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  1. welcome to the LOC and enjoy :D
  2. Put me down as maybe will know better nearer the time
  3. Alright dan and welcome to the club fella :winky: , i remember your car opposite the car audio guys i was the one who sat your car, sounded nice when you revved it up, crackin motor mate :D
  4. Doh!!!!!! i cant make it due to the time i start work
  5. Well what can i say Jamie, Top meet mate despite the poor weather, the marshall's where in control of things nice work lads :winky: and to top it off we all had a good laugh, all lexus cars on show all had there own touch which was a really good thing as everyone was getting ideas off each other. A BIG HELLO TO ALL THE LADS :D too many names to mention but you know who you are B). As for rest of the meet there was some crackin cars there Great stuff. have to say we questioned the fiesta when it pulled in but what a sound, i could go on about rest of the day but shall leave at that, all in all a great day was had by all. Jamie cheers matey
  6. just about read thread due to problems getting on forum should be able to help out one way or the other :winky:
  7. Cheers for that steve, the only problem is that i cant log in without the error showing up so i visit the forum as a guest but its showing me logged in wired
  8. does anyone knows what's caused it, i can only view new post from selecting at the top of the page, Gutted
  9. is anyone else having this problem cant track back to where i started, aslo problems with loggin in same thing pops up
  10. one of the best parts of the film :winky:
  11. Nice & clean for 5 years now, touch wood B)
  12. Keep em as they are mate, car is sweet as it is :winky:
  13. I've had my running with one over an headlamp but got my money back, but this sounds like she aint giving you a refund mate, put your dispute to ebay as the item was wrongly advertised.
  14. take it back to halfords, if its less than 12 months old they will either send it off to the manufacture for repair or give you a replacement, good luck :winky:
  15. Welcome to the club fella, nice car :winky:
  16. Gord or Anees let us know how it goes, will need to book mine in asap :winky:
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