 Or get the needles fixed: $300 or so Or get another speedo cluster at a salvage yard: $100 or so Now, if you get a used cluster with the needles in good working order, the same thing will eventually happen to it. Its VERY common in the 92-96 ES/Windom :( :(
  5. I have 18in Volk rims and my tires are 225/40/18. I didnt have mine recalibrated. I just told my wife to drive 60mph and I matched speed with her, and my MPH was perfect. So, you should be okay. Now it all depends on the brand of rims you got, because some of the off-brands are much heavier then the others, but all-in-all, you should be just fine.
  6. yes, defintely try ebay first. I have found a few parts myself on there. If you cant any luck with that, then try a local salvage/junk yard... Or, try car-part.com That website is amazing if you are looking for parts.
  7. Before I bought my ES, I owned a 2nd Gen. Eclipse and the same thing happened to it. It turned out to be my transmission was dying. This might be your problem, or it might be something smaller. If I were you, I'd take it to the mechanic NOW, and maybe he can fix it before it gets worse and ends up eating a whole in your wallet!
  8. Not sure, but your best bet is to get a Hayes Manual or something like that and DYI. If you dont feel confortable messing with that stuff, then just take it to the dealer.
  9. Well, first of all, are you talking about the front or rear turn signal? FRONT: Unbolt the headlight assembly, and near the turn signal area, there will be a little white "knob" that you unscrew and pop out. That has a little orange bulb on it. You just remove it and replace it. REAR: Unbolt the tail light assembly and near the turn signal area, you will see the bulb "knob" again. There are many different bulbs back there, so make sure you are replacing the correct one. THAT SIMPLE..... :)
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys! So, the ES300 and the Windom are the same thing right? Any differences? One more question, how many members does this site have?? Just curious.....
  11. I got an INJEN Short Ram Intake for my car. The only problem is that they dont make the short ram intake for my 93 ES300, so I got the setup that they DO make for the 97 ES. It looks like the pipe and everything will fit just fine, Im just wodering about teh MAF sensor. They are gonna be different sizes, right? Is there a way to rig it up so I can plug the MAF sensor into this pipe?? Gotta be a way...... Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, Im new to the site. Everything looks great. I was a member at ClubLexus.com, but I really didnt like it too well, so I checked this site out, and its cool. Anyhow, I have a 1993 Lexus ES300 with Injen shortram intake, HPRacing exhaust, 2in Sprint lowering springs, 18in Vault Wheels, push button starter, some neons, and much more. Anyhow, I look forward to chattin wit ya in the forums. B)