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  1. If I was prime minister the first thing I would do is ban setanta/itv/channel 5 from ever showing football - they are worse than useless!
  2. Get the older 172 and have both (if budget allows)
  3. I use a toyota garage - they usually work out about £200-300 cheaper than lexus. Personally I get stuff like brake pads/discs from ebay and fit them myself (following the service manual I downloaded).
  4. The guy who invented reggae reggae sauce would do a better job of running this country. I'm gonna buy the cheapest oldest toyota harrier I can find when these increases come in. One of my mates replaced his 05 bmw X5 and 57 630i with a 2000 911 turbo and mercedes camper thing to avoid the tax - thats gonna make a tonne of difference to the eniviroment! Tw@ts, the lot of em.
  5. Sorry, assumed it would be in the rx300 section so I didn't see it......
  6. Who said RX300's weren't that good off-road also does anyone want to buy mine for 30k?!
  7. There isn't much (15 measly quid) discount on road tax for LPG, I'm on about the overall running costs after converting to LPG.
  8. Hi, The stupid £400 tax rate like you said is only for cars registered after March 2001 (Mine was registered in August 2001 so naturally I am gutted :tsktsk: ) - to counter this and give Gordon Brown less money I'm getting LPG fitted in a couple of months. Not sure about the two-tone paint or prices as they seem to be all over the shop. My only other advice would be to get the updated sat-nav disc as it makes a load of difference with new roads etc. Also watch out for corroded wheels. Cheers John
  9. I've got an iphone - its an awesome phone, surpasses anything I've had before I bought it from o2 for £269 on their website via - which gets you £35 cashback. Once you get the phone unlock it - takes 5 minutes, don't bother signing up to the iphone contract. Then sign up on for a 12 month free (when you send the cashback) contract, which came with a Nokia 6300 - that I sold on for £75. Bit complicated but at the end of this I get an iphone for £159 with a years contract free (once the cashback cheques come mind).
  10. You get a whole £10 discount for alternative fuels - I have read LPG is supposed to reduce the 'carbons' by 20% so you would think there would be a better discount..... My mates currently getting his X5 converted to LPG at somewhere in heanor so I'm going to see if they are anygood then possibly have it done to mine.
  11. Anyone got her number? I want to marry her and make myself 10 Mill
  12. Get an N standard wireless access point / router or one of those mains to ethernet adapters. Should solve your problems.
  13. More to do with motorists being an easy target to pay for the idiot Brown's mistakes in my opinion - I'm actually tempted to get something like a 2000 Honda S2000 now.
  14. It's a bugger, mine was registered in August 2001 so I am shafted with 311g of carbons :tsktsk:
  15. The Microphone could be faulty - or picking up interference from somewhere.
  16. Its a good laptop...... but a macbook pro would be better (and yes they can run windows as well before anyone moans)
  17. Started driving at 18 now 23, here's what I've had...... 2002 - Fiat Punto (00) - This :tsktsk: thing ate clutches for fun at £400 each! 2005 - Toyota Corolla T Sport (03) 2007 - Lexus RX300 (01)
  18. I butchered some costco car mats which have been pretty good.
  19. Hope this helps, looks similar to mine....... The pink wire coming off the first two plugs is the mute wire that goes to my motorola bluetooth kit Also here's the diagram I got from a US forum (not sure how relevant it is but it helped me find the correct mute wire)
  20. Bid with 10 seconds to go - guess I'm ruthless!
  21. Web Developer Investing in shares Betfair Trading Selling stuff on ebay
  22. I've been in one (not driven though), my nearly 7 year old RX300 puts it to shame in every way possible!
  23. Elise or Honda S2000 - winter mornings make me appreciate my current car though!
  24. Bugger, would of come to this but I'm doing some binge drinking in Blackpool that weekend. Are the midlands meets always held there?
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